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Impromptu Social Socratic Discussion

In the wake of the claims of a false accuser, let us take this opportunity to revere Vellichor rather than allow our minds to be clouded by fear. Archscholar Bianca will be hosting an impromptu social gathering and open discussion not only to address recent allegations, but also open the floor to any other questions that those of the populace may wish to ask. While not all topics are appropriate for public discussion, the Archscholar shall do her best to answer as openly and honestly as she is able.


Feb. 9, 2018, 5:30 p.m.

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Rian Giulio Emilia Margerie Rinel Sabella Theron Kael Paloma Catalana Felicia Waldemai Sparte Reigna Duarte Alis Thorley Fairen Merek Calypso Katarina Vanora Laric Tovell



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Ambassador Salon

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Comments and Log

"You never know which rantings of a mad man some will listen to and some will dismiss as hearsay." She shakes her head then and joins Bianca at the table. "It is very responsible of you to hold a discussion. And the wine here is decent."

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Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

Merek walks into the place with his cloak on, shifted about him in waves of leather and umbra. In addition his hood is up to reveal little but his smouldering gaze and his full beard. He looks around a bit, and rubs at his chin, the slate hammer with silver wings upon it upon the back of his cloak to show who he is. They look like the wings of a dragon, perhaps to an extent. Maybe bats if anyone ever knew what they even were.

Bianca inclined her head as Calypso joined her, leaning to fill a fresh glass with the red she was already imbibing herself. "Thank you. I am of the hope to assuage fear and reinforce public trust in the Scholars, first and foremost... but it is not as if discussions such as these couldn't have come prior to a naysayer." She sighed softly, leaning back again. "Thank you for the support."

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Sparte.

Oaken, a massive Oakhaven bloodhound, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Reigna.

Vern, Reigna arrive, following Kael.

Bianca is seated at the large table with Calypso as people start to file in.

Duarte enters and gives a bow of reverence to Bianca. "Archscholar! I have admired your wisdom from afar these many years and am grateful for the opportunity to finally meet!" He rises to his full height, "I am a newly ennobled Count - Duarte Amadeo - and am peculiarly of fearful nature. I hope to be comforted by today's discussion." He smiles pleasantly, which smile transfers to Calypso who also earns a small bow. He then takes a seat.

Impromptu events tend to bring out the most curious, including Katarina, as she files into the salon. Golden eyes flicker briefly over the faces gathered, and there is a quiet delight at the familiar sight of Calypso. "In these times, our trust in our scholars and the information we look to them to deliver to us is a sacred thing. We wouldn't need it tarnished, or for the public to find reason to doubt them," she opines in soft agreement, floating toward the Duchess General out of habit, hovering with a look of askance to Bianca for invitation.

Calypso nods to Bianca. "It is a difficult thing to know how to approach, truly. But allowing open questions and doing your best to answer them really does instill a sense of trust in those who lead us." She looks to Merek as she sees him filing in with a few others. A subtle incline of her head is given. She gestures to the seat beside hers as Katarina floats towards her. "Princess Katarina, so good to see you."

Sparte hurries in, one of the guardsmen with him holding a sack of... Well, who knows what is in the sack. It seems heavy. Sparte lets them sit elsewhere in the room, going to find a seat.

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Kael slips into the establishment with his wife, the young woman on his arm as the couple are prone to travel. Once they are passing through the doors he takes a deep breath, a sober sort of thing, and squares up his shoulders before glancing about to view the occupants as a whole. He inclines his head deeply by way of greeting to a great many of the occupants, then turns toward Reigna to let her choose the seating area.

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Merek looks over to Sparte, "Please tell me there's no potatoes in there," he tells him, while he lifts his shoulders and inclines with respect to Calypso. Then towards Bianca he offers a charming smile and his elongated canines as he bows, "Archscholar! It is good to see you. Is this about that raving madman who apparently throws water in the face of a High Lord's wife and is a complete idiot?" he asks. He hopes no one will challenge his words, because. Well. Who would challenge a statement like that about a man like that. WHO KNOWS. That's the fun. He settles in at a table.

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Reigna has a vaguely troubled expression on her face, despite the fact that she is walking with her husband. As they enter the Salon, she seems to relax just a bit, and while she waves to Katarina, she moves to take a seat at the large table, near Bianca. She makes sure to choose a seat with an empty space beside it for Kael, and she offers a smile to Calypso, Sparte and a bow of her head to Bianca. "Hello, General, Guardsman Fatchforth. Archscholar, thank you for hosting."

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Bianca gestured for those who entered either giving introduction or indication to join them properly. A nod was tipped slightly to Duarte, brow arching slightly with amused smile though she replied next to Calypso and Katarina. "Let us hope this suffices for the time at least." She then turned to Merek, "It is good to see you as well, Master Black, and not in specific unless that is the direction the conversation is steered." She nodded to Reigna, "Of course."

Chief Rin Redreef arrives, following Catalana.

Katarina claims the seat beside Calypso, the corners of her mouth upturning in warm smile toward Bianca. "Thank you for putting together such an event. I look forward to seeing what we might learn from the discussions to come," her voice trailing to lend a dubious look upon Merek when he brings up the Valardin madman so cavalier. "Let's hope not. We've heard enough of him, I think." Her lips upturn once more in sweet reception of Reigna and Kael, fingers curling in an accopanying wave. "Lord and Lay Keaton, I'm glad to see you here. I trust you've been well?" In chaste curiosity, the admiral steals a glance at Sparte's lumpy bag of mystery items.

"I don't like lying to people, Merek. Since you insist, there are no potatoes in there." Sparte settles in his seat, rubbing at one eye. "Don't worry about it anyway, it is for the event later tonight."

