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"Life springs from Mangata, the goddess of the air we breathe and the water we drink. A sailor might pray for calm seas and fair winds, a farmer for rain, and a beggar for wine. They all pray to Mangata, for she sustains us."
Sigil: A wave with a cloud overhead

The goddess Mangata, despite being a consistent presence in daily prayers of a wide breadth of vocations, has relatively few adherents as specific disciples. Trained priests of the Pantheon as a whole typically are those who grant blessings to a newly christened ship, or hold a prayer service for farmers hoping for rain. The Mangatans of the Mourning Isles are the closest equivalent of an organized discipleship such as the Scholars of Vellichor, and the Mangatans are principally concerned with deeply devout rituals of sacrifice for lifelong sailors (and in many case, pirates of House Thrax), who hope their devotion above and beyond the rest of the Pantheon wins special favor and consideration when they are sailing into the sometimes stormy waters of the Saffron Chain.

In recent years, the Faith has taken a hand in declaring which drink is seen as suitable before the goddess and which is unworthy of sale. The Legate of Creation, serving under his holiness the Dominus, sometimes hosts festivals to decide the worthiness of vintages of wine or any other manner of drink, with Lycene merchants competing fiercely for the privilege of their wine labeled quite literally divine.