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Paean Of The Faithful

(Intended to be sung as a choir, either of one voice, or as a round with three parts for each of the Tetrads.)

First Verse (All Together, even if sung in round.)

O sing, all ye believers, of Dawn and of Dream,
Of the gifts of the gods which we here receive.
O sing, Faithful and Pious, of Virtue awoken,
In every heart let Thirteen stand as One, unbroken.

Verse of Creation

I shall feed my hungry brethren; I nourish as a mother;
I shall honor soil and seed; I am fertile as a father;
I change as the world changes; I light the path ahead;
I return to my ultimate beginning; I face the end without dread;

Verse of Concepts

I swear no oath I shall not keep, I love without reserve;
I speak no lies before gods or men, I judge every soul by its deserve;
I accept the kindness of the gods, I give freely of my charity to all;
I keep no brother or sister in chains, I claim my choice come rise or fall.

Verse of Arts

I learn all the gods have to teach, I take in wisdom respite;
I act with every breath in honor, I surrender no righteous fight;
I create with hue and light, I bring forth new life with my every mark;
I praise the Dream Eternal; I swear my life to protect it from the dark;

The Silent Verse

(*This is a verse length time of silence; some Lycene claim that there was once a line or a verse to honor Tehom here, while the Oathlands strenuously disagree. Pragmatists have suggested the compromise that it may represent the Reflection, or simple contemplation, as one feels most appropriate.*)

Final Verse (Sung together, even in round.)

O sing, every heart enflamed by faith and love;
Let your voices rise to fair Elysium above;
Thirteen, to you we sing, this joyous day;
To you we give all honor; to you we pray.