"My apologies," Merek offers, then he chuckles at Sparte's statement, while he moves to take a seat, and notices Reigna whom he waves to. He then settles in a little bit and relaxes to listen to the conversation as a whole for the time being. He rubs at his chin in thought, as he lets a thoughtful sigh out, "Whiskey?" he aks of a server, and once he has that he drinks from the bottle straight.

Catalana was leaving one meeting and hurrying there. As soon as she got there, she'd slip into the Salon quickly so that she wouldn't disturb. Raising her hand however, she did great the gathering there.

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Bianca glanced around the table and those who otherwise lingered near. "Does anyone have a topic they wish to kick this off with?"

Merek says, "I'd like to ask what the actual function of the scholars are. Their /main/ function, it seems prudent to ask."

4 Kennex corsairs, Serena, the charming Stormward lady-in-waiting arrive, following Vanora.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second arrive, following Margerie.

"What has happened that makes you feel as though the public's trust in the Scholars of Vellichor are at risk?" Katarina poses in soft-spoken curiosity toward Bianca.

"Who is paying for the drinks and can I get a milk?" Sparte glances around the table.

Catalana slipped into a seat then, smiling as she quickly settled herself. Exhaling, she'd look to Katarina that spoke then looked back to Bianca, listening.

Bianca nodded to Merek, "For clarity sake, are you asking from a theological perspective or a practical one?" and then to Katarina, "My concern isn't incredibly great, but this morning a former scholar posted a proclamation making egregious claims against myself an the institution of both the Faith and the Scholars."

Bianca then chuckled toward Sparte, "I'm covering drinks, the staff is aware of my tab."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

Merek considers for a moment, "Both, theological and practical. I want the full scope of what our design as members of the Faith is, so there's no confusion going forward in answering questions."

Slightly late but not horribly so, Vanora Kennex slips into the Salon quietly, hoping not to disturb the discussion already taking place. She finds a seat and settles in comfortably to listen first and perhaps participate later.

Margerie slips in quietly enough, even leaving on the jacket and gloves as she gravitates towards her niece and nephew, taking up a place behind them to catch what part of the conversation she can.

When Reigna decides on the large table, Kael hesitates a moment but in the end he complies. He moves to pull the chosen seat for his wife out, takes the time to bow his head to those gathered in greeting once more, then slips to the seat that Reigna has reserved for him. He does not respond to Katarina verbally, but there is a flicker of a smile offered in response to her. Even if it's a bit grim about the edges given the topic. He settles in to listen.

Sparte goes about getting himself the mentioned milk, smiling and waving to people as he does so and quietly offering to get drinks brought over for the various assistants lurking around the table. Including one for Wilhelm, of course.

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Bianca was thoughtful on Merek's question, "Let us start with the theological then as it falls it feeds into the practical. In quoting of the Canticle of Vellichor, 'Let the most studious amongst you take sacred vow to forever guard the knowledge of the world.' That is the first and foremost demand I believe Vellichor holds for his discipleship... though this is often misinterpreted in modern day. Vellichor does not ask us to guard knowledge from the population, but from those who would utilize ignorance to manipulate us. In fact, universal literacy is and has always been one of the primary goals of the Scholars of Vellichor so as to not only spread the knowledge we have acquired, but allow the population as a whole to pursue said knowledge and broaden their understanding of our history and further more our /reality/ of their own accord." She gave pause to let that hang a moment before proceeding to the practical answer.

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Merek nods a small bit towards Bianca, while he listens with attentiveness. He takes another sip of his whiskey, while he settles in and relaxes. He seems to be into the whole discussion thing, even if he is usually a quiet man.

Katarina bows her head at Bianca, bringing a palm up to seat her chin. A glass of white wine is placed before her at a discreet request, then brought to her lips for a shallow sip. "It's always a refreshing standpoint to hear, when the Canticle of Vellichor is discussed," she opines in supportive view toward the Archscholar, setting her glass aside. "Literacy isn't a common thing in the lands of the east, a skill saved for the nobility. Journaling with such fervor as we do here is unheard of. These things we have here, in Arvum, are all day to day examples of how we live by those words practically."

A messenger came and went as Bianca proceeded, leaving a note on the table beside her. "Now as to the practical, generally speaking that rests very much on the shoulders of the acting Archscholar. In present, the Scholars of Vellichor are not only archivists, but we pursue knowledge beyond the bounds of the Great Archive. Many forget we have hundreds of what are labeled 'Field Scholars' that travel the whole of Arvum... though some attempt beyond it to gather and document /all/ elements of Aion culturally, historically, et cetera. In addition to the gathering of knowledge we are also responsible for the dissemination of knowledge to those who seek it. After all, one can lead a horse to water, but we can not make him drink. It is not our role to force information on others, but to have it at the ready. That said... there is the Censor Librorum. Does anyone present know what this is?" She glanced about though paused her thoughts to nod to Katarina. "I actually have quite a few questions regarding the East for you, Princess Katarina, but those can come later in the discussion or another time." She smiled, "Rather than me completely unhinging the current discussion for my own curiosity."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

Sparte settles back in with his milk, sipping at it while he listens. "Something to do with where the journals go, isn't it?"

"Censor Librorum," Katarina echoes hushedly after Bianca, her brow furrowing with open curiosity. "is something to do with how dangerous certain knowledge might be, that it's ruled not to be safe for public knowledge?" Her glass is taken up in hand and gestured, belatedly, in open invitation. "Ask away at your leisuire, and I shall answer to the best of my ability when you are ready," is said of questions of the East, tucking in quietly to Calypso's side and settling in to listen.

Merek nods a bit towards Bianca, and then Katarina, "It's knowledge that can't be allowed to be spread easily. Usually things that risk the safety of the Compact in war time, or... Other things," but he lets her explain it more in depth, he relaxes a bit and takes another drink of his whiskey. Half his bottle already. How.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Duarte before departing.

