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A Grand Garden Party

You are formally invited to the official opening of the new gardens at Tyde Tower. Duchess Margot Tyde humbly requests your presence to celebrate this new addition to the Tower. Come for food, drinks, conversations and games. There will be a model ship race so get yourself a small version of your favorite ship or imagine a new one and put your skills to the test! Also....prettiest ship will earn a prize as well. Are you ready? We are!


April 13, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Catalana Margot


Enyo Sina Islin Alarissa Denica Victus Amari Lethe



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Tyde Tower - Walled Garden

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Stojan, the assistant, 4 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

Alarissa's making her way in, Genaile in her wake with Astrid, the majority of the retinue left outside. "Duchess, which is now your sacred place? THe library or your garden?" She inquires, moving over to press her lips to the other woman's cheek and a smile for the others present.

Islin comes swaggering into the garden with a subtle spring to his step and an easy confidence and grace to his movements. In one hand he carries a small yet rather fancy looking model ship. Pausing near Margot he bows low and offers a warm grin. "Hello and good evening. Thank you for hosting." And then he moves further in, looking about for people to mingle with.

12 Thrax Elite Guards, Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Maimed Maine Coon arrive, following Victus.

2 Kennex corsairs, Chief Rin Redreef arrive, following Catalana.


Margot waves a hand to motion about, "I suppose for the summer it might be out here but in the winter indoors by the fire?" She smiles to Alarissa and lifts a hand to wriggle her fingers to Astrid. She nods to Islin, "Welcome my lord to Tyde's gardens, be comfortable."

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Amari.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana puts a small wooden model ship in small iron-banded chest.

Catalana drops small iron-banded chest.

Islin drops The Lucky Coin, a sleek model ship.

Catalana has joined the a large blue hammock between two trees.

"Some day I'll get my own garden" But bidden to go enjoy herself, alarissa does that, looking over her shoulder to see if her husband followed in or not.

Catalana was just waddling herself in, Rin toting along that chest in and setting it down by the pool. Exhaling softly, she slowly made her way to Margot, leaning over to murmur softly.

There's a quick look around, then Enyo moves towards some of the treats out on the trays, looking through what is on offer before she selects a few, then picks up a drink and moves off to find herself a place to sit.

Enyo has joined the a stone bench with baby blue cushions.

Margot smiles to Catalana and pats her arms lightly, "My lady, it's no worry at all, what a wonderful turn out today." She pauses and smiles when the nurse arrives or rather is dragged in by the toddling, blond Lady Victoria and her ever present stuffed shark.

Victus is a bit late to the party, but nonetheless he's here! He's looking a little fatigue but then again, such is the weight of burden. Once he's hit by the fresh air and good company of the gardens though, his attitude seems to change. Just a little burst of energy that's been renewed. Hobbling alongside him was Lilybelle, the controversial figure of late with her golden badge still locked in her teeth. "Still smells good here. Huh. Thought it would've been a little smokier."

Amari arrives by her lonesome, unless she's simply outpaced a date and left them lost somewhere in the Ward of Thrax, calling for help. There's no faint cries of that sort to be heard, so she's definitely solo. She has a small, fragile paper ship with her, held gingerly so that she might not accidentally crush the hull or drop it. There's a vague, but polite smile for everyone but her eyes pick out a familiar person in the near distance and so moves to join Enyo. "Lady Enyo. How are you?"

Lethe takes a long look around once she arrives. She smiles as she looks to the others here.

Islin finds a place to set his little ship down and selects a strawberry filled tart from the large array of treats. He seats himself at a table, the colorful looking little ship sitting next to him as he takes small bites of his treat savoring it with a look of delight. His eyes scan the crowds blue orbs observing those around him curiously.

"Lady Amari!" Enyo calls in return, lifting her hand to wave towards her before she gestures towards the bench next to her, "Join me?" She wonders, reaching over to pat the cushion next to her. "That dress looks fabulous on you, by the way!"

Margot nods to Victus as she plucks up Victoria, "Your Grace, welcome." She smiles lightly and nuzzles Victoria's cheek. "Are you going to beat Princess Astrid at the boat race?"

Denica moves into the gardens, a curious glance all around. She seems to have been running late, and the tell-tale signs of paint on her fingers might point to a possible reason why. Spotting Lady Amari, Denica waves towards the other woman and moves to join her, grinning a bit towards her. "Hey there! Sorry I'm late, I got a little absorbed," she confesses. "How are you?"

