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Bastard Children

Bastards in Arx are viewed and handled much differently than other, similar settings.

Because Limerance, the god of Love and Fidelity, and the society as a whole places such a high value on personal integrity and honor, having a bastard child when there is freely available birth control is seen as highly irresponsible. Bastards are thus rather rare, and are almost always acknowledged and supported by both parents. This does not mean a noble must legitimize a bastard, with all the inheritance uncertainty that comes with that, but they MUST acknowledge (with a white journal) and financially support that child. Not to do so is seen as a very serious breach of honor and an insult to Limerance.

Because of the undue burden this type of situation would place on the mother (or father) and the unclaimed child, we won't be adding unacknowledged or secret bastard children to @family unless the child is the result of a GM plot.