Vanora nods at Katarina's words, adding on. "There is debate among some of the Faith regarding the Censor Librorum and the role of keeping knowledge from the public. There was a time when it was among the issues that caused a great schism in the Faith, and it is understandable that ideas about hiding knowledge for the good of the public versus sharing it for that same good comes up again over time. I'd be very interested in hearing people's opinions on the matter."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Duarte before departing.

Elizabetta, a lissome lady-in-waiting, 1 Grayson Guardsmen arrive, following Sabella.

Bianca nodded, "All would be correct in certain elements... but not in entirety." She chuckled, taking a sip of her wine before continuing. "The Censor Librorum is the name of the process in which the Scholars of Vellichor determine if information is appropriate for public consumption. As Marquessa Vanora has added there was a time in which it caused a schism in the Faith. Now the greatest misconception in modern day is that information marked as 'imprimatur' is completely inaccessible to all those outside of either the Faith or the Scholars themselves. This is untrue. With proper petition, any tome or White Journal that has been marked as imprimatur can be made temporarily available to the asking parties should their reasons for it be deemed as reasonable by the standing Archscholar. Basically the Censor Librorum is to protect the innocent... not obscure the truth. For example we wouldn't want a young child selecting a tome regarding conjecture on abyssal ritual, but should let's say an Inquisitor have need of such information in order to bring forth justice... then considerations are made."

A small smile presents itself on Duarte's face with that last missive. He stands to leave, and does so silently.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Duarte before departing.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer arrives, following Theron.

Theron arrives, following Emilia.

Sparte considers. "Where, uh. Where does the Censored information... Go? The Lower Archives?"

Katarina opens her mouth as though to speak, only to gesture to Sparte as he seemingly vocalizes her own thoughts.

Catalana was still sitting there quietly as she listened intently. When the question of where things go, her blue eyes would look back to Bianca with a soft smile.

Rian slides into the bar, with a wicked wide smile, and his eyes drifting back and forth taking it all in, as he heads to an empty table, his clothing brightly colored, and then he sits down at a table in the back, taking out a water logged book, opening it slowly to read it using his fingers slowly, to make sure he miss very little.

Bianca inclined her head, "Until more recently, yes. Historically speaking, that has been where works marked imprimatur have been kept. In recent times though we have taken to a different storage location. This also houses the local population's Black Journals."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Sabella slips into the Salon, moving to find a seat quickly. She offers a brief, friendly wave to Catalana before she settles in to listen.

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"Do you believe that there are particular topics that the populace at large should be protected from?" Vanora questions Bianca, politely but still likely as expected given her devotions to the Thirteenth. "In your role as Archscholar, how do you consider and determine such things?"

Like some sort of medieval buddy cop movie, Theron, Sword of Ostria, and Dame Emilia of the Godsworn wander into the Ambassador. The Sword of Ostria holds up a hand to the Templar, heading over to intercept Sabella, leaning in to murmur something quickly to her.

"We'll find him eventually." Comes a melodic and mellow voice from the entrance. It's owner is Emilia, a woman in a white dress, with a blue rose in her golden hair, and a sword on her side. She is speaking to her companion, Theron, who is clad in armor-- a complete departure from Emilia's appearance. "The whole city's looking for him. Two arrest warrants and an excommunication in one day?" She shakes her head. It is only now that she notices the Ambassador Salon is packed. "Where are we supposed to si--" She trails off as Theron motions to her and heads off to intercept Sabella. "I'll just.. stand here then." Easier said than done. The nervous woman immediately clasps her hands together and stares sheepishly at the Salon from the doorway.

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Katarina glances over a shoulder as talk of excommunications and arrest warrants arise from Emilia and Theron, ending in the young girl bringing her glass up to polish off the last of her white wine. A small smile is afforded to the Godsworn and newly arrived Ironguardsman before she's looking back to Bianca, eager for her response to the questions given.

Rian nods slowly for a moment, as he loks over the others, with a little chuckle, the meed is droped off at his table, to his lips it goes quickly, with a long sip of it, and then he looks at the others, seeking faces known to him.

Bianca nodded to Vanora, "Most certainly. At this point in time given the forces active in this world, simple knowledge of certain ideals gains their attention. As I mentioned... children inhabit the Archive as much as their elders. Beyond that as Scholar Merek mentioned, in war times certain journal entries can be deemed as imprimatur simply as they may reveal our weaknesses to enemy agents. Those are generally re-reviewed though for release."

The King's Own knight that arrives does so absent helm but adorned in the high steel armored that depicts his position. Sir Tovell keeps a hand on his scabbard to avoid the clank of the sheathed sword against his thigh. The red hair and slightly freckled man seems to be in good spirits and it shows in the bright smile he expresses. Green eyes search the room to see if there is anyone familiar present at the establishment. "Good afternoon." The knight's voice is not yet strained from command although his panache suggests he is no stranger to sword and board play.

After a brief exchange, Theron is leading Sabella back towards Emilia. "Dame Emilia, this is Princess Sabella Grayson. Sabella, this is Dame Emilia, of the Templars." Introductions made, his otherwise serious expression fades in favor of a bright smile. "Shall we find ourselves a place to sit, then?" Back to the original conversation, though, he mentions, to the Godsworn, "He'll be caught. Hopefully sooner rather than later. That kind of person is not only dangerous - they are undesirable, sad as it is to say so."

Arriving shortly after Tovell, there's another knight, the Sword of Westrock Reach. There's a quick clap of a hand to Tovell's shoulder. "Sir Tovell, good to see you again." he greets before he slips by to head towards the bar as he listens to the conversations swirling around him.

