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Drugs List

Don't be coy, you know why you accessed this file. Here's the goods; the rundown on things that get people messed up for fun or profit.

dust - smoked in small bowls, mostly. Moderately addictive, widely available, if one can get it past trade officers. Processed from the petals and parts of a flower that is easily cultivated in many climates and setups, owing to the fact it is native to forest floors and tolerates both the dark, and fluctuating temperatures. It induces brief but pleasantly intense euphoria, following by a more sustained intoxication that usually results in sleep -- and sometimes, death! Sometimes, people who smoke too much dust just don't wake up. These unfortunates are referred to, for reasons no one seems to remember, as lotus eaters. Or more unkindly, h*ckin idiots.

haze - milder, also smoked, either in bowls, hookahs, or rolled cigarettes. It's a fibrous plant matter that's been dried and is broken up to smoke. Moderate feeling of being drunk/intoxicated without the loss of motor control, and without the hangover. Has widely varying effects that might be tied to personality types, physiologies, or any number of factors there's been exactly zero research into. Something of an accepted and tsked at problem among the youth, particularly those of the Lyceum and the Northlands, this is counteracted by how h*ckin expensive it is. Seriously. This is because it is only grown who-knows-where, and is distributed but rarely.

BN - short for BaNana (leaf), there's no doubt it resembles one in its raw form: this intoxicant is made from long, green leaves of the inauspiciously named 'rat fern'. Some of us think this would be a way more metal name for a drug, but it's BN because that's how everyone was used to referring to it, so whatever. The leaves are dried somehow, possibly smoked (as in placed in a smoker) and definitely soaked in a bitter liquor. Shriveled chunks of these leaves are then placed in the mouth or chewed to release the juices, but few would be brave enough to swallow, as doing so can cause upset stomach. Also, it's gross. This drug is a hallucinogen, and a strong one. It can leave the imbiber very susceptible to suggestion and at the mercy of their own imagination.