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Setting Inappropriate Fashion

This is a list of things that are not setting appropriate, that should be AVOIDED when playing fashion and dress up in Arx. We have a pretty permissive vibe, with acceptable fashion ranging from traditional medieval/fantasy/rennaissance to more MMO-style, outlandish outfits and armor, but there are some things I would prefer not to see.

1. Super high heels. No six inch heels, no stillettos. No giant platform shoes that are clear. IE, please no stripper/feitsh attire. No hate at all for exotic dancers, it's just not an aesthetic Arxian technology supports. This also means no thong underwear objects, please.
2. No super modern/synthetic/machined materials. No rubber, no latex, no pleather or vinyl clothing. No zippers.
3. Nothing that is named in a jarringly modern/geographical sense. This means, it's alright to wear a kimono, or a kilt, but they can't be called "a kimono" or "a kilt". A plaid wrap around skirt, or a silken wrapped robe with a thick belt and draped sleeves, etc.