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The words and sigil of House Thrax give immediate insight into the nature of the house and its nobles. After all, how can "Tears in our wake, never at our wake" with a house sigil of a blood-red wake widening behind a sea serpent leave any doubt to a great noble house's intentions? House Thrax has been the dominant naval force of Arvum for the better part of a thousand years and are unlikely to let any of the other great houses ever forget it. Unapologetically militant, ambitious, and scorning the kinder aspects of chivalry, House Thrax has relatively few annointed knights, though their military successes have not suffered for it.

The only house without land holdings on Arvum proper, House Thrax and the bulk of its vassals are spread among the many islands of the Mourning Isles, in the eastern sea between Arvum and Eurus. Their dominance at sea and lack of assailable cities by land has enabled them to cling easily to traditions that have been rejected by the Compact as a whole- they are the only great house to still follow strict male primogeniture, and despite the Compact firmly outlawing slavery, their system of thralldom is viewed by the other houses as slavery in all but name, with scant few prisoners taken in raids and war ever given the chance to purchase their freedom.

The bloodstained, savage and antagonistic reputation of House Thrax does not come without significant costs, however. They are possibly the most reviled of the great houses, and have on at least three occasions lost wars against House Grayson and its allies over questions of succession of the monarchy. Nor are all the foes of House Thrax external- the loyalties of many of their vassal houses are far from certain, they are often plagued by pirates made up of escaped thralls, and their fondness for trial by combat has created difficulties in their own internal succession crises more than once. Nonetheless, few coastal towns or ships fail to feel trepidation at seeing the sails of House Thrax.

Terrors of the waves, many of their enemies have long denigrated House Thrax with insulting names, but the sobriquet of 'Sea Serpents' sees widespread use even among their lands.