Kael has been listening quietly, remaining next to Reigna in steadfast support. There is however a messenger headed for him, which Vern intercepts before proudly offering it to the Keaton. Not discreetly at all. Kael eyes his assistant, his lips twitch, and then he jots down a quick reply before sending him on his way. With that, his focus once more politely on Bianca.

Sabella gets to her feet, joining Theron as they start to have a quiet conversation. She offers a brief curtsy to Emilia and smiles as she gestures towards a table. "Yes, lets sit and listen to what is going on."

Alis has a somewhat solemn expression when she arrives at the Salon, and quietly moves through the crowd so she can find a seat to listen to what the Archscholar and others have to say.

Katarina notices the arrival of her sister with ease, quickly motioning Alis to join her in at the table she shares with the Archscholar and other assorted faces

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"You have mentioned children more than once yes." Vanora responds to Bianca. "I am inquiring more on behalf of adults. There are indeed forces whose attention we do not want, and we know that mentioning them gains that attention. Yet at the same time that places many of us in a difficult position. We are aware of things that are dangerous, dangers that are effecting us even now, and though discussion or the sharing of documents might make that danger more pressing, is it morally acceptable to allow others to carry on in ignorance, not knowing the threats we face?"

Rian listens now, and his eyes are wide at the mention of trouble, placing his book down quickly, as he looks back and forth taking it all in, his pen moving over a blank page now, taking down notes.

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Paloma makes her way into the Salon, lowering the hood of her cloak, carefully shaking snow off of it in the foyer before entering. It's a busy night. She makes he way to the bar and orders a tankard of some kind of dark stout. Spotting Tovell, she makes her way over and plops down beside him, without ceremony or preamble.

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Emilia smiles brightly to Sabella, and interestingly enough, offers her a polite bow, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness." She says, her smile brilliant. She nods to the suggestion, and asides to Theron, "There is no need to throw more indignation at him, my Lord." She says, "In his mind, he maybe thinks he is doing the right thing. Dominus Marach, as well. Kora--" She inhales a deep breath, never quite finishing her going through the list of persons that had something in common apparently. "No matter how right or wrong, people can be respected for one thing or another." Finally, she points to a table, the shadowy one, "There's a spot."

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There is a look over his shoulder as his steel laden shoulder is clasped. The ginger knight turns his head and finds Thorley there, "Sir Thorley, a pleasure to see you." The man greets him, "I trust you fair well and the Gods honor your service and devotion." The generous and cheerful manner of Tovell seems truly pleased to come across the man. Tovell makes his way for the couches and once there he turns and undoes his sword belt. Belt and scabbard are cast over the back of the couch. He turns to find Paloma already seated and with a good nature shake of his head he settles green eyes upon her, "Good to see you Sir Paloma." The man turns and takes his seat. He unstraps his gauntlets and the gloves underneath to put them upon his lap. "I was about to order a kettle of tea. Can I get you anything?" He asks of his fellow King's Own.

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Felicia's late to the proverbial 'party', the redhead female knight not exactly the world's most stealthy creature, or renown for her ability to occupy more space than the volume she fills. But the off-duty at least makes an effort to not clatter about in going to plonk herself down at the couch with her fellow's to try and get up to speed,"Tea? Sure. Tea. With a side-order of whiskey?" she offers mutedly at Tovell with a toothy grin.

With a nod to Emilia's words, after which Theron pauses, contemplating them, he'll lead himself and the Grayson princess over to the table as indicated, pulling back chairs both for Dame Emilia and for Sabella before he claims his own seat. Signalling to a servant to get their attention for a moment, he makes an order at the table, looking across to Emilia.

"As always. Even if today has been eye opening in ways not expected, the Gods do not lead astray." Thorley offers, giving a small grunt. "Though it seems it took the poor sod's words to bring out others to speak." he points out as he moves to take a seat as well on the couches, adding to the sheer amount of knights sitting there. "Enough tea for one day. I ordered coffee. Going to need it if I plan on going to the ball tonight."

"That is a very good question." Bianca nodded, she sipped her wine and took that moment to consider her reply. "I believe the answer is very situational. The Scholars of Vellichor on the whole as I mentioned earlier gather and provide knowledge to those seeking it, but we do not force it upon others. That is the status of our role. That said, on a personal level... our world has been clouded for millennia. What is coming to light now is not /new/. That is not to say it has been actively hidden by man, but more so the enemies of man. With the breach of that ignorance we have begun to have a better understanding but in that it begs the question of should we or should we not impose what we believe to be fact upon others. Do we impose /our/ convictions upon who we view as ignorant? Or do we allow them to find their own way to their own questions?" She gave a brief pause. "From what the discipleship on the whole have seen throughout the territories, the population /rejects/ the ideals of, for instance, the supernatural. So would it be helpful or hindering to continue to batter ourselves against this wall of predisposed views in hopes that they may see the truth? Or better to allow an organic ease into said truths with time, patience and gentle diligence?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Rian listens still, and his eyes wide as he sips his meed slowly, now with a little chuckle, and a lick of his lips. So much to take in, and so much he has missed, and then Bianca is speaking, he is quiet again as he writes.

Catalana would tilt her head a bit as she leaned forward slightly. "The Supernatural...." A tilt of her head then as she smiled slightly. "I'm curious....what is your view on the supernatural? Is there a light and a dark? A malicious and a helpful? I have heard people speak of things and would love to hear your opinion on it as well."

Bianca's words provoke a pensive frown from Katarina, the disciple of Sentinel shifting forward to lean up from her partial recline. "The ignorance that the general public embraces in face of anything abnormal may not be of their own volition, but the work of our enemies that seek to keep us all in the dark. Is it not?" she wonders, fingers rubbing lightly against the side of her jaw. "I've been under the impression that with time, such mindsets would change over the time as we worked and succeeded in lessening its effect."

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Chief Rin Redreef have been dismissed.

