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"Time passes, seasons change, and wounds heal. Lagoma watches over us as the flames of our lives burn bright and comforts us as the time comes when they may flicker out."
Sigil: Flame

The goddess Lagoma, sometimes called Our Lady of Change, represents growth, cycles, purification and change for the better, which in turn makes her known as the goddess of healing. The disciples of Lagoma are among the most numerous of any deity of the Pantheon, as the Mercies of Lagoma receive training in healing arts that is in desperate demand throughout the entire Realm. A white clothed Mercy of Lagoma is a frequent sight on any battlefield, traveling unhindered by combatants no matter how bitter the conflict might be between the houses at war. Even the most ruthless lords tend to fear the outrage should they harm one of the well respected healers of the Faith.

Aside from healers, Lagoma is worshipped in festivals celebrating the change of seasons, and major life changes may often be acknowledged with prayers to the goddess of change. A less common aspect of her worship, but growing in popularity among the more superstitious commoners outside of the Lyceum, are funerals pyres with rites that avoid any mention at all of the Thirteenth, and pray to Lagoma to help their loved one have an easy transition to the other side. While the Lyceum specifically honors the Thirteenth in its darker funeral rites of Passing Beyond the Reflection, some of the north feels acutely uneasy with any mention of Tehom and turns to Lagoma to mourn their loved ones.