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Unfortunately even the most devoted scholars of the god of knowledge Vellichor claim that virtually no true records of the events of the Reckoning have survived to present day, leaving what we know shrouded in myth and legend. Many conflicting legends and tales exist on the nature of the Reckoning, but most agree that men and elves strayed from the wishes of the Pantheon of the Gods, practicing forbidden magic and researching spells to enslave demons of the void below for power. The folly of this hubris was not long unpunished. The great eastern kingdoms in the land we now call Pyre were invaded, as the legends claim, by an onslaught of a massive demonic horde that enslaved, butchered and razed all in its path. The eastern continent of Eurus fell quickly, and to this day travel to those lands is seldom attempted, and our lands in Arvum came under assault in short order. Many tales exist of the heroic delaying actions by noble houses in fighting back that first demonic vanguard, as our strength was marshalled at Arx. Through the grace of the gods of the Pantheon, the demonic forces were broken at their assault upon the then fortress of Arx, resulting in the founding of the Compact that has lasted a thousand years.

Do scholars truly believe such events occured? Certainly there was some attack and impetus that resulted in the founding of the Compact, but a wise scholar takes the notion of 'demons' or 'magic' well salted indeed. One Arch Scholar of Vellichor once posited that the Reckoning was an attempted mass invasion by the lost kingdoms of the continent of Eurus, defeated after a long war by our Compact, and the name 'Pyre' for the most destroyed remnants of the far eastern lands was likely the result of well deserved retribution. Whatever the truth of the Reckoning, we may never know.