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Names: The Crown Observers
Words: "Carrying word to and from the Elfbone Throne."
Sigil: White rolled up sealed parchment on a field of blue

The Crown Observers of Arx, sometimes known as the Knights-Herald or Crown envoys or Emissaries of the Throne, are royal messengers that carry messages to and from the different domains of Arvum bringing crown decrees, or are instructed to act as the crown's eyes and ears in any regional flareups. The envoys can be tasked with simply reporting on a regional crisis, and bringing back less biased telling of events to the Crown, or with assisting and defusing any crisis that arises. While local lords still wield defacto complete autonomy in their own domains, the presence of a crown observer can make even the most arrogant lord operate with more circumspection to avoid irritating the throne.


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