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Turmoil in Southport

A daring heist left the vault of Southport empty, and a mind-boggling lack of loyal officers in the army left it on the brink of open mutiny. Serfs were close to armed revolt, leaving the city in chaos, and without any source of income to help pay to restore order.

But under the careful direction of Duchess Calypso and her friends, allies, and family, order has been restored. From all corners of the Compact she has found assistance, and the city is starting to stabilize.

But now a force equal in population (at least) to the city of Southport itself waits outside under flag of truce - and they've asked, to a man, woman, and child, to bend the knee and be accepted into the Compact.

Southport has been busy. In the wake of the heist, or the dereliction of duty, or whatever it is that people are calling it, one thing is very clear - Duchess Calypso Malvici takes her responsibilities seriously, and she has friends. Speeches are made, alliances proven out, friends visible from all over the Compact. Trade routes are re-established, the chain of command has been restored, and no riots seem to be forthcoming.

In short, a triumph of the Compact working together to aid one of their capable leaders.

It seems this message is not lost on the shav surrounding Southport. Slowly they gather. Slowly, an army assembles outside Southport. They make no move to attack, simply showing up, assembling in ranks. And assembling. And assembling. And assembling. And then come the women, the children - entire villages have united now to come before Southport. Until the people amassed before the city walls outnumber the people held within it. And now a flag of truce goes up, and a messenger is sent in with a message.

"We have seen your recovery. Your will. Your strength. We wish to bend the knee and join the Compact."

Well. Now what?