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"The Sentinel sees all, and that is a comfort to true believers in justice. As a knight battles to the last for an honorable cause, knowing that in defeat they will be unmarked by any monument and forgotten by history, the god of justice takes note and will remember."
Sigil: A faceless helm.

The Faceless God, The Silent Watcher, and most commonly called the Sentinel, is the god of justice, law, and order. Depicted as the one faceless god with no true name to better represent its universal impartiality and even handedness, the Sentinel is revered by chivalric and provides much of the basis for the notion of trial by combat. "May the Sentinel guard the righteous!" is a common cry during such a trial, though in the North and in the Mourning Isles, trial by combat is thought to predate the widespread worship of the Faith of the Pantheon.

After the terrors of the Reckoning and the near fall of all mankind, an order arose to hunt the forces of darkness and bring them to justice, particularly the worshippers of demons and practitioners of dark arts. In time, this discipleship of the Sentinel became known as the Inquisition of Arx. Today, the discipleship is quite nearly a purely secular entity, investigating those guilty of crimes against the Crown as magic and demonic influence has passed into the realm of myth and legend. Even some of the most superstitious among the commons look in askance at the individuals seized by the current Inquisition for dark magic, since they are plainly often individuals who are wealthy and have made extremely powerful enemies. The black robed inquisitors and the 'confessors' that act as their agents are much more feared than loved by the commons, and are largely seen as a corrupt tool of the very powerful.