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Hall Of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes is one of the oldest and most noteworthy buildings in Arx, and not just because of its unique position as holy ground without being a place of worship. Consisting of a main hall and a side hall for each fealty, the Compact's greatest heroes are interred and memorialized here, sometimes only after some silly noble develops an unreasonable obsession with them several hundred years after their death. There are hundreds if not thousands of men and women buried beneath it.

Being inducted into the Hall of Heroes traditionally begins with a nomination during an Assembly of Peers, put forward by either the peers of a fealty or their High Lord, with the former requiring a simple majority and the High Lord's backing to proceed. The sitting Voices of the Realm (the High Lords or their representatives) then vote on it, with a simple majority proceeding the process. As the Hall of Heroes is holy ground, the Faith must grant consent for their interment. This final step makes it difficult for Houses to sneak in high honors influenced by nepotism, as the Faith almost always proceeds with a convocation, summoning all the seraphs of a fealty to reach a consensus on the individual, or a grand convocation summoning all the seraphs in the Compact for the main hall. If confirmed, godsworn artisans will see to the creation of their memorial.

Inducting a character into the Hall of Heroes requires the vote to take place IC. The convocation vote requires an action, costing 10,000 social resources reduced by 1 for every 100 legend the character has, representing the cost and politics of campaigning their induction.

In addition, this all requires an @action to win the approval of regional seraphs, and should first get staff approval by request.