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While the majority of courtiers at the court of Arx can claim noble blood and count themselves as peers of the realm, the guild of courtiers places no such restrictions of birth upon the men and women they train to attend to the highest nobles. As experts of handling the social nuances of Arx, the courtiers of Arx are famous throughout all of Arvum for peerless grace, effortless charm, and precisely perfect courtesy- at least taking great pains to be sure that the courtiers that accompany high nobles to social functions meet their exacting standards to uphold the guild's reputation. Successful courtiers can serve as trusted messengers, talented diplomats, prized entertainers, and the favorite companions for the most powerful political figures in the city. Some of common birth can find themselves ennobled by successfully maneuvering the treacherous waters of the court, but even those who do not earn that distinction are usually afforded the same courtesy reserved for nobles.

Please note that there is nothing explicitly or implicitly sexual about their work at all. The word 'courtier' could be substituted with 'envoy', 'attache', 'aide', 'diplomat', 'party planner', 'maitre d', 'concierge' and similar, so if the context of a sentence wouldn't fit replacing the word 'courtier' with one of those, it probably doesn't work thematically. Arx as a game does not and will not support PCs that are prostitutes, Thralls, or any other PC who lacks personal agency by design.