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Originally, claiming to be 'crownsworn' was a rare and high honor. The Sovereign's Own Royal Guard was a collection of a hundred of the finest knights in Arvum, each surrendering their noble titles and birthrights in order to pledge themselves to the service of the crown and the crown alone so that there might be no possible conflicting loyalties. In practice, the term has not meant such for generations, with only the King's Own still considering the term to be one of distinction. Every lordless individual in Arx and all of Arvum have adopted the classification of crownsworn, whether they are a criminal hiding their past after fleeing the service of the lord they served, the children of the lordless and forgotten ruffians in the Boroughs of Arx, or even a former noble cast out from their own family and rejected by every Peer of the Realm for a tremendous scandal possibly hiding in a new life among the Faith or the Whispers. True, the King's Own are not the only honorable crownsworn- the Templars, the Knights of Solace and many members of the middle class of Arx are respectable, even if few could hope to match the prestige of the great houses.