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City Of Arx

The city of Arx is the capital city of the Compact, the seat of power of the monarchy that rules over the once independent five kingdoms of the continent of Arvum. The central hub for commerce and trade on the continent, Arx is geographically situated at the eastern edge of House Grayson lands, above the mouth of the Gray River emptying into the Bay of Thrax.

The prominence of the city of Arx dates back to the time of the Reckoning a thousand years prior, when embattled survivors of the great houses rallied to the minor fortress where Arx now stands, formed the Compact for mutual defense, and managed to defeat the (supposedly) demonic forces that were waging a war of extermination against mankind. The surviving high lords selected one head of a great house to act as sovereign over the newly united Compact, with the new King ruling from the city of Arx. The power of the sovereign's dynasty has waxed and waned in the following thousand years, reaching an apex during the time of Queen Alarice the Great of house Grayson. The Assembly of Peers of the Realm has selected a new sovereign during times of unclear succession, but thus far the monarchy has never left the city of Arx.

The city itself is divided into 9 distinct wards. Five wards as residences for each of the great houses in turn, where minimal control by the crown is exercised. One central ward for the governing, trade and worship of the Compact as a whole. One ward for prominent commoners who call the city their own rather than living in the lands owned by the noble houses, one ward for visitors of the city and the less fortunate, and of course a ward for the crown's own residences.