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The religion field on a character sheet represents what a character -claims- to be their sincerely held religious beliefs, by word and deed. This might not be their sincerely held belief, however. The dominant religion on the continent of Arvum and throughout the five great houses is the worship of the Pantheon, the polytheistic collection of gods and goddesses that are worshiped in turn based on occasion and need (see 'help pantheon'). The majority of characters will list 'Pantheon' as their religion, even if they have a particular god or goddess they might have as a family patron or have a special affinity for. Worship of the Pantheon, often just called 'The Faith', is hardly the only religion in Arvum, even if it is far and away the most popular. The northern houses lead by House Redrain have ancient shamanistic traditions that are worshiped in conjunction (and sometimes in place of) The Faith, and the other houses tend to have slight religious differences. Most of Arvum fears and seldom worships The Thirteenth, the dark god of reflection, but he has a special popularity and veneration in the southern city states of the Lyceum, even if virtually all would claim to just be members of The Faith. The only worship truly banned (and punishable by death) is worship of demons, which is popular among some tribes of The Abandoned, the wild and savage groups of men outside the control of the great houses. It can also be noted that the absence of magic or miracles in the world today creates a large portion of atheists and agnostics, even if most wisely keep the belief to themselves. If your character has a deeply held belief that could be trouble if it was found out, note it under the character's secrets. Fill 'religion' with what they'd profess to publicly.