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Thrax Thralls

Slavery has been officially outlawed throughout the entire Compact of Arvum for nearly eight hundred years, and the practive has vanished from every great house. Except, arguably, House Thrax. The practice of Thralldom is a system of indentured servitude that has evolved over generations into something darker. Thralls that should have been serving short sentences instead saw not only their lives, but the lives of their children claimed by an ever increasing and often arbitrary debt. Criminals and prisoners of war were the typical candidates for Thralldom, and it remains a possible punishment today.

In 1006 AR Highlord Victus Thrax came to power. With the aid of Octavia Kennex, he had new laws on Thralldom drafted and put into effect. These laws greatly curtailed the exploitive practices that had become common to Thralldom (See help Thrall Laws). This resulted in the number of new thralls being made dropping precipitously. Within the year House Kennex made the decision to abolished Thralldom entirely within their holdings, generous donations from the faith and across the compact allowing them to weather the economic impact.

Thralls still remain by the millions. Those in Maelstrom and Arx are being given better treatment in line with servants, but that is just a fraction of those thralls still out there. How well the various fealties beyond Kennex will honor the new rules Thrax has placed on their Thralls remains to be seen.