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An overview of the eras of the world, by Scholar Tobias the Dubious

10000+ BR to 1 BR - Age of Dreams, of which there are only guesses.
-Founding of Cardia, that great southern kingdom.
9000~ BR-Founding of Caer'Alfar, the 'city of the High Elves' where Pyre now stands.
6000 BR~The earliest men settle in Arvum.
- The schism of the elves and the flight to Arvum.
-The Dance of Skulls, when 'the dead were restless.'
-The founding of 'the Great Necropolis of Arvum', lost to time.
-The Pax Celestis

1 AR to 500 AR - Age of Songs, history as told by the bards. Exact times are lost to us.
1 AR- the start of the Reckoning, 'demons' scourge the world.
- Destruction of the Marin Fleet, House Marin and many others extinguished.
- King Alar Grayson I founds the Compact, uniting the great houses in defense at Arx.
The Houses of Arvum that fail to reach Arx fall under demonic control, become the Abandoned.
- The Demonic Host is broken at Arx, Caer'Alfar reduced to the smoldering waste of Pyre.
-The Reclaimation begins, the great houses fighting to regain their lands from the Abandoned.

500 AR to 713 AR - Age of Queens, from Queen Alarice the Great's ascent to the start of the Crownbreaker wars.
500 AR- King Alar, his son and all the assembled high lords are treacherously slain by King A'kioh of the Sylv'alfar, the so-called 'wood elves'.
500 to 504 AR - The Time of Red Fields, the period of slaughter and sylv'alfar destruction of numerous cities.
505 AR - Queen Alarice the Great is crowned, calls the banners of the Compact and leads the unified forces against the Sylv'alfar.
506 AR - The Great Fire of Arx, all ancient records are destroyed.
The Night of the Southern Sun. To the south the Lyceum the night blazes red, the Suthyrn Reaches become The Wastes.
510- King A'kioh slain by Queen Alarice, the last sylv'alfar bastions fall. Absolute primogeniture recognized by all but House Thrax.
510 to 620 AR, The Three Good Queens time period of rebuilding after the so-called Elven War marked by three strong grayson queens in succession.
620 to 713 AR, the Peace of the Queens. Height of the power of the Compact in Arvum, Abandoned mostly driven out, more land under control of the great houses than any period since.

713 AR to time of this writing, 1003 AR - Age of Crowns.
713 AR - Prince William Thrax seizes the throne of Arx in a bloody overthrow. The Crownbreaker Wars begin.
714 AR to 805 AR - The Bleeding Realm period with the complete breakdown of the Compact. The crown changes hands numerous times, eventually settling on the Thrax Dynasty. Constant wars between the great houses make them unable to stem onslaughts of the Abandoned.
805 AR - The crown prince and heir of House Thrax is assassinated by the Redrain woman known as Sirikit and House Velenosa is blamed. The resulting war ends the Thrax dynasty and re-establishes the Grayson dynasty. The Crownbreaker Wars end.
989 AR - Tor-Southport War. Count Lucien Malvici of Southport allegedly murders his wife and attempts to delegitimize her heir, the future Duke Leo Fidante. Fidante loyalists eventually triumph with the aid of House Valardin.
990 AR - House Tyde rebels against House Thrax.
993 AR - King Alaric Grayson III travels to the Mourning Isles to end the bloodshed and bring his warring vassals to heel. The Tyde Rebellion is crushed by Prince Donrai Thrax. King Alaric's ship is lost at sea while returning to Arx, Duke Gabriel Bisland appointed regent to crown prince Alaric IV until he comes of age.
Early 1002 AR - King Alaric IV and Princess Genevieve Thrax marry.
Late 1002 AR - Queen Genevieve Thrax dies in a tragic accidental fall in the Palace.
Late 1002 AR - The Tragedy at Sanctum. Prince Radley Valardin, Prince of Sanctum and high lord of Valardin, is slain with his eldest children by shavs. Prince Edain Valardin becomes high lord.
Late 1003 AR - The King's Rest. After King Alaric Grayson IV traveled outside of Arx with a large party for reasons unknown, the king is found in a coma outside of Arx, eyes sometimes open but responding to nothing. All members of his party found slain, including Prince Sherrod Redrain, the high lord of House Redrain, and Archduchess Carlotta Velenosa, the Grand Duchess of the Lyceum.
1003 AR to 1006 AR - The King's Rest and the Silent War. The Silent Army, a large army of Abandoned following Tolamar Brand and his 'Bringers of Silence' fight several engagements with forces of the Compact culminating in the siege and then storming of Arx. Tolamar Brand is slain, the Silent Army is destroyed. King Alaric Grayson IV awakens, but is unwell.
October 1006 AR- King Alaric Grayson IV recovers and marries the Lady Symonesse of the Nox'alfar and re-establishes a treaty with the Twilight Court.
Early 1007 AR to present: Threats from a pirate king known as the Gyre and a shav chieftain known as the Horned God plague the north and east.