"You have the presumption that Astrid will know what to do?" The little girl afer all is only 9 months old. Barely standing. She's more eager to actually crawl right now and is doing just that, bolting off at an alarming pace right for that body of water. "Victus. She's doing it again." Alarissa calls over.

Standing next to Margot, Catalana smiles brightly as she waves to those coming in. Little Lady Cerilla was being tugged along by a nurse....though she seemed less than enthused by the party.....until she saw the water. Looking to Margot she smiles warmly. "If you'd like to say some thing first.....please. And then I can start the boat party...."

"Oh, thank you. You're so shiny." Amari grins at the other woman after stepping back to take in her outfit and jewelry, especially, "You have amazing taste." She hasn't quite got around to sitting, but that's just as well, because Denica appears alongside. A curtsey is intimated with a bend of knee and respect dip of her head, then she's all smiles, "Princess Denica Thrax, I'd like you to meet another new friend of mine, Baroness Enyo Gilden. Shall we all sit together?"

Lethe has joined the a stone bench with sky blue cushions.

"Thank you!" Enyo replies, glancing down at her dress, arms spreading a bit as she shifts to show it off, "I've not gotten a chance to wear it much, but I adore it." She then glances at Denica when introduced, offering her a smile as well, "Hello, pleasure to meet you as well."

Margot looks over those who have gathered about and shifts Victoria on her hip. The lady clears her throat, "Good afternoon everyone, thank you for coming, and for joining us in opening the beautiful garden. Though it would not exist at all were it not without the aid of Lady Catalana Kennex who designed it and over saw it's construction."

"Now don't make me god pickin' favorites of kiddos. That ain't gonna be a fair fight." Victus muses over to Margot as he steps deeper into the gardens, a hand resting upon his side while the other lazily dangles. "But I think we'd know tha- What?" The Prince of Thrax whirls around to look to his wife, then back at his daughter. "Goddamn it girl, do you not know the meaning of 'drowning' yet?" He takes some hurried steps himself and throws his arms around Astrid, hoisting her up onto his shoulder.

Margot is overheard praising Catalana for: The guarden designer.

"It's a pleasure," Denica says as she's introduced to Enyo. "Baroness Enyo Gilden? So, how is it you're able to maintain order in a house that's shared with Lady Isabetta?" she wonders with a little glint in her eye. She looks over the room, and she waves for a few moments to Alarissa, Margot and Catalana. "Oh!" she looks as Astrid seems to be charging the water and she moves to intercept. "Hey, you!" Over her shoulder to Amari and Enyo she giggles. "I'll be with you in a moment!"

Looking to Margot she blushes and chuckles a bit. "You're too kind....." The very pregnant Lady Kennex looks to those gathered. "Thank you all for coming. Forgive me for not getting around more I'm slowly making my rounds." Her blue eyes look around and she chuckles a bit. "I'm happy to have designed such a space for Duchess Margot and hope that it's enjoyed by all who come to visit. But of course....a game. I hope you all brought boats! If not....take one from the chest that is also the party favors. If you wish....get a snack and a drink and then we'll get started."

Margot gets a small wooden model ship from small iron-banded chest.

Vald arrives, following Sina.

Margot nods to Catalana and carries Victoria over to the chest to pick up one of the little ships and hands it to Victoria who looks confused, trying to decide if she should give up her shark or clinging to mom's shoulder. Mom loses to take the wooden boat.

Islin watches the little girl move towards the water with a slight widening of his eyes. He looks like he is about to get up and intercept but then others move to do the same and he relaxes finsihing his treat and looking to the model ship he brought with a smile. A warm smile is on his face as he picks up said ship and moves over towards one group of people seemingly at random. "I don't beleive I have had the pleasure of meeting any of you yet? I am Lord Islin Harthall." He bows his head respectfully smiling faintly yet warmly.

Islin picks up The Lucky Coin, a sleek model ship.

Catalana has left the a large blue hammock between two trees.

2 Kennex corsairs, Chief Rin Redreef leave, following Catalana.

Amari gets wide eyed, but when it seems there's plenty of people already running to wrangle Astrid before she can take a plunge, she smiles sidelong at Enyo and sits down next to her. She's especially careful, mostly to avoid making the paper ship she brought with her any more of a disaster. Clearly the Keatons are a landlocked people, if that's their idea of a boat. "Is Lady Isabetta very..." She searches for a suitable word as she's asking the question, "Formidable?" Then she quiets to listen to Margot and Catalana.

Amari has joined the a stone bench with baby blue cushions.

