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Vassal of Valardin

Words: "Fear no enemy."
Sigil: The red wall of Telmarch fortress.
Nickname: Telmarchers. Redmarchers.

House Telmar, the traditional strong right hand of House Valardin, has long held the most dangerous lands bordering the North. While in recent centuries the long running feuds between House Valardin and House Redrain have rarely resulted in wars, the Telmarch remains the primary road to the heart of Valardin territories and the one point that shav hordes are forced to attack if they wish to move into the Oathlands in force. It is said that no Telmar duke has ever ruled without at least once being forced into battle.


Name Rank Title Description
Arn 1 Ruling Duke Lord Marshall of the Oathlands
Ansel 2 Voice Sword of the Telmarch
Tesha 2 Voice Voice of the Telmarch
Lilia 3 Noble Family ---
Zotikos 3 Noble Family ---
Ywaine 3 Noble Family ---
Dulcinea 3 Noble Family ---
Isabeau 3 Noble Family ---
Gerard 4 Trusted House Servant Minister of Loyalty
Adriel 4 Trusted House Servant ---
Marius 5 Vassal Marquis Marquis of Greenmarch
Simone 5 Vassal Marquessa Marquessa of Greenmarch
Dominique 5 Vassal Marquessa Marquessa of Wyrmguard
Gaston 5 Vassal Marquis Marquis of Blackram
Calarian 5 Vassal Marquis Marquis of Wyrmguard
Col 5 Vassal Marquis ---
Gaspard 5 Vassal Marquis ---
Gustave 6 Noble Vassal ---
Monique 6 Noble Vassal ---
Rowan 6 Noble Vassal ---
Neve 6 Noble Vassal ---
Desiree 6 Noble Vassal Voice of Wyrmguard
Teagan 6 Noble Vassal ---
Frederik 6 Noble Vassal Count of Highhill
Gregor 6 Noble Vassal ---
Sara 6 Noble Vassal ---
Seth 6 Noble Vassal Voice of Steelhart
Teela 6 Noble Vassal ---
Ansgar 6 Noble Vassal ---
Ianna 6 Noble Vassal ---
Athaur 6 Noble Vassal Count of Riva
Eshra 6 Noble Vassal Voice of Riva
Mattheu 6 Noble Vassal ---
Petra 6 Noble Vassal ---
Gawain 6 Noble Vassal ---
Philippe 6 Noble Vassal Count of Chevalle
Margret 6 Noble Vassal ---
Maylis 6 Noble Vassal ---
Vano 6 Noble Vassal ---
Jasper 6 Noble Vassal ---
Lavinia 6 Noble Vassal ---
Aurus 6 Noble Vassal ---
Richard 6 Noble Vassal ---
Drake 6 Noble Vassal ---
Hannah 6 Noble Vassal ---
Yessica 6 Noble Vassal ---
Estelle 6 Noble Vassal ---
Charlotte 6 Noble Vassal ---
Cullen 6 Noble Vassal Sword of Greenhaven
Alessandro 6 Noble Vassal ---
Jamie 6 Noble Vassal ---
Alexandre 6 Noble Vassal ---
Alexis 7 Known Commoners Sword of Blancbier
Alexander 7 Known Commoners ---
Meesha 7 Known Commoners ---
Otho 7 Known Commoners ---
Kanean 7 Known Commoners ---
Abellus 7 Known Commoners ---
Aviana 7 Known Commoners ---
Barik 7 Known Commoners ---
Felix 7 Known Commoners ---
Venuste 7 Known Commoners ---
Joan 7 Known Commoners ---
Percephon 9 Trusted Ally Former Telmar
Corban 9 Trusted Ally ---
Clover 9 Trusted Ally Duchess of Westrock Reach
Sophie 9 Trusted Ally The Mother Mercy
Beaumont 9 Trusted Ally ---
Etienne 9 Trusted Ally Archlector of Gild
Tovell 9 Trusted Ally ---
Alis 10 Liege Champion of the West
Edain 10 Liege Prince of Sanctum

Ruler: Arn

Minister Category Title
Ansel Warfare None
Gerard Loyalty None
Simone Population None
Dulcinea Farming None
Lilia Upkeep None
Tesha Income None

Land Holdings

The Telmarch

Description: The Telmarch holds the very far northeast borderlands between the Oathlands and the Northlands, some of the most war-torn and bloody lands in all of Arvum. For countless generations, House Telmar was the steadfast rock that northern shav hordes smashed themselves against as they sought purchase into the Oathlands, and the launching point for crusades of retribution against the heathen foes of House Valardin. Cold and inhospitable, the Telmarch Keep is perhaps the least welcoming seat of any duchy in the realm, but the undeniably powerful fortress is still a key trading hub due to its strategic importance and its location while at peace.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.