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Vassal of Pravus

Words: “Take everything.”
House Sigil: A massive ship of black upon a sea of golden flame.
Nickname: Pirate Lords
Colors: Black and Gold

House Seraceni (meaning: to steal, rob, and plunder) has long been the principle house of the isle of Ischia, having used the topographical advantage of the dormant volcano upon the island to house their fortress, Fort Braiga, which eventually blossomed into the capital city of Morisco.

The Seraceni family has had a history of successful sea conquest and raiding into far reaching waters, and welcomed those who would raise the Seraceni banners and sail beside them. Through this expertise at sea, the family persisted on the island absent rule and fealty, reigning free-spirited with few internal challengers. Time and lack of numbers eventually caught up to the people of the island, however, and they were eventually brought to defeat at the overwhelming superiority of the Pravus military hundreds of years after the Reckoning.

The Ischian people are a mixture of cultures including Velenosans, neighboring abandoned/shavs turned prodigal, and some small individual Thraxian elements. Rumors exist of pockets of distant Eurusi heritage that has been lost within the passage of time on the island, but nothing solid has ever been confirmed. Yet, some ghosts of Eurusi culture can sometimes be seen adopted into the local customs.


Name Rank Title Description
Prisila 1 Marquessa Marchionesse of House Seraceni
Appolonia 2 Voice Voice of Ischia and Keeper of Oaths
Nadir 3 Noble Scion Lord of Ischia and Ambassador of House Seraceni
Salvador 4 Favored Servants of Ischia Master Shipwright and Chief Engineer
Drifa 4 Favored Servants of Ischia Blade of Ischia and Corsair Extraordinaire
Argos 4 Favored Servants of Ischia Commander of the Guard
Starra 4 Favored Servants of Ischia Reaper of Ischia
Nijah 4 Favored Servants of Ischia Sublime Confidante of the Marquessa and Queen of Silver
Avovorinth 4 Favored Servants of Ischia Supreme Leader of Strange
Tallius 6 Vassals of Esteem Protege of the Voice
Asger 8 Emissary of War Duke of Crovane and War Councillor
Vera 10 Trade Partner Marquessa of Melaeris and Trade Partner to Ischia

Ruler: Prisila

Minister Category Title
Appolonia Loyalty Keeper of Oaths
Nijah Income Queen of Silver

Land Holdings


Description: The island of Ischia benefits from its volcanic elevation and a warm climate, and is a naturally formidable defensive post with steep elevated rises on all sides. Within the island lies an internal salt water lagoon out of which rises the dormant volcano peak. It is here the fleet is pulled in case of siege, and can only be accessed through two gated channels carved through the volcanic rock. Atop this dormant volcano rests Braiga Fortress, named for the Thraxian engineer who designed it after she was inspired by Darkwater Reach. Braiga Fortress benefits from being isolated by water with controlled entry points and high elevation. It is the seat of House Seraceni. Over hundreds of years, the city-state sprung up around the fort and thus the city-state of Ischia was named for its isle, with the castle of Braiga Fortress at its heart.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.