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"The loss of all Reckoning-era histories, journals and reflections during the Great Fire of Arx was a tragedy which must never be permitted again. The stewardship of knowledge is the sacred duty of our order."
Sigils: Tome with a quill resting against it, while two crossed scrolls represents the Scholars of Vellichor

An ancient, popular song of bards named 'The Canticle of Vellichor' recounts a tale from one of the darkest days of the Reckoning, near a thousand years ago. According to the Canticle, the demonic forces would have conquered Arx and all of the world had the god Vellichor not appeared to the men of the Compact and shared secrets of demonic vulnerabilities and how they could be defeated. It is said Vellichor spoke, "I am the god of histories, and this shall not be the final chapter of the history of your world. This has cost me more than I hope you shall ever learn, but I ask for but little in return. Let the most studious amongst you take sacred vow to forever guard the knowledge of the world, and allow all among you from the greatest to the least to chronicle their lives in journals so their knowledge may never be lost. Guard it well." Thus, according legend, was how the Scholars of Vellichor and the tradition of keeping White Journals and Reflections in the Great Archive came to be.

Every god or goddess has a discipleship which reveres that particular deity over all others, but perhaps no discipleship is as numerous or recognizable in the Compact as the Scholars of Vellichor. The scholars, acting as disciples of the god of knowledge, dedicate their lives to the spread of knowledge throughout the Compact and the accumulation of history. Many scholars act as teachers, and even among the most far reaching villages of the Compact there is very close to universal literacy as a testament to the efficacy of the scholars' mission.

Perhaps the most visible and well known tribute to Vellichor is the Great Archive of Vellichor in Arx, built to honor mankind's vow to the god of knowledge. Any citizen of the Compact, great or small, possesses the religious right to have an account of their lives recording in a white journal kept public and accessible in the Great Archive, which no man can gainsay or are permitted to alter. Indeed, words in the white journals are considered sacrosanct, and it is considered blasphemous to edit journals once so stored for the risk of losing even the smallest bits of history, and Knights of the Archive keep a constant vigil to be certain that none of the white journals are ever so defiled by the public who are freely permitted to view any of the contributed on going stories of citizens of the Compact. Under even stricter care are the Reflections, the black journals of innermost thoughts whose privacy is guaranteed by the Scholars of Vellichor, and no greater sin exists for a scholar than breaking that sacred trust and revealing any contents of a Reflection- those guilty of such have their tongues out and writing hand cut off so they may never speak nor write of what they witnessed again and serve their remaining days as a Silent Reflection.

While the scholars are most associated with their roles as traveling teachers and maintainers of the Great Archive, they also serve as custodians of knowledge for all of the Faith of the Pantheon. Whether it's healing techniques for the disciples of Lagoma, strategy and tactics for the Templars, tomes on dream interpretations for disciples of Jayus, or any other devotion, the scholars likely safeguard that knowledge. Some knowledge may be considered too dangerous for the public, and is judged by the Censor Librorum whether it must be sealed away or may be released to the public, going through the process of 'nihil obstat' of release to the Scholars Superior for judgment if questionable, 'imprimi potest' by the Superiors to the Arch Scholar if possibly permissible, and the Arch Scholar finally declaring a dangerous work as 'imprimatur' if it can be shown to the public despite its risk. Legend has it that many Reflections are sealed away forever beneath the Great Archive due to some danger they represent.