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"To create art is to brush, however fleetingly, against the divine. Through Jayus we bring color to a world sometimes painted in the bleakest of hues."
Sigil: Hammer crossed with a brush (the same sigil as the Crafters' Guild), or less commonly a sigil of a paintbrush crossed with a lute.

Jayus, the Prince of Stories, is the god of craftsmen, art, inspiration and dreams. While nearly all commoners toiling in the varying crafter professions express some degree of homage to Jayus, it would not be accurate to describe the wide array of artisans in Arvum as his disciples- the majority of craftsmen are no more or less religious than any other lay people and might acknowledge Jayus in daily prayers or ask for inspiration in their work, but most do not see themselves as his representatives in the world. This, however, does not hold quite true for the nobility. Crafting professions are beneath nobility, and the idea of having to sale wares to maintain a lifestyle would be a tremendous blow to the prestige of any noble house, but this does not in the least apply to engaging in art as a form of worship or homage. Nobles, declaring themselves devotees to Jayus, might embrace any craft as a form of art, which is a socially accepted form of worship of the god- they simply cannot take any payment for their endeavors without the risking the mockery of their peers. True artist-disciples of Jayus never take payment, a claim that may be more about appearances than reality.

Rarest among those that claim to be the god's disciples are those called the Seers of Jayus. As god of dreams and inspiration, a very few will claim to receive prophecies and visions, particularly in the form of 'True Dreams'. Some notable seers have been seen as prophets, one Valardin Crusade against the north largely coming to be as a result of an immensely popular prophet who started a cult of personality, warning of terrible prophetic nightmares sent by the Dark Reflection. The Faith largely avoids formally recognizing whether self-proclaimed seers are truly blessed or not, and in some extreme cases overly superstitious commoners persecute those claiming to be gifted as no more than practioners of witchcraft and executed.