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Vassal of Blackwood

Words: "Embrace the Storm and Make it Our Own."
Nickname: Stormcrows
Sigil/colors: A black raven on a field of ocean blue, with a charcoal stormcloud overhead.

The Ravenseye tribe has had a long history of friendship with the Blackwoods, often assisting them in issues along the coast and seas in dealing with other tribes of Abandon, as well as raiders and pillagers that would seek to plunder further inland. With their strong friendship, the Stormcrows bent knee to their friends and cousins joining them in their service to the Crovanes and Redrain. Continuing their task that they had been doing for several years now, but instead it was not just for their friends, but Liege Lord and the Compact, itself now. But now Redrain has a vassal house that can serve as its own navy or at the very least a solid start of one.


Name Rank Title Description
Aella 1 Countess ---
Bran 2 Voice ---
Cadern 2 Voice ---
Rosalind 3 Noble Family ---
Triton 3 Noble Family ---
Branwen 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Carrick 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Kaede 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Siobhan 4 Trusted House Servants ---

Ruler: Aella

Land Holdings