Vanora nods to Bianca, and turns to listen to Katarina as well. It is in response to the latter that she speaks. "I have had the same thoughts, Highness. We know that the dark forces that threaten us have actively suppressed knowledge of those exact subjects. That this suppression was not merely incidental but a goal. It is one that succeeded for a very long time, and now those who have learned what was suppressed have a decision to make. How will they proceed from here, how will what was done be undone? If it is at all."

"I believe that's true, Princess Katarina. That it could change with time. But I believe that it has to be done slowly, carefully, so as to slip under the radar of the Compact's enemies." Alis murmurs. "So that by the time our enemies know that people are aware of and embrace the supernatural, there are too many of them to simply wipe the memories away. Or punish us with acts of vicious sadism against innocent people."

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High Lord Victus Thrax has called the banners of Thrax. From Tyde to Grimhall, all Duchies and Counties, Marches and Baronies in the Mourning Isles are called to arms.

"People of the Mourning Isles. I come being the bearer of bad news. We are beset upon by by an enemy who shrouds himself in his ignorance. He has bent the knee to those who would destroy the world, taken every evil in his path for power. The Deep 'King' and his followers hold onto a dying past which they seek to rebuild on top of our ashes. For one thousand years Thrax has held these Isles together with the force of our might and we shall do so by a fucking thousand more.

"The Isles will stand united as one. One fleet, one legion, one order to destroy the tide of darkness that seeks to swallow us all. Bear arms and army, ready yourselves across the deck. The time of Thrax is now and forever. We do not fall. Make ready the united fleet, our "Mourning Onslaught"."

And the Thrax respond. Oh do they ever. The leaders of Thrax step up with tales and songs, legends to inspire, threats and obligations, talk of duty and responsibility. As one united fleet they prepare to sail against that which would destroy them. Thrax sails to war.

Tears in our wake, never at our wake indeed.

Bianca laughed gently in regards to Catalana, "That steps into a whole field of the theological and I very much wish Brother Driskell was here to make additions to the conversation as his understanding of the teachings of the Thirteenth far exceed my own and yet are incredibly applicable to the context of your questions. As far as I am concerned, anything attempting to enslave, manipulate or destroy humanity is malicious. That said, by the grace of the gods we are also blessed with many gifts and avenues of aid either in the way of visions or more aggressive abilities." Then to Katarina, "Indeed... with each small cut to a specific entity it's grip weakens. For instance, speaking of the work of the Scholars we recently supported Lady Clover in beginning to reveal the legends of the Metallics as more substantial to fact. It has been going over very well. Baby steps."

Katarina steals a sip of Alis' tea when the princess isn't looking, a quiet moment of sibling pesteringly love while she reflects on the answers returned to her own voiced thoughts. "I would love to hear more about those works some time," she muses. "I've learned quite a bit about Brimstone over the months in my ventures at sea." That sidebar aside, she steals some more of her sister's tea before settling in to listen. Honest. No more stealing. One more sip, if she can get away with it.

Catalana would smile warmly then as she nodded. "Thank you...." Leaning back a bit she would close her eyes for a moment, as if in thought.

Rian nods slowly as he listens to them talk, and then he sighs with a look of shock on his face, and then he bites his lips hard, almost drawing blood.

Sparte lifts an eyebrow at Rian while sipping at his milk. The tiny white mustache makes him look especially inquisitive.

Alis pretends to gawk, staring at Kat when she drinks the precious tea. "Thief." she stage whispers, having caught that from the corner of her eye. Hopefully the brief moment of levity won't be too amiss amid the serious discussions going on. Through which she has mostly just been listening, nodding, and maybe scribbling down a note or two.

Reigna nods slowly as she mulls things over, a slow deep breath drawn in, her lips pursing thoughtfully. "I have been intending to study more of the Metallics, but inevitably something arises that requires my attention more. I just wish..." There is a little shake of her head, "I would love if I could have two of myself to look into all the things that need searching. When encountering something supernatural, what is the appropriate chain of information? Who do you tell first?"

Katarina smiles innocently at Alis, her lips pressing firm to smother in a hushed chuckle. Her expression sobers, however, at Reigna's question of supernatural encounter hotline procedures. "I've never known there to be any specific method of passing information along except for to whom might be interested in knowing of the experience. If there's an established route we need to funnel it through, it'd be most appreciative to know," she says.

To Katarina, Bianca replied. "We have tomes in the Archives and the Reading Room in the Academy that delve into the Metallics. Magister Percephon has recently stepped laterally into the role of Lead Archivist... which I had planned to announce today, but have not yet gotten to... but seek him out and I am sure he will be happy to provide you with what we have, Princess." Then she looked to Reigna, "Obviously... my first inclination is to say, 'Tell the Faith!'" She chuckled, "... but that said, the Inquisition should be alerted at least in tangent if not immediately. For me, as is the role of the Scholars, having the ability to document new information also falls beneath our purview, but we may not always be able to offer direct aid. The Inquisition specializes in these matters and so are capable of assessing and managing the threat."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

Bianca glanced about those gathered. "Did anyone else have any questions or concerns they'd like to ask of me directly or discuss with the group on the whole?"

"It seem ta me.." comes a voice from the couches as Thorley rises for a moment to consider. "That the idea of letting it out a little at a time was far better than just releasing the shitstorm - pardon the language, highness and all - that Esra has, where there's just enough truth to sow panic and dissension, and now we have the Archscholar here to try to figure it all out and what to explain. Doing an admirable job at that." There's a rise of his mug towards Bianca in a salute before he moves to take his seat again. "Just need to make sure he don't end up a martyr to those that buy into the grand conspiracy that he tried to spread. Maybe a series of open quorums for those that want to learn."

