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The Oathlands: A Tale of Snow & Ice

In honor of the generosity of House Valardin and it's vassals who've welcomed Princess Katarina Al'Muraq-Subbat into their domain with welcome arms, she has put together a special event that blends together the traditions of her people and that of the Oathlands; interactive storytelling in the midst of wintry games Prince Edain so loves, hosted by herself and Princess Alis Valardin. The premise of the story: In the far Northwest, where flatlands give way to the rugged landscape of snow-crested foothills, there is said to be a place of mysticism and wonder nestled deep within a vale guarded by treacherous cliffs and rivers with the thinnest veneer of ice that easily give way to rushing rapids; a place where treasures of immense wealth, and tomes of knowledge untouched or molested by eyes of man since the Reckoning lay hidden deep within a cave. Many have tried to reach it, only for their efforts to end in vain. But you, my dear adventurer, have been given a map and compass said to be imbued with the blood of dragonlings that bypasses barriers put in place to prevent those who would covet these fortunes of wealth and knowledge for themselves. Dare you venture forward, through the treacherous snows of the distant Oathlands and endure war against blood-thirsty foes in the name of fortune and valor? (OOC: Usage of teams are highly recommended, with the turn based decisions and their successes represented by the +checks system.)


March 24, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alis Katarina



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


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