"I doubt she'll ever comprehend that." As Victus hoists Astrid up and Denica ensures that there's no sopping baby. "Go back to your friends." SHe murmurs to Denica. "Enjoy yourself. You can take her for a spin in Navegants springs later." Not wanting to deny the younger Thrax some socializing.

Enyo's brows lift a bit at Denica's question, but she holds the response when the princess heads off. Instead she turns her attention towards Amari, voice lowering to respond to her question.

Sina makes her way on over to Tyde Tower and the new gardens, arriving somewhat late. Still, when she does finally step into the magnificent gardens, she pauses for a long moment, simply to stare around at the sheer beauty of it all. She clasps her hands before her, a delighted smile touching her lips as her silvery gaze tracks over the landscaping and the artistic arrangements.

Lethe stands to take a ship and looks to Islin. "Hi I am Lady Lethe Tyde. I do hope you are enjoying yourself."

2 Kennex corsairs, Chief Rin Redreef arrive, following Catalana.

"A pleasure Lady Lethe and indeed I am. I'm looking forward to this boat race quite a bit." Islin replies warmly with a charming grin.

Victus now with struggling babe in his arm, slowly meanders his way over the body of water. Safer. Though Astrid seems to have different intentions as she kicks and thrashes against her father's grip with some familiar ferocity. "Yeah, try this again in ten years kiddo." The High Lord rolls his eyes, taking a seat beside the water and holding Astrid by her waist as she hobbled closer. Eventually, splashing began to ensue.

Margot straightens and looks over everyon, offering Sina a faint smile, "Welcome." She pauses and considers Victus with a laugh, "She wants to be in the water it seems."

"Alright everyone! Who's racing?" Making her way over slowly to the pool of water, Cerilla clinging to her dress of course, and smiles. "If you are....get your boat in the water! Don't have one? Don't forget to take one from the chest as your gift or to race with!"

Margot gets down carefully, making a point of being dainty while moving to the ground near the edge of the water. She hands the little wooden ship to Victoria. "Alright, Sharkie has to stay on land but you can put that in the water. Shall we call it The Dove after mommy's boat?"

Islin smiles to Lethe. "Wish me luck My Lady?" He asks with a bright smile. Then he turns and moves towards the water. Gently he places his rather ornate looking model into the water and observes it carefully.

Islin drops The Lucky Coin, a sleek model ship.

Denica smiles brightly towards Alarissa, giving her a little nod. "Thanks, I'd love to take her out soon," she says, smiling to the child and Alarissa in turn. "Enjoy yourself, I'll see you soon of course," she beams, waving back to Margot as she move once more to rejoin Amari and Enjoy. "So, where are we sitting?" she asks, cheerfully.

Alarissa gets a small wooden model ship from small iron-banded chest.

Lethe smiles as she speaks to Islin. "It should be a good race. Good luck."

Victus picks up The Lucky Coin, a sleek model ship.

Victus drops The Lucky Coin, a sleek model ship.

Victus gets a small wooden model ship from small iron-banded chest.

Amari drops A fragile paper boat with green sail.

Sina's attention finally focuses on the people present, and as Margot bids her welcome, the handmaiden offers a deep curtsey to the Duchess. "My lady," she greets pleasantly. She smiles warmly. "The gardens are lovely." She makes her way a little closer, angling toward the places where people are getting boats, moving to Alarissa's side, in case she is needed.

Denica gets a small wooden model ship from small iron-banded chest.

"Oh, it's time for boat racing already. I'll tell you after." Amari laughs softly as the timing allows her to dodge the Gilden's question. "Wish this poor tragedy luck." She adds, before standing and lifting her fragile paper ship up to present to Denica. Ta da. "Here on the bench, but first I'm going to launch this. I'll be right back." And off she goes, joining the others with their much sturdier vessels at the water's edge. Getting her ship upright and floating is challenging, but the Keaton lawyer persists, eyes narrowed and lips pressed into a grim line.

Sina gets a small wooden model ship from small iron-banded chest.

"She can't swim. Contrary to Thrax traditions, I ain't throwin' a 9 month old in the deep end." Victus barks back to Margot while he's getting bombarded with waves on waves of water. "... Not till she's older, anyway." He's eventually forced to drag the child away for precious few seconds of splashing time while he grabs a makeshift boat of his own. "Put this in the water." Astrid stares at it. "Put it in the-" And she proceeds to throw it at her father with a growl, before returning to the edge of the water.