"I am sorry," Emilia says, from the shadowy table, as she slowly works up to her feet, "I am becoming slightly concerned with this suggestion that we should hide our fangs, or that somehow forgetting the past has changed the outcome of our future. No disrespect intended." She inhales a sharp breath, and for a meek looking girl, right now, she looks fierce. "If anyone is saying that because the wolf doesn't growl, that it's sick, they are wrong." This looks like it's gonna be a long interruption, "We are beset by enemies from every side. Are we supposed to indoctrinate them as well? To be gentle? Not let our convictions clash?" She almost sounds mocking-- which is probably not what she intended. Just an... anomaly of intonation. "I don't have time to worry about apostates when the enemy is throwing stones at my-- OUR-- temple. So what if a demon obscures our knowledge of the past? Devotion will illuminate the path. It is in the darkness where we are tested-- it is in the hubris of thinking we found the right path where we fall." She pauses, "The past is full of mistakes and our future is teetering on the brink of annihilation. What is the lesson of our past that we so seek to uncover once more? Is it oathbreaking? Is it kinslaying? Betrayal, maybe? Because we are full of those. The lack of ignorance only brought us hubris when the enemy loosed his arrows into the sun!" She has the expression of someone who wants to beat up this 'enemy'. "We have no shortage of heroes, but every one of those stories ends with self-sacrifice, and it is on their corpses that we stand on today. I have no intention of disguising my convictions. I have no intentions of hiding my fangs. When the day comes I will die a hundred times over if we can exist for one second longer."

Thorley is overheard praising Bianca for: For standing strong in the storm of information and guiding through.

Katarina turns in her seat to look upon Emilia, watching the Templar speak with quiet intrigue of her own. "Your conviction and passion is to be admired, Dame Emilia... is it?" she treads with caution in addressing the unfamiliar face. "We tread with caution because we don't yet know our enemy as our ancestors did. The knowledge and tools that were left to us by those corpses -- as you say -- we stand on in the present need to be uncovered and re-understood so that we can smite the enemy and bring our future back from the brink of annihalation. Blind righteous fury without knowledge and wisdom of how to hone it into a sharpened blade that will defeat the enemy is no good to anyone. Is it?"

Bianca nodded graciously first to Thorley, "Thank you." And then to Emilia her attention turned, listening on quietly. "My lady, I appreciate your conviction in totality and share in your fire despite my generally.." She smiled in a soft, small lilt. "Subdued demeanor. The particular topic we speak of is an entity that when affronted in grand scale has the power and capability to literally erase an individual... or entire population... from history and the minds of those of the present. When facing those of the Darkwater. Stand with valiance. When we fought the Silent War, our men and women at arms rose and fell without hiding their conviction... but the one we were discussing now. There is no sword that can penetrate it. There is no ballista to strike it down." She paused as Katarina interjected, nodding in deference. This was a round table conversation, after all! Not the Bianca show!

The pale Marquessa lets green eyes drift towards Thorley as he speaks and there's an inclination of her head that might indicate mild approval, or simply acknowledgement of the words. She pauses as if she might speak when someone else does, and that too holds her interest for a time. "Forgetting the past has changed the present, with all due respect. We exist at a precipice now and what we do with the knowledge we have, as well as how openly we seek and share 'new' knowledge (or 'new' old knowledge) will shape the future by its very nature." When Katarina speaks she quiets again, nodding at the Princess. "Indeed, passion is a powerful tool, as is bravery, but they are tools which can be blinding unless honed. We are threatened by more than the Darkwater, even at this moment. We know this, just as the Archlector states. The dance of speaking near a topic but not of it directly is difficult, but must be done lest we arouse too much attention. Some of these questions have no answers, they hold value because of what we learn in pursuing the answers we will never find." Vanora finishes.

Catalana had heard a lot....and took note. A smile tugged at her lips as she nodded to Bianca. "Thank you for hosting thing. I appreciate was beyond informative...." With that, the blonde would stand and curtsey to the table and offered a nod. "Evening everyone." And with that, she was the wind.

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3 Armed Confessors arrives, following Giulio.

"While it is true that not every name responds to overt force, Archscholar, there must be a way to defeat such a foe. Is the disclosure of knowledge in the way that you prescribe the fastest and safest way to do it? You mentioned that it is capable of erasing people - perhaps peoples - from history. The lunatic mentioned that it was eating children," Theron looks over to Bianca, "Assuming that is true, and what we heard about fake paint isn't, do we know how to defeat it? Or, at the very least, to stop its rampage?"

Rian nods for a moment, as he listen there is so much to take in ,and then he smiles slowly, as he jots it all down, for with a frown.

Giulio has joined the Shadowy Table.

Trailing his Confessors, Theron's younger brother makes his way into the Ambassador Salon. With a tilt of his head, Giulio regards those present with a briefly raised brow. Something of a smile toys his lips and he moves to sit down beside those present.

"There are those who are working to defeat such foes covertly, as is wise with such delicate matters that have rippling effects if we're not careful," Katarina promises quietly to Theron sidelong. "We've been told ways in the past that weakens Them, and we're working towards it. There's just... many enemies bearing down upon us on all fronts."

Reigna is speaking, saying something at the table, her expression shuttered, her cheeks pale, but she pitches her voice not to carry past those she sits with.

"I fought against the Silent Army, Archlector." Emilia responds to Bianca, "I was there, I know very well how we fought and won. And please forgive me, but I believe I did not make my point very well." She says, to both Bianca and Katarina, "This knowledge you seek to uncover did not help our ancestors. They are dead. And we are no less screwed now than we were back then." With that said, she extricates herself from the table, and stands more in the open. "In fact, knowledge in the past has brought us more trouble than not. I could speak all night about it, I don't even know where to start. One of the first white journals would probably be appropriate here: As Arx endures, we will remember." She says, "Is that not enough? Is remembering us not enough? Is our Faith and Devotion not enough to defeat our enemies? Are our blades incapable of slaying them?"

