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"As Grandmaster of the Templars I have never prayed to Gloria for victory, however tempting that selfish wish might be. We are not beggars, pleading on bended knee, and Gloria expects better of us. No, when facing a battle where victory is an impossible hope, there should only be one prayer. Pray that when the time comes to do what you must to keep honor, you act unflinchingly and without regret. A templar's prayer is to enter the next world with head unbowed and honor untainted."
Sigil: A sword facing downward, or a woman kneeling in prayer with her face pressed against the the pommel of a downward facing sword.

Goddess of chivalry, honor, and war, the goddess Gloria celebrates the ideal of honorable combat. The Holy Knights of the Temple, more commonly called the templars, represents an entire militant order of Gloria's disciples and acts as a recognizable military force standing ready to defend the Faith and its holdings against those that would threaten it. In more recent years, the Faith has largely avoided being drawn into the conflicts between the five great houses with templars mostly seeing combat against heathen shav forces, but this was not always the case. The Valardin Crusades against the north had enormous support from the Faith as a whole and the templars in particular, and this has led to resentment towards the Templars from House Redrain that continues to this day.

Much of the cultural acceptance of trial by combat and duels relates to the veneration of Gloria. Even though justice falls under the province of the Sentinel, the idea that the Pantheon favors the righteous is a long held belief and despite periodic challenges the traditions enshrining the right to trial by combat has not been overturned. Moreover, the belief that one must be willing to fight against untrue accusations or slights against one's honor has the cultural significance that if an injured party is not willing to defend themselves in a duel against accusations, it is often widely accepted that the accusations must be true. Duelists praying to Gloria to defend the virtuous is not uncommon, however much it may be for the benefit of the audience.