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Rumors circulating around the city...

Last week

Ever since Lou Grayson took up the mantle of Pathfinder in the Society of Explorers, she's been actively speaking to those who wish to know more about the Explorers, and those who want to utilize the Explorer's services, drumming up support for the Society in general.

Last week

Crates with the Harthall sigil are showing up from the mines of Fair Harbour and being delivered to the various smiths and loaded onto other ships to take it further than Arx.

Crates with Harthall sigils have been showing up at the docks and loaded onto Farshaw carts.

Fair Harbour ore is beginning to show up in the workshops of various Ostrian smiths.

Last week

Marquis Hadrian Mazetti has been speaking to associates, allies, and everything in between about the need for the Compact's militaries to rebuild their strength. He is stepping up for Ostria and in turn those who assist him, are bound to receive his aid in kind.

House Harthall is offering to help train and streamline the turnover of Ostria recruits.

2 weeks ago

Faye has been nudging coworkers into spending more of their hard-earned coin at local shops. Maybe you've seen an uptick in customers in your shop or in one you frequent.

3 weeks ago

In the wake of the Battle of Pridehall and the Siege of Arx which left much of the Grayson and Crownlands in varying states of ruin Gabriel has begun coordinating his vassals and allies to begin the work of seeing the Bisland lands slowly being restored. A matter which at first takes the shape of new trade agreements, to see the resources which are needed to begin the long work.

Lady Signe Nightgold was witness speaking with various merchants visiting the city from Stonedeep. They were possibly speaking about expanding to Pridehall to begin new talks of trade.

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