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a fire salamander arrives, following Laric.

Vanora is overheard praising Bianca for: She holds up well under intense pressure.

Katarina leans back in her seat, taking her time to consider Emilia's words at length rather than answering outright. "That is the way with knowledge, isn't it? When uncovered, it can herald in either relief from current troubles or exacerbate them further -- the Silence was defeated because there was a ritual uncovered that enabled the Palladins in the end. In the same breath, I uncover information about my own past that just damns the East in my eyes all the same. Trouble and relief. We're -- as you say -- screwed, but we have the opportunity to not be as THAT screwed because we know there's tools out there to be used to save our families and communities and are trying to do that now, before we reach the scale of desperation and into a real Reckoning."

Offering a nod to Katarina, Theron takes her aside into quiet consideration while he listens to Emilia speak again; the retort has him thoughtful for a moment, but he has nothing to add outside the table. There's a greeting to Giulio, one followed by a smile, and some conversation at the shadowy table while he listens to the Valardin princess.

Bianca first replied to Theron, "That was true in part. The occurrence was truth. Its cause was not, as far as I am aware. In part the reason for subtlety is we do not /actually/ know how we may defeat or bind it... but we do have inclinations in how to bring it harm and weaken it. The spread of knowledge. Education. Documentation of present history. Recovery of previous history and re-dissemination of said history. All have proven to beat it back. As I mentioned earlier... subtle so as not to alert it of our attacks. I made a mistake in attempting to confront the creature, responding to its attacks against me personally and it held consequences I can not begin to express here." She took a breath, now replying to Emilia. "To forsake our history and the pursuit of its knowledge is to forsake Vellichor. To say it has no worth is to say Vellichor's proclamations hold none as well. Is that devotion and Faith? Are we in our hubris to be blinded? Or shall we trust in his wisdom to guide us via the pursuit of our past and how best to face our enemies of the present with the weapons of that knowledge?"

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Tovell stands from the couches and begins to put his gloves and gauntlets back on. He bites at a strap on each to tighten them. Once done he takes his sword belt and straps it around his waist. He cinches the belt tightly and then keeps a hand on the pommel of his sword. He has a few words with his knight brethren. The knight is flushed with heat that shows on his pale face. The ginger clearly angry and pushing the anger down as he walks out. The clank of his armor and steel evident in his wake.

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Laric enters the Ambassador Salon, unaccompanied by the small sea of red coats that usually guard his person. Not completely alone, though: his strange pet rides shotgun on one of his shoulders, perched comfortably on the fireweave. He glances over the room passively, extending a faint smile towards the table Sabella and Giulio sit at. Stepping out of Tovell's way, he moves towards the large table hosting the bulk of the gathering. "May I?" he asks those seated there. "I don't intend to stay long," he adds aside to Bianca specifically. "As much as I'd like the city to rest one night, it never will."

Sparte gives a welcoming wave to Laric. He has a thin white mustache, having opted to drink milk out of all the choices available here.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

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Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

Alis lifts her cup of tea towards Laric in greeting, and as she certainly has no issue with him settling in to join them, offers a polite smile to go along with it. "I doubt anyone would mind, Your Highness. And hello to you as well." Yes, she greets the salamander.

Sabella's eyebrows rise briefly as Laric steps into the Salon, and she inclines her head briefly towards him before she goes back to the quiet conversation going on at her table.

Giulio tilts his head towards Laric as the man enters, a faint smile musing his lips, before he leans back into the conversation at the table. All the while, however, he keeps the Archlector in his sights, listening to her words.

Thorley rises from the couch as well and lets out a breath. "I need some air." he offers to the two knights with a bow of his head before he straightens his armor to head out into the night beyond.

"It's been a while," comes the soft words of Katarina toward the fire salamander. They've got history, they do. The Master of Questions gets a more than gracious reception too. "Your Highness, it's good to see you as always."

Vanora's keen focus on the discussion is interrupted by the arrival of a messenger, and the message she takes is unfolded, briefly scanned, and folded closed again. She rises to her feet in one smooth, graceful motion, and then slips out of the room.

Bianca gestured for Laric to join. "None the less, your presence is appreciated, Master of Questions. Perhaps you may add further insight to the current topic as well."

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"Your Highness," Theron intones from his table, shared by Emilia, Giulio and Sabella. There's a respectful nod towards the Master of Questions, though he mostly continues listening to the discussion at his table.

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Emilia nods to the responses she gets, and she considers it for a while, before finally saying, "Blessed Bianca, we have already failed, many times, in protecting our charges. Many times we fell short of the ideals we aspired towards. Losing this knowledge, for example, in the first place." It looks like she has more to add to the list, but her fierce eyes mellow out, until they become sorrowful. "Every blade of grass in Arx, to me, is sacred. I would not dare, as a Godsworn especially, to take any of the Gods lightly, or the ideals they represent. But Archlector, is it not possible that this knowledge we lost, could've been changed, or tampered with, and become our weakness, instead of theirs? They have had a thousand years to prepare for this."

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Laric does a short double take of Sparte, brow pinching. He frowns faintly, then makes a discreet gesture to his own mouth. That's it. That's all the help he's giving the Iron Guardsman.

His salamander chirps a low but pleasant greeting in response to Alis and Katarina in turn. "Thank you," he tells the table more generally. dipping a brief nod of acknowledgement towards Theron. "That's my intent, Archscholar." He settles into place, sitting back and regarding Emilia. "Do you mind if I answer that?"

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Emilia smiles to Laric, and nods, "Master of Questions, anyone can answer it." She says, with an encouraging gesture.

Katarina shares a quiet word with her Valardin tablemates, only to look upon Laric when he deigns to answer Emilia's question. There is a subtle shift in her position, a slight lean forward of anticipation anad curiosity.

