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In the lands of Valardin, many a perceived or intended slight to one's honor is settled through a duel. This is a time honored tradition, and a generally effective means of mediation. When one loses an Honor Duel, the complaint that sparked it is put away and forgotten. In recent history, the past 100 years or so, the Ladies of Valardin have taken to challenging one another to Honor Duels based on social maneuvering. This combat is settled almost entirely through the use of champions, even by women who have some skill in war, themselves. To that end, a company of 'knights' was started called The Champions. These are sellswords by any measure, though ostensibly they fight their duels in the interest of Honor and Glory. The women of Valardin have made something of a sport of arranging duels over squabbles and slights, some taking favored Champions and grooming them like patrons. The other Houses make light of this practice, insinuating the Ladies use their Champions for more than just defense of their honor. While this is likely not usually the case, no one can deny the Champions tend more towards the rakish duelist than the truly honorable knight.