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"In deep woods you may hunt, in fields you may sow and harvest, and from low valleys to high peaks you may still find safe haven. Through the blessing of Petrichor's grace you are granted dominion over all lands."
Sigil: Tree

The god Petrichor, sometimes called the Patron of Farmers, grants mankind dominion over all of nature according to the teachings of the Faith of the Pantheon. While relatively few of the laity become his disciples, as his most devout tend to be fiercely independent sorts scattered all over the Realm not inclined to organize into a distinct order, few gods receive more prayers than Petrichor. Whether it is dedications of homes, prayers of the harvest, hunters praying for luck, or any other prayer of sanctuary or sustenance, Petrichor makes up much of the daily worship of for a large part of the realm.

As god of havens and homesteads, due to his granting dominion over the land, Petrichor is invoked for the ancient Right of Sanctuary upon sacred ground. Sanctuary forbids the spilling of blood upon holy ground, and also encompasses that no one in the realm, from beggar to the crown, have any authority to remove a guest of the Faith from a holy place once the Faith has agreed to extend guestright to them. It is a concept very seldom violated, as it is an offense both to the laws of man and the gods, and only a few notable exceptions exist in the history of Arvum. King Darius Thrax, called the Usurper, during the short-lived Thrax dynasty following the Grayson overthrow of the Crownbreaker Wars, is the most cited example of one violating the ancient right. After the death of the Grayson King, most of the peerage currently in Arx took safe refuge inside the Great Cathedral of Arx, granting them sanctuary as they set foot upon the grounds and the Faith agreed to grant all the peers guestright. King Darius, unwilling to allow the nobles to hide there until their armies rallied to Arx, simply commanded Thraxian troops to storm the Cathedral, slaughtering the scores of templars guarding the holy place, and then put every noble to the sword. After that massacre the Thrax Dynasty was never able to have the support of the commons and is considered a key reason for their eventual downfall.