Bianca nodded to Emilia, "It is a valid concern... as yes, it is possible. And that is why (among many other reasons) we do not make sweeping public announcements when we make a new discovery. We substantiate it. We pray over it for Vellichor's wisdom in discerning the truth. We investigate and explore to verify its validity. We test it. Not all information we have found has proven useful or to contain whole truth... but some /has./"

Bianca then gestured to Laric to continue!

Once Laric is seated, the salamander crawls right off him and on to the table. He walks his way, regal as any amphibian can be and absolutely sure of his place, straight to the center of the table and curls up there. Laric pays it no mind.

He smiles faintly to Katarina and Emilia when they speak, though he waits for Bianca to speak before addressing the Godsworn knight. "The particular entity that has caused all of the drama over the last few days is a demon of secrets," he says. "While it's possible his 'peers' may employ deceit, he rarely does. A 'fake' secret is no secret at all. It's just a lie, the realm of other demons entirely. Any knowledge we win back from his darkness is as trustworthy as its original source," he explains. "He may replace and omit things to cover up his secrets, but he is not /capable/ of destroying the truth. And a secret no one can learn is no secret at all. That is his weakness and humanity's advantage against him."

Waldemai arrives for a religious discussion. Appropriately, he heads straight to the bar. "Ale," he mutters, throwing some silver down.

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Bianca inclined her head to Laric. "Very succinct, your highness. Thank you."

Felicia rises quietly from the couch in the rear and slips out as quietly as she can so as not to disturb.

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Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms arrives, following Fairen.

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Merek stands up, and inclines to the others.

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Perhaps arriving rather late, Marquis Fairen Leary strides into the Ambassador Salon with controlled grace, as if strained against his general shyness. As always, he is flanked by that guardsmen wearing the Leary colors, moving towards the large table that seems to possess the most prominent figures, to include the Archscholar. It is her that he sits himself down next to.

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"And we know this beyond a reasonable doubt, Your Highness?" Emilia asks, clasping her hands together. "We don't know our own back yard, but we know, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this demon has weaknesses and rules by which it abides?" She tilts her head, "How do we know this? Did someone ask them? Did the G--" She trails off, suddenly, pondering something. "Oh." She whispers, as if suddenly having an epiphany. After a moment she recovers. "It has still been a thousand years. None of that has to still be relevant. It's not just the demon-- we ourselves are capable of terrible things. Without unity, and a united front by extension, we will not endure for long. Any weakness we show now will lead us nowhere." She pauses, "On the contrary, it will lead us to annihilation."

Paloma gets up from the couch, heading over to the table. She pulls up a chair.

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Fatigue was beginning to wear on the Archscholar, and while Bianca remained an attentive party it was time to fall to a place of observance as was her most comfortable. She listened on to Emilia's response, glancing toward Laric for his reply though with Fairen's arrival her distraction fell aside by way of a small nod and smile to the Leary marquis.

"I have staked my life and the lives of my Inquisitors on it time and time again." Laric replies to Emilia, plainspoken and without hesitation. "And I would do so again without hesitation. "In the past, humanity was capable of great feats. Lord Macdon slew a dragon. Lord Gold once rose a mountain for no greater reason than to stop a flood. Queen Alarice rose against untenable odds to win back the Compact and defeat the corrupted Sylv'alfar king." He shakes his head. "In time, with patience and great sacrifice, humanity will be capable of such wonders again. We will be able to repel the darkness that assails us and defend ourselves once more. It will require patience and great sacrifice," he says, pausing for a moment. "I have not seen the future and I am not a religious man, but I have faith in humanity's ability to overcome the odds against us. Without that faith, well." He smiles dryly. "The entity /is/ capable of simply devouring whole populations in the flash of a moment. Make no mistake about that. We cannot abandon hope."

"It helps that our forefathers saw this coming. As the Metallic Order watched itself crumble, they left us precious knowledge and gifts to aid us in our fight. Something the Archscholar may be better situated to tell you about, though perhaps not here and now."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Bianca inclined her head at Laric's final statement confirming both his words and her willingness.

Alis suddenly sports that telltale queasy expression that expecting women often sport at /the/ worst times. And, with an apologetic smile, whispers. "Sorry, gotta run." And, she bolts.

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Katarina remains quiet, absorbing the words of both Archscholar and Master of Questions as they come. Fingers curl beneath her chin with a worried glance cast after her expecting sister's sudden departure, sending Pawn after her with a whispered request. In all of that, an umbra dress apparently has been sitting on her lap and the princess just notices -- whoops.

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As the debate progresses, Fairen remains intensely focused on each of the speakers, listening with burning curiosity for their prospective. Still, he does give Bianca a soft smile and a nod, giving her a proper greeting.

Rinel races in, flustered as usual, late as usual, and quickly takes her place at a table.

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"And what of the Dan--" Emilia takes a deep breath, and says, "For every tale of heroism, there is a tale of betrayal, cowardice, and a whole legion of other things that don't become us." Emilia explains, "Of course, we put ourselves at risk every day, and our fellows, to fight with what we have-- as was pointed out earlier, for example, the ritual that was uncovered not so long ago." She nods her head, "But digging up the past, while it may be useful, or not, is not the only answer." She explains, "The path still exists towards those wonders. Finding a note with exact directions is not the way to do it. Only through devotion and selflessness can we reach that place again. No knowledge of the past is going to bring us closer to it-- because it is not a matter of whether we know it exists or not-- but exactly because we will blindly go there, with belief and conviction, that we are either worthy of it or not." She ponders for a moment and says, "A selfless soldier, once prayed to Gloria, and he said: I pray not for my life. I pray that I do not die in vain." A pause, "That is all there is to it."

