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"The greatest worship people can offer Skald is to live their lives freely and by their own terms. To never forget that they always have freedom, no matter how their situation seems to obfuscate it. The greatest of Skald's blessings is that of the freedom given to all beings at birth. It is the choice of each and every person what they do with this blessing."
Sigil: A lone wolf. Probably? Skald certainly doesn't seem to care.

Skald, also referred to as the First Choice, is the god of freedom and choices. He was forgotten from the Pantheon for centuries as one of the three Lost Gods, only his sigil -- a wolf's head -- remembered on an altar in the Shrine of the Lost. His return to the Pantheon was announced by Dominus Aldwin Aurum in 1006 AR. Previously, Skald was known as the “Mad Mage of the North,” a figure mostly spoken of in folktales. In the North, all manner of things were attributed to the mad mage, from good/bad harvests, missing people, cosmic phenomenon, or misplaced boots. The legends about him were as varied as they were numerous: he supposedly married a dire bear. He was said to have ripped a man's arm off on accident during a friendly arm wrestling competition. Some claimed he could turn into fire, or a pack of wolves. They said he could speak all languages, and could change his form to suit his mood.

As a god forgotten for centuries, knowledge of Skald's history and doctrine has only recently begun to be proliferated by the Faith. Included in the publicized histories are stories of Skald freeing a large number of slaves in the days before the Reckoning and inadvertently loosing his Dark Reflection, a great and terrible demon, upon the world. It is said that Skald fought and defeated his Reflection, sacrificing much of his power to do so. There are also rumors that Skald himself, now reduced from his former state, wanders the earth in the guise of a man.