"Good luck little ship!" Enyo seems to be fully ready to wish the little paper ship on it's way, and not at all worried about the questions being dodged. She then turns her attention towards Denica, "What was that about Lady Isabetta?"

"Gods, did they.... Talen taught her to growl?" Alarissa's staring in horror at her daughter who's throwing the boat. "Oh I am telling Eleyna on him." Taking up the thrown boat from Victus, Alarissa's getting in position for both boats to be placed in the water when indicated.

Denica giggles, grabbing one of the boats and nodding to Amari. "I think I'll give it a try as well," she says, smiling a moment towards Amari as she launches a boat that she certainly did not make herself. She moves to join them and looks back to Enyo curiously. "Well you know, she thrives on chaos, so I imagine she keeps things rather lively in the house. Did she ever confess to the horse desk?" Denica muses.

Margot grins over to Denica and waves before she helps Victoria with her little boat. She shakes her head a bit to Victus, "Oh babies know how to swim on their own someone told me." She hasn't tried yet apparently as she seems to be keeping a hand on the little girl to keep her from falling in the water.

Margot checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Amari checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Alarissa checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Victus checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

"Does she? She's always seemed rather quiet and contained when I've been around her." Enyo replies with a shrug of her shoulders, "If she causes any chaos in the house I'm certain that it gets dealt with very quickly, but it's not my house. So I've nothing to do with keeping any chaos under control, I'm afraid. But, what is the horse desk?" She flashes a smile a moment after, shaking her head, "Anyways, I guess it doesn't much matter who the horse desk is."

Islin checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Denica checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Sina picks up a boat, and moves to put it in the water at the last minute, joining the race. She stands back then, after carefully setting it on the water.

Sina checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

"You may only be the wife of the Baron, but it is your house!" Denica smiles. "I won't speak for responsibility, but don't feel like you have no say. You're a voice, so you speak with all the authority of the house, don't forget that," she lets that bit of encouraging seriousness out of the way and moves to join the racers, and off they go! And... Well she's at least ahead of Amari so far! "The horse desk," she says to Enyo, "Was a saddle and a desk combined and left in Baron Stefano's room so he can ride and work at the same time. It was a prank, but he started using it so... not sure it worked or not," she shrugs, giggling a little and regarding Amari. "I really have no idea what I'm doing."

Oh, gods. It's off to a very bad start for the little green sailed Keaton vessel. It veers off course almost immediately and is nearly run under the bow of Denica's ship but luckily, is only turned away after a gentle collision with the wooden hull. Amari looks on in concern and slight horror. "Go, go, little boat. You can do it." She murmurs encouragingly, completely invested now, and despite it looking hopeless she can't tear herself away from the water's edge. It's the explanation of the horse desk that has her look back to Enyo and Denica, mildly confused, but there's a small laugh from her too, "I really don't know either. I thought it would sail better, but it's already listing."

Alarissa's crouched by the water beside Victus and Astrid, a glance to Victoria and her boat then back to her own,w atching it surge a little.

Margot checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Amari checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

"See, that is where you are is Her Graces house, not mind." Enyo replies, hands lifting up to mime walls to indicate that she means literal house, not family house. "So really, any chaos is not really mine to stomp out. As for the desk? It doesn't seem to be in the room any more." She glances towards the racing little boats, lifting up her fingers to her mouth, whistling loudly, "Go little paper ship!"

Denica checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Islin watches his boat with a grin on his lips as it takes off with a decent amount of speed. Its not in front but is not the slowest either. It sails along at a moderate pace cutting through the waters with relative ease.

Islin checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Victus checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Margot knows how to pilot a boat it would seem, she grinss and nudge Victoria, "Look, your ship's beeting the THrax ships Victoria!" She encourages.... "Tell your little sailors where to go." The toddler realizes that Victus' ship though is greatly over taking hers thrusts the sharky stuffy at him with a "GRRRRR!"

Alarissa checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Sina checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

A particularly violent wave seems to find its way to Denica's boat, nearly causing it to flip over, and Denica screams. "Oh no!" she squeaks, giggling still, even as Amari's boat nearly runs her own ship over in return. "Go the other way!" she shouts, hoping maybe the boat might listen. It doesn't. She grins a bit to Amari. "I just picked the first one I saw... I don't think it's doing too well." she says, biting her lip and looking for a second back to Enyo. "Well, it was a long time ago, back when Isa and I used to spend a lot of time together. I do need to invite her over again soon."

Victus seems to get some second wind as his little ship starts rocketing ahead! Astrid seems a bit less enthused about the boat than she is about the water itself, splashing about with her little mitts. Though when the shark is thrust toward him, his cocky grin vanishes. "Oh damn, I ain't trained to fight something that small." Victus' own daughter seems to realize that there's another toddler growling. This incentives her to defend her parentage, flapping her arms and growling right back. Growl-off!

Sina's boat miraculously manages to stay afloat, so she stays hovering near the pool, smiling a little to herself. She glances around at the others to see how they are faring, and then she looks back at hers. "Come on, little ship!" She hasn't named it. Or maybe she's named it Little Ship. It's hard to say.

Alarissa has rolled a critical success!
Alarissa checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 97 higher.

Margot checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Amari checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Denica checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Victus has rolled a critical success!
Victus checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 82 higher.

Islin checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Margot's boat is taking on water and slowing down, lets blame it on the 'captain' who is too busy waggling her shark in Astrid's face to be directing her 'navy'. Margot is actually laughing a bit, reaching over to straighten Victoria's dour and proper little dress. "OH darling it appears the Thrax fleet has over taken us."

Sina checked command + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

The thrax fleet has overtaken, as Alarissa's ship for some reason - maybe it caught a good wind? - has surged forward. Whether it will overtake Victus' well, who knows, but alarissa's looking to the other ships to see how they are faring.

Sina's ship continues to sail forward, and while it doesn't do as spectacularly as some, it's still afloat. The handmaiden sees Alarissa and Victus' boats shooting on ahead, and she gives a soft little chuckle. "Why am I not surprised?" she murmurs. "It seems the Thrax dynasty is skilled even in the sailing tiny paper boats," she says, beaming to the High Lord and Alarissa boldly.

"Aah, yes. You should. I'm sure that she'd adore hearing from an old friend." Enyo replies, the words spoken with her attention mostly still focused on the race, standing so that she can get a better look at who is winning.

Amari watches as every other ship zooms away and hers has barely left the starting line, or rather it did, but did a rough circle and ended up going the wrong way. Now it's taking on water at the start, so she kneels down and reaches out to pluck the poor thing from the pool by the top of the mast before it can sink. She sighs dramatically once she's up again, but it's entirely facetious. She's smiling right after. "That was a poor showing. I should have got Jaerith's help with this, but I was determined and he was probably drunk anyway." She says apologetically to Denica, before cradling her faulty boat and returning to the bench to stand next to Enyo and watch the Thrax ships dominate to the finish line. "That was fun."

"Even tiny paper is a competition at sea." Victus snickers, though his fierce grin is certainly in that competitive nature. Nevermind the fact that Astrid was having her first 'throw-down' with another toddler, growling and snarling between being attacked by a fluffy stuffed shark. These things were just perfectly normal after all. "Ahhh. See that little boat go? I chose a good woman to marry."

Watching carefully the pregnant Kennex will keep her eyes on the ships, walking down the length of the pool slowly. Smiling brightly she chuckles and raises a hand. "And it seems High Lord Victus wins!!!" A mischievous smile pulls at her lips as she waddles back over to Rin to retrieve a small box. "Thank you Rin." Looking over to Victus she makes her way over the Thrax prince and smiles. "Not sure if it will match anything of yours might gift it to someone." A wink as she then moves away once he takes it.

Catalana gets a multi-strand necklace of smoothed raw emeralds and diamond blooms along the inside from Velvet Lined Wooden Gift Box.

Margot claps for Victus though she is distracted by the two children. "Ohhhh Catalana that is beautiful." She winks over to Alarissa who hopefully will be the recipiant of the prize.

Lethe eagerly watches the race. She claps toward the end. "That was really great." She smiles and looks to Victus. "Congratulations." She looks around once more and heads back to the main hall.

Lethe has left the a stone bench with sky blue cushions.

Carlo arrives, delivering a message to Enyo before departing.

Denica gathers her own boat that's languishing beside Amari's and she can't help but laugh. "I don't think I'm ready to be a sailor yet," she says with a little sad chuckle. "Gods," she says, looking around and glancing to Enyo and Amari as she settles herself down. "It was fun! What's next?" she wonders.

Alarissa's boat loses to Victus, a roll of her eyes as she reaches over to seperate man from child and draw Astrid away from the little fight brewing. "Come on, we will go get something to eat. was that fun?" Catching Margot wink and looking suitably impressed at the prize. "Lady Catalana, that is lovely, I am impressed." But she's slipping off toward Denica and Enyo. "Hello good ladies, we're oing for food, do you want to join us?" This extended to Amari as well.

Victus throws his arms up in the air with an almost feral cheer as he's declared the winner. It seems to dawn on him only after the fact that he won a paper boat race, not the mightiest sailor in the Compact competition. As such he tones it way, /way/ done when the prize is presented, grasping the necklace and turning it in his hand. "Ooh. That's fucking shiny." High praise. "But it won't look as pretty on me, huh?" His eyes dart over to his own family still present. Wife, cousin, daughter... DECISIONS.

Meanwhile, Astrid seems to have struck some kind of bond with Victoria. Now she was more hard-pressed to have a go at squeezing the shark plush herself rather than constantly flail over it.

Sina joins in the applause, smiling appreciatively at the prize. Then she moves to collects her own little boat once the race has ended, and sets it out to dry somewhere. The slender handmaiden moves off then, glancing about somewhat curiously, smiling fondly briefly at the children.

Amari applauds softly for the winner and tilts her head to the side a little as she tries to see through the small box that Catalana presents to the Thrax prince. She's curious like that, but there's talk from her friends so she retakes her place on the bench and her ship, once she's shook the water off, finds a place on the ground at her feet. A sailor she is not, but she's still happy enough, "Me either, it was fun though. Thank you, Enyo." There's a glimpse of the necklace that makes her eyebrows pop up appreciatively, and then Alarissa extends an invitation. "Your Highness." She says, lowering her head politely as she does. Her mouth opens, but she looks to Enyo and Denica and will obviously go with whatever they decide.

"Thank you, but I am almost certain that I should politely decline." Enyo replies to the invitation, her smile turning a little wider before she slants a look towards Amari, then Denica, letting them make their own choices on coming or going.

Margot collects Victoria's boat, distracting her from her battle with Astrid with it before she straightens up, smoothing her deep umbra gown back to it's polite drape over her legs. "Wonderful. Well there are drinks about if anyone should like some now that the battle has ended."

"I'd love to," Denica says to Alarissa, rising from her seat once more and looking to Amari, giving her a little nod, along with Enyo. "I am absolutely famished," she says. She gives Enyo a nod. "Well in that case it was a pleasure meeting you," she says. "Up to you if you want to come or not, Lady Amari," Denica smiles to the other Lady. "But either way this was a lot of fun!"

Looking to Alarissa she smiles and chuckles. "Isn't it? I saw it and almost bought it for myself but that's not what I was shopping for. I think that was far too extravagant to me...." Chuckling a bit she pushes some of her long blonde hair out of her face. Exhaling a bit looks to Victus with a chuckle then nods then. "Someone will be lucky...." At that she looks to Margot and sighs a bit. "Well...that was fun...." Catalana waddles over closer to Margot, Lady Cerilla in tow.

Victus begins a quick game of "Eenie, meanie, minie, moe" between the trio of women. His finger a blur for a moment as the gears in his head turn at such application. Eventually his hand settles on Denica, after a few 'catch a tigers' and 'my mother said's. He walks over to his cousin and places the bit of jewelry in her hand. "Here. Welcome home gift we'll call it. It's shiny." With a grunt and a nod, he takes a step back to collect his daughter. Her battle was not won nor lost, but she did look fatigued from it all. When he lifts her up, she practically folds against his shoulder.

Amari looks between Enyo and Denica mostly, but there's a look to Alarissa as well. She's definitely torn and considering, but does her thinking as quickly as possible. "I would be honored." She decides. The little paper ship is collected, and she leans over to Enyo with a warm smile, "We'll have to have meet again soon, Lady Enyo. There's a party at Keaton Hall coming up?"

That Victus gives the prize to Denica brings about a wider smile. "It will look very good on you Princess Denica." Not seeming to be in the least bt put out. Alarissa passes back over Astrid, then to Enyo. "Are you sure Baroness? We're just going over to the tables for food, we are not leaving. You are more than welcoem, I don't want to leave you alone as it seems..." A glance to Denica and Amari. "I am inadvertantly stealing your companions. I can have the food brought here?"

Denica widens her eyes as she accepts the necklace from Victus. "Oh! This is beautiful," she says, biting her lip and giggling. "I guess I won after all," she grins, moving over to Victus and shamelessly giving him a hug. "It's so good to be back, cousin," she says. She looks to Alarissa and the mention of where the food is being brought, and as that's being considered, she bunches up her hair. "Could somebody give me a hand with it?" she asks, holding up the necklace.

"Is there? I shall endeavor to come to the party, then." Enyo replies, inclining her head to Alarissa, "Your Highness, congratulations on Thrax's win this evening." She has NO idea whose actual ship won, but she just assumes it was Thrax. The clarifications of locations of food cause her to laugh, and the treats she picked up earlier are held up, "I'm a step ahead there, Your Highness. I just got terribly distracted by the race before eating. I can trail along for a little while if everyone insists."

Margot smiles to the women, "Well thank you all for coming, when the weather warms you're all welcome to enjoy the pool." For the northern duchess it is already too damnedably hot.

"You should!" Amari insists of the baroness, before looking to the assembled Thrax and smiling, "You're all invited, of course. If you should have the time. There'll be activities for the children, I hear." She wrinkles her nose up, looking slightly embarrassed, as she draws a blank on much beyond that, "I'm a little fuzzy on the details to be honest. It's something the Countess is planning." That said, she rises, to move to the other table, eventually. "We can move, it's no trouble, Your Highness." If nobody else jumps in, she'll help Denica with the necklace too, or at least comment on it in a murmur, "That's beautiful. It suits you."

"Thank you for having us." Amari also makes sure to say to Margot. "The garden is absolutely wonderful."

"When is the Reigna never planning. Or Kael clucking over her." Alarissa will walk with the small group toward the food once Denica's done getting that necklace on, alarissa reaching out to adjust it. "So lovely. Indeed, welcome home. Lets enjoy this lovely garden.

Denica smiles, murmuring a thanks to Amari. "Thank you," she smiles then to Alarissa, as she adjusts it properly. "I've missed you all. Next time I go away, I'll try to plan it around one of your trips," she smiles, moving with the group to where the food is waiting and she eagerly begins eyeing the table. "This is a lovely garden, and we should go swimming again soon," she considers.

Vald leaves, following Sina.

"Sounds like a wonderful party. You should come to the one the Velenosa are hosting." Enyo suggests, trailing along with the others as they move towards the tables of food, pausing to add for the hosts, "Wonderful race!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Catalana before departing.

Carlo arrives, delivering a message to Enyo before departing.

"If you go, ask the ArchDuchess for butterflies." Alarissa quips with a smile. "It's lovely, really."

Chief Rin Redreef have been dismissed.

2 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

Amari makes sure the new necklace is well and surely clasped before stepping out from behind Denica, and laughing a bit at what Alarissa has said, "I'd say when they're sleeping, but I can't be certain." She lags there a beat or two, to fall in with Enyo as she moves towards the banquet spread. It's as if she's making sure the baroness is not left behind, or doesn't manages to escape when she's not looking. Her paper ship is brought along, held gingerly by the mast, even if it's really not worthy of salvage now. There's a look to the hosts too, and little wave to Catalana, and a cryptic-ish, "I haven't forgotten."

Catalana gives a wave with a smile then. "Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoyed yourselves." Her free hand moving to her belly she tilts her head then smiles. A playful wink to Amari and she looks to Margot. "Do you wish for me to see everything is cleaned up? Save the extra for parties I'm sure you'll have in the future..."

"Butterflies?" Enyo wonders, not seeming to know the secret ways of the butterflies. Even without Amari's vigilance, she doesn't seem to be ready to run away just yet. Although, there is a bit of an amused look when Amari moves to fall into step with her, "I haven't forgotten you didn't answer my question earlier."

"Catalana, you need to leave the cleaning up to the servants and come join us. I swear, if I see you lift something, I will have Victus pick you up and throw you on a couch." Alarissa points out to her cousin by marriage. "Butterflies. Just, trust me on this. Butterflies. I only remember seeing butterflies. and cake. Oh that cake was delicious."

"Thank you for inviting me!" She offers, with a smile to Catalana and to Margot. She loads up some of the food onto her plate, though they are rather small portions, she seems satisfied with what she has. She turns to Alarissa, taking a small bite before asking. "Where were the butterflies?" she wonders. "That sounds like a rather nice way to spend an evening."

Thinking fast, Amari gives a mostly plausible answer to the baroness, after a quick answering smile to Catalana, "It was just such a broad question demanding a lot of consideration, Lady Enyo. I didn't want to give you some shallow, thoughtless answer that wouldn't satisfy you at all. I owe you much more than that." Solemn nod and case closed. She neatly goes with the butterfly topic after that, eyebrow up, "The Archduchess has butterflies? Like, a collection?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if she did." Enyo replies with a shrug, that amused smile teasing at the corners of her lips as she reaches for another treat off the tables, popping it into her mouth. She lifts a finger at Amari, wiggling it in the air as though the motion conveys the thoughts in her mind that her mouth can't speak due to being busy nomming food.

"In fact, there were no actual butterflies. Something was slipped into I suspect my drink? Maybe my food? Something. But it was a relaxing evening none the less, I saw an endless abunance of butterflies and the best sleep of my life that night. Hence, ask if you can sample the butterflies, if you dare, while there. You missed me dancing with Sorrel in the maw afterward and supposedly I nuzzled the palm of a Pravus."Alarissa's leaning over to choose some smaller things to nibble, favouring fruit.

Catalana laughs a bit and looks to Alarissa, waddling over. "No need for that....I meant to simply oversee it...." At that she just shakes her head then raises her brows. "....butterflies? not sure I want to know." Chuckling she finds a seat near the women and sits down slowly.

"Oh!" Denica blushes a moment, sipping at some rum she's scooped up. "Maybe I should do that again... the butterflies sound better than what I got," she says considering ALarissa, her eyes move to her belly and she smiles before sighing a moment. "I'll need to try to get myself invited to the next Velenosa dinner..." she says before looking back to Amari. "Honestly, get in her good graces and your visits will always be entertaining."

Amari pretends that she doesn't see the wiggling finger at all, but she for sure does. She knows she has a reckoning waiting. That's probably why she finds a treat that looks good and a drink to go with it. Now is the perfect time to indulge. A nod is given to Denica and after having heard Alarissa's account, her eyes are good and wide, "It sounds entertaining! More so than a butterfly collection." With a soft laugh then, she finds a seat at the table, making sure there's free spots to either side of her for Enyo and Denica.

"Oh, thooooose kinds." Enyo replies with a nod, hands dusting themselves off before she drops herself into one of the chairs next to Amari, legs crossing, "I know a guy, if you're interested...I bet that I can figure out what it was, and get you your very own sample of it, Your Highness." She pauses, then glances at Denica and Amari, "You two as well, if you want." It's always handy to have a Lycene at the party.

"Gods, please, no. I'm content with my one experience." Alarissa laughs. "But everyone should enjoy such, I think, at least once." She looks to Enyo. "Coudl you really? Find someone who can make it?"

Victus is not deaf to this conspiracy of drugs. He's giving his wife some serious side-eye at that while he carries their daughter atop his shoulder. She'd fallen asleep sometime ago, the excitement of the race and her first battle having overwhelmed her.

Kyan, a long-legged silver tabby-cat arrives, delivering a message to Catalana before departing.

Catalana slowly stands and exhales. Putting her hand to her belly she smiles brightly. "It seems I must go. Thank you all for coming but I should go lie down and return some papers it seems." Curtseying slightly she motioned for Rin to come near.

"If you can get some, I am definitely interested," Denica says to Enyo. "I've some silver to burn, and it sounds like a worthwhile expenditure," Denica laughs, eyeing Victus then and looking at Astrid with that soft smile. She glances back to Amari. "There are many interesting things," she says. "Just make sure you try it with teh right mindset, or you'll just think you're about to die."

Amari is in the drug conspiracy now, although she sounds so naive about it, she may not realize she's in too deep. "Oh, it's like a drink? Maybe once, would be fun, if you don't end up nuzzling something worse than a Pravus... or thinking you're about to die. That could be decidedly terrible." She considers the whole idea as she sets her slightly sodden paper boat on the table, like a small, sad center piece and sits back to mull, and nibble on the treat. As Catalana says her farewells, she smiles, "Thank you again, Lady Catalana. It was nice to see you."

"I know someone, I might be able to..." Enyo assures them, that smile widening a bit before she nods, "I can see what I can do, at least, if I can find something, I'll make sure to pass it along of course." She just seems amused by the whole thing, a hand lifting to wave towards Catalana when she starts to make her exits.

Alarissa catches that side eye and gives her husband a suffering look. "I did not hear you complain, nor heard any complaints of my lenosian given excursion that night." She points out to him. But she rises. "I should go, tend to my husand and my daughter. See if I cannot convince him to buy me a new piece of jewelry since he had graced Denica with one." Liek Catalana, she's going to head off, though she's not in danger of waddling yet. "I'd say, ask the grandduchess if she has any. I'm sure it was her. very sure. They only poison friends after all. It was nice to see you all."

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