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Bisland Informal Get-Together

Duke Gabriel Bisland has returned from Pridehall and is having a get-together with some drinks and music. No food will be served.


April 10, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Gabriel Samael


Signe Malesh Titania(RIP) Joslyn Aiden Graham Michael Valerius Kenna Isolde



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Bisland Manor - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

The Duke of Pridehall is standing on the dais, Bisland cousins already arrived and mingling. Staff is about, introducing new arrivals and serving drinks. Music is playing from the minstrel balcony and everything seems to be set. A new get-together to reintroduce Gabriel Bisland to Arx after his actually fairly short stay in Pridehall. But he's been so very busy for so very long it was thought best that he reacquaint himself with the court. Hobnobbing with the peerage isn't his favorite past time but it'll have to do for now.

Samael enters the Great Hall and walks over to stand next to his brother, Gabriel, to greet people. He is the more gregarious of the two of them, clearly - it shows in his more relaxed, comfortable way about him. "Lenosian Red 1004," he says to a servant with a bow of his head. "Get one for the Duke, too," he says noticing his brother doesn't have a drink.

Michael is a semi-late arrival. By which, he arrives precisely right on time. Coming out from the atrium and tugging at the shirt that protudes from under his swordbelt. Adjusting the shoulders, then adjusting them that came astray from tugging at the shoulders. With a huff, he forgets it and moves towards the center of the hall.

For the moment, Joslyn is present, wine glass in hand and settled down comfortably in her seat. She has a lazy sort of air to her in that moment, but she waves towards those that enter, smiling warmly towards Samael. "You always knew my vintage," Joslyn says, though she really has long ago helped herself, rather casually it would seem.

2 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Titania.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, following Kenna.

In true Lycene fashion, Isolde makes a scene for an entrance. A small one, admittedly. All six of her guards accompany her-- parting the crowd of lesser nobles so the cane-wielding princess can nobble her way over to the newly returned Duke. "You look like you'd rather die than be doing this." She comments in lieu of a greeting, a faint smile on her lips. Both hosts are given a half bow because etiquette is difficult when you're pregnant. "Lord Samael, glad to see that Lady Seraceni and Prince Alessandro didn't have you poisoned.

Stonewood Clerk arrives, following Malesh.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards leave, following Zoey.

Titania comes walking into the Great Hall she is a bit late but it happends when you have a waddle for a walk right? But here she is a soft look to her along with a small smile as she walks herself and her baby bump into the hall looking about.

Gabriel nods his head toward Michael, his eyes inspecting the man's clothing for a moment, unable to help judging. Does he disapprove? He doesn't let on. He turns his gaze toward the newly arrived Princess Isolde and bows his head toward her. "Good evening, Princess," he says, sounding as stiff and uncomfortable as you might guess. "Does it show?" he says with a small frown.

Samael acknowledges Joslyn by holding his newly arrived glass of wine up. He bows his head to Isolde. "Hello, Isolde," he says before glancing toward Gabriel. "Princess Isolde, I mean," he corrects himself with a small smile. "He'll loosen up with this," he adds as he hands the Duke his wine.

Kenna has gotten more or less back to her bright and chipper self the last few weeks and slides in as the Whitehawk representative to this particular shin-dig with a smile and a kiss to the cheek of the man who announced her. A wink at him before she makes her way in to make her more formal greetings at those-in-charge.

"I'm glad of that too," Samael adds toward Isolde. "Can never be too careful around the Lycene."

Michael isn't going to miss that. Hes seen that stare for a decade since he lifted a blade. He'll positively strut to the dais from the atrium to join the Bislands as they wait to receive. "Father. Samael. Princess Isolde." He'll draw her name out ever so slightly. Everyone has a drink! Michael'll glance about wave down a server.

There is a short pause as Isolde pretends to mull Gabriel's question over. "Yes. Very clearly." The princess states, repressing a sly smile as she then turns to Samael. "Just wine?" A quirk of her eyebrow. "I think you'd need something stronger to loosen him up." Then her attention drifts to Michael--with another smile. More polite and less cheeky now. "Lord Michael. My condolences on your loss of freedom." She teases.

2 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Malesh is looking very much his old elf again as he lines up for his turn to great Duke Gabriel. That is if you ignore the white streak in the hair across his temple, the matching white eyebrow, and the simple black leather eyepatch that he has over his left eye. Still, it's better than bandages and splints and slings.

"Well met, Michael," Samael says with a nod of his head. "I've been hearing good things back from Pridehall. The Duke was just telling me the progress there is coming along nicely. Good work," he says with a small smile before taking a sip of his wine. He leans closer to Isolde and stage-whispers, "You have any haze?" On cue he spots his friend Malesh and waves toward him, visibly taking notice of his changed appearance.

Drawing closer Kenna slides herself to Michael's side first and whispers something in a low undertone, before bowing slightly to absolutely everyone who is higher up on the food chain than herself. Isolde's comment to Michael has her stifling back a giggle as she settles behind Malesh and comments, "It seems so //efficient// to have our names shouted out, fewer introductions. How are you feeling my Lord?"

"Damn this man." Michael mutters immediately upon Malesh's approach. "Only you could take a burn and somehow look even more dashing afterwards." He'll glance back towards his father, and his short hair, then reaches up to draw his hand across the back of his head. Shorn just as tightly, completely unintentional and it almost sets him to a mood before he responds to Kenna.

Gabriel glares at Samael and Isolde for a second after the haze comment. He accepts the wine and then turns toward his son and nods his head. "Yes, good job, son," he affirms. That is good. He turns toward Kenna and bows his head toward her. "Good to see you, Lady Kenna Whitehawk. Are you well?" he asks.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection have been dismissed.

Tale - The Snow Fox have been dismissed.

A Mirror Masked Woman have been dismissed.

Calvary -- A Large Fluffy Hound have been dismissed.

6 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Samael grins at Gabriel and holds up wine before addressing his friend. "Malesh," he says, "I must admit it has been awhile. Are you well?" he asks with a quirk of his brow and a touch to his eye and a gesture for the hair. He has a feeling this is a war injury so he speaks softer so as not to draw more attention than needed but since they are on the dais his voice travels.

Graham doesn't make a habit of being late to meetings and the like if it can be helped so one can assume something had prevented him from doing so at the moment. He will enter how ever his helm off and hanging at his hip though he wears his armor so perhaps coming from training or some other duty which required it. He doesn't wish to be an interruption and so will glance about to those gathered before moving further in to find his place.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Peri before departing.

The Bislands, by name, are standing upon a dais at the back of the hall. Several steps lead up to it with a table behind them. A carpet splits two other tables in the great hall. An announcer stands at the entrance to the Great Hall, to announce nobles and commoners alike as they arrive.

Michael lifts a hand up to wave towards Graham at his arrival. "Haze is bad for you." Michael's sense of debauchery seems to have been ruined by a physician friend of some sort. "Thats why I drink whiskey."

Gabriel's comment towards Kenna has her turning that bright smile to the Lord. "Very - can I just say," and she says this with a sideways look at Michael, "I am //so glad// to see you back. Lord Michael was //just telling// me the other day how much he missed you and how directionless he felt without you. I am sure he'll be so much happier now." This is Kenna absolutely sparking and not feeling a HINT of shame.

Malesh is in conversation with his apparently ever present clerk, the men never not working on wheeling and dealing and planning out things with all the rebuilding. The wave and hello from Samael gets him to look up and smile. "I am well enough, the mercies and physicians tell me. Apparently my new hair isn't as much of a fright as I had worried, but you'll forgive me some vanity in wearing the patch to conceal what is left of my eye if you don't mind." He swallows and tries to be chipper about it, "I see your brother remains popular."

Looking up at Michael, something he says catches her attention and she gapes. "Excuse me?" Joslyn asks. "Haze is good for the soul, let us be honest here. No nasty aftereffects like I get from alcohol." Sip. She rises and looks to Gabrial. "Duke Gabriel, I hope you've been well, sorry to have been but a fly on the wall for the entire gathering, but I've been feeling rather thoughtful lately, I enjoy people watching."

Sir Frances Flappington IV, an albino crow, 1 Grayson Guardsmen, Baron Archibald Chirpington, a Gyrfalcon arrive, following Aiden.

The younger of the Stonewood brothers moves in returning the nod towards Michael and looks to move to take a place to listen to the conversation. Graham does nod to his brother however. "Hello, brother." He looks over to Kenna and gives a friendly smile "Lady Kenna." greeting those near by to him or those he recognizes right away anyways.

Hearing about a Bisland get together the Northern lady felt inclined to attend. Once inside, following the announcement of her name and title, Signe appeared to be quite pleased with the provided niceties such as music and refreshments. Not knowing a single face wouldn't stop the young Shaman from acting as though she belonged here.

"Alright, alright," Samael says toward Joslyn with a small smile at her talk of haze. "Surely you jest, Knight of Pridehall," he says with a wink. He takes a sip of his wine. He regards Malesh and nods approvingly. "You look more distinguished, if I might say it. Is the eye no more, then? I'm sorry to hear that."

Aiden's mother is a Bisland, thereby he is a cousin of Bisland direct, of course he wouldn't miss out on the informal parties of the Bislanders! He heard about the gathering and while running late for it, arrives through the doors with a retinue of splendor - well, a few birds and a guardsmen. An albino crow sits on the crook of his arm and a gyrfalcon on his shoulder. The bird Prince has arrived. He looks around with a faint smile on his face, expression a little better than it has been in recent weeks.

Malesh starts making with the glad-handing the Bislands. "Thank you Samael, and yes Michael, I suppose it is Dashing. At least Ariel says so. I think it's rather... macabre. Still, I suppose it's a sign that I can do more than read and work ledgers." Having worked his way up the chain, Malesh then bows a little to Gabriel, grinning and making a polite reunion, "Duke Bisland, a pleasure to see you as always, and I am at your disposal should you need anything."

"It is good to be back, Lady Kenna," Gabriel says after taking a sip from his wine glass. He turns to look toward Michael and raises his brow. "Michael, is that so? Have you been craving some more father/son time?" he asks with a small smile. He turns toward Joslyn, then, ignoring the talk of haze. "I have been well, Lady Joslyn. Good to see you again. That is quite alright with me. I can understand somber and thoughtful." Then he sees Malesh. "Marquis Malesh," he says with a raise in his voice. "Good to see you. I agree, you look distinguished. Welcome to Bisland Manor. Great job representing the Crownlands the other day." The Duke spots Aiden almost immediately after he arrives and even before he is announced. "Aiden," he calls out. Just his name. He's calling him over, clearly.

Michael immediately glances askance towards Kenna Whitehawk. "I suppose you've just announced your troubles with hyperbole." His eyes narrow intently upon her, as if planning something in the future, but he'll glance back towards the gathering itself. Time to make a great escape!

"Not that I'm not happy to have you back in Arx, Father. Especially at present." Leadership challenges and...courtship negiotations. "I'm going to go find that wine of mine." He'll step from dias down to snag some wine from one of the servers, two wine glasses. And moves to intercept the newly arrived guest...Damnation. That bird is here. "You brought that fiend, Aiden? He'll scare the children. And the Princesses."

Valerius Thrax is dressed, trimmed, and ready for whatever the Bisland party might throw at him. Silk-laden and ready for the announcement that comes, the Prince enters the Great Hall with arms splayed wide and a bright, beaming smile on his face. It seems entrances of the sort suit him. But he doesn't let it overtake him, and with a snatch of a glass--or two--from a passing servant he immediately drains one and moves to make his way over towards Michael directly. "Cousin!" he starts with vivid enthusiasm, clearly unbothered by whether or not he's interrupting any previous conversation as he moves to drape his arm over the Bisland's shoulders, "I came as soon as I heard. To think I'll have the chance to see Uncle Gabriel. It's been--Gods, years, maybe?"

Joslyn laughs, eying Samael with a smirk. "Of course I jest," she smirks, giving him a little wink before turning her attention back to Gabriel. "It is good to see you again, I don't believe we've ever really had a good chance to get to know one another, but if there's anything I could do of service to you as a Knight of Pridehall, do not hesitate to call upon me. I wear your banner at the ready at all times." she smiles proudly, refilling her wine and sipping a little bit more.

Kenna touches her chest lightly with a mocking, 'who, me?!' gesture at Michael's retort. To Gabriel, "Really, it has been all he will speak of my Lord," A wink at the Bisland heir before Kenna begins drifting away. Graham gets a smile, "Lord Graham, how have things been? I do hope you have been enjoying yourself lately." There's an added whisper as Kenna makes her way out again, other plans calling her. Aiden gets a wiggle of her fingers and a smile that has true fondness behind it. It doesn't last for long though before Kenna takes herself to the doorway and out.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel leaves, following Kenna.

Aiden looks toward the singular call of his name, his mouth curling into a quick smile to note who it was calling him, before he schools his features and walks with a regal gait toward his uncle, Gabriel. It's not a gait that is slacking nor neither is it overly forward and fast. He approaches Gabriel and bows his head once arrived a few paces away, "Mine Uncle, ever good to see you again. It has been too long." He side glances to Michael with a raised brow, "He will not. He's perfectly polite when you know what you're doing. His name is Sir Frances-" he leaves off with a sudden remembrance that probably no one would really understand that. He clears his throat, "How are you, Uncle?" He smirks to Kenna sneaking out but hasn't the time to greet her properly!

Malesh thanks the Duke for his congratulations and then steps asside to let Gabriel move on to the next person in need of greeting. It gives him a moment to connect with his own brother. "Graham, good to see you again." Malesh must be very busy or very formal to address his brother like that, and he is, so it's not out of sorts for him. "I suppose you've heard from the staff about my hair, now you can see it in the flesh." he might have seen it at the boat race, to be fair, but Malesh can't be sure.

Michael shakes his head towards Aiden before striding to Signe and offering a glass of Lycean wine towards her. "Lady Signe Nightgold, right? I'm Lord Michael Bisland. Welcome to the manor."

Graham looks about to those gathered and those entering. He will nod in greeting, his usual typical friendly self comes with a smile in warm fashion. He turns back as he's spoken to nodding "Quit well, and um yes." He shifts his feet at the whispered words returning them though he looks back to those gathered and clears his throat looking back to his brother "I have indeed, though all is well brother, Lady Ariel still seems fond of you." He smirks regaining his composure.

"Yes, well," Gabriel says with a twinkle in his eye as he looks toward his son, hopefully before he runs off. "Don't be a stranger. We need to talk soon. Maybe tomorrow." He turns toward Valerius and gives his a look over and a smile. "Well you've filled out nicely, Valerius," he says with a small smile. "Good to see you again." He gives Aiden an appraising look, the birds too. "I am well, son," he says. "And you as well, I hope. I have been hearing great things about you. You and Michael. We ought to talk very soon."

The music was nice as were the provided drinks. Signe sniffs the air as the trays of sparkling wines and drinks pass right by her enroute to other waiting parties. On Michael's approach the young shaman smiles broadly, "Yes, and thank you." Accepting the glass the she then continues, "I've never seen you around the city before. Or outside."

As Michael runs away, Valerius turns his attention towards Gabriel more fully as he approaches. The glass of wine he holds it polished off with ready enthusiasm, and once it's passed off to someone with a tray passing by he approaches his Uncle and moves in an attempt to give the man an unabashed hug. "You think I've filled out? It's a pleasure to see you Uncle, you're looking as distinguished as ever," shifting back a few steps--hugless or not--he offers Aiden a hand in greeting, "It seems we share an Uncle, though I don't think we've met. Valerius Thrax, it's a pleasure."

Malesh blushes a little, looking down some. "Ariel is still fond of me yes. I'm lucky to have fallen for a woman from the Isles, she seems to appreciate it. Says I have some character to my face now." He shrugs it off, "It's incredibly frustrating, but at least I'm no longer in pain."

Samael stands next to Gabriel and is given a chance to greet Valerius too. He doesn't know Iona's family super well so he's struggling to place the face. "Have we met, Your Highness? If not, I'm Lord Samael Bisland. A pleasure to meet you," he says with the signature Samael smile. He looks toward Aiden and gives him that same smile. "Aiden," he says. "Good to see you again. How have you been holding up?"

Michael glances back towards the dias. "Well. For awhile, people were trying to kill me. But you know about that." Nightgold is a Redrain name. Stormwalls up in Redrain. "If you feel up to it, we can go get you introduced to some mostly fine people. I'm sure you can pick out who is irritating." Michael turns to offer an elbow to Signe if shes ready to go join the 'festivities'.

The birds were always part of Aiden Grayson. The gyrfalcon more so than the albino crow, but apparently the crow has made his mark and is staying too, perched on whatever he could of the Prince. It might be silly to some but, to his relatives, they knew one couldn't be far along without the other. Under the appraising look of his uncle, looks down naturally, not used to the praise so it takes a moment for his chin to rise up again, "Michael deserves the honors for his actions upon the field, but yes, I would like that, Uncle." He would like the time to talk at least. He looks to Valerius with a slight nod, "My mother is Gabriel's sister. If we met, we were all young kids then. Aiden Grayson," he provides with a hand moving out to shake. His shake isn't terribly strong but neither is it soft, somewhere between and mid-range.

Graham chuckles a little "I am simply giving you a hard time brother, it is my job as your young brother yes?" He comments to him though giving a more thoughtful look "I should speak to you some time at the manor, of a recent event, though it is not yet something to worry about." The young man will glance about a moment considering. "Hm I had actually hoped perhaps to sparr this evening in the memorial." He adds to his brother though those close enough may hear easy enough.

Joslyn smiles towards Malesh and raises her glass. "We need to do something together sometime," Joslyn says. "Really. I often feel like we don't ever just sit down, and after I wasted so much of your time, I feel like I need to make up for it," she chuckles.

"Their failure is my fortune." Signe happily expresses before her arm links with his and she steals a quick drink from her glass. "Mostly fine? I am sure they cannot be that bad Lord Bisland. Interesting maybe." She'll walk along side him to join the others.

Aiden turns to regard Samael, moving up a step to give Samael a big hug... if allowed! If not, then well, it'll just be an awkward moment that Aiden can live with. He gets away with most of those. "Well enough Uncle Sam," he nods, "I've been incredibly busy since the assembly. Yourself? Are you well?"

"A spar," Gabriel chimes in with a new interest in Graham. "A fine idea, Lord Graham." He nods his head approvingly. "Good to see you again. You look well." He turns back to his nephews. "Thank you, Valerius," he says with a small raise of his brow as he accepts the hug. Quite. "Let's schedule something, Aiden. We can sit down and have a drink," he says after pulling away from the hug.

Malesh isn't drinking, but he raises a hand in a friendly hello to Joslyn. "Don't think anything of it." He says, shaking his head, "Lady Joslyn i may not see you, but I see the work that you do, and what you bring to the House. Don't ever feel like you're wasting my time. I'd be lost without you right where you are."

"I can't say we have!" Valerius offers back to Samael with a bow of his head, the attention immediately followed by an attempt to snag another glass of wine from a nearby tray, "But it is a pleasure. I've been quite fond of the Bislands I've met, and I don't anticipate that changing with this meeting." With that he turns his attention back to Gabriel, the wine he holds in one hand swirled a bit in between sips, "It'd be quite the shame if I didn't ask, Uncle, how is Aunt Iona doing? Well, I hope? As lovely as ever? I haven't had the chance to see her or Lailah in quite some time."

Aiden also did offer Gabriel a hug, because well, that's how he rolls. "I look forward to it," he steps out of the way and slides up near to where Samael is, because a hug also went in that general direction.

Samael wraps his arms around Aiden. It is nephew hugging time. He pulls away from the hug and keeps his hands on the Prince's shoulders, careful of those birds. "I am well," he says. "I'm always busy. We have some interesting things going on at the Faith along the lines of our Scholar expedition. We should sit down and discuss both of those things, too."

Signe is led by Michael to the dias, and a foot plants upon the lower step. "My father, Duke Gabriel Bisland, Voice of the King. Lord Samael Bisland, Voice of Pridehall and Magistrate something." Close enough! "Marquis Malesh Stonewood. Prince Aiden Grayson." Hes given up now on long titles, and takes a deep breath. "Lady Peri Seliki, Beauty of Pearlspire. Lady Joslyn Stonewood. Lord Graham Stonewood, and..." Michael peers at Valerius for a few seconds. "Prince Valerius Thrax. A cousin of mine, I do believe." Right, someone shouted his name.

"This is Lady Signe Nightgold."

Joslyn blushes then at Malesh's praise and sips more wine before nodding. "You've given me so much, it's the least I can do," she says. "I hope that I can find a political match worth your time soon, I want to do right by our house," she smiles. Michael is then saying her name and she blinks. "Oh, hello?" she looks to Valerius. "Oh! It's a pleasure!" she smiles.

"She is well," Gabriel confirms with a nod toward Valerius after accepting the hug from Aiden. We're setting a dangerous precedent here. "They have been very busy in Pridehall. I'm hoping they'll join us in Arx soon." He turns toward Signe as she is introduced to him a second time. His brow raises at his son's haphazard introduction. Does he disapprove? "Good to see you, Lady Signe. Welcome to Bisland Manor," he says.

Birds are smart, they get out of the way! Archibald just sort of leanssss back, the crow launches upward, then comes back down when it's time to perch again. Neither bird will lash out for the hand, in fact, they both sort of crowd to one side where Samael's hand isn't. They adjust, in a comical way. "Yes, I'm aware. I've been in contact with Father Orazio," his sterling silver eyes note to Samael, "Not to mention we've had some reshuffling in the other expedition. It's provided a relief to keep my mind busy." He looks up and waves to Signe, before lowering his voice and murmuring to Samael.

Aiden ^

Samael returns a soft word to Aiden.

"Excellent," Valerius offers back, his head dipping down towards Gabriel thankfully before his attention is stolen away by the introduction. "You believe," he repeats following Michael's words, amusement audible in his voice just as it plays at the corners of his lips. Even so, he turns his attention to Signe more fully, presses his free hand against his chest, and bows his head towards her in greeting, "Valerius Thrax, as was said. I know your brother, and knew your cousin. The Nightgolds are a good family, it's my pleasure."

Signes following the chain of introductions with her half full wine glass, raised to each figure as they're called. "That's quite a few honorifics. You have more titles than I have of attire." She laughs genuinely at her own amusement. "Oh what lovely creatures!" Signe's unable to hold back her excitement of the birds, sure there were people to greet but the feathered companions gained most of her attention, only to look up at Michael and mention, "Don't the birds deserve introduction as well?"

Samael brows raise at what Aiden says and he gives him an impressed look.

Malesh grins and nods as Signe gets introduced around. "A pleasure to meet you." he says, being polite and all. He moves a hand to adjust his eyepatch, not at all used to it yet. People are making introductions and all that, so he moves on to finally get himself something to drink.

Aiden considers his uncle with a small smile at the look he earns, leaning in to murmur something further. While he whispers, his eyes turn toward Signe when he catches the matter of introducing birds, a mischievous grin growing on his face when his eyes land on Michael thereafter. "They do, I'm in agreement that surely they do. Michael, you've done great thus far with the introductions. Would you?"

Samael thinks for a moment at what Aiden says and then shakes his head. "We definitely need to talk soon," he says a little louder. He turns toward Gabriel and taps him on the shoulder. "But for now, I think we have something to attend to, right?" he says to him.

Joslyn eyes Samael curiously as everybody seems to be getting ready to depart and she gives him a smile. "It was good seeing you again all the same. Far too long between visits."

Gabriel turns toward the tap on his shoulder and then nods his head. "Yes, yes," he confirms. "Thank you for coming everyone," he calls out over the get-together. I look forward to seeing you all again soon," says as convincingly as he can.

Now that his chance to greet his family is complete, Valerius turns his attention away from the others gathered and focuses for a few moments on the wine that's available. He readily downs a few glasses, pauses to collect himself, and with a shift towards Michael and a pat on the other man's back he moves out and away from the Great Hall, continuing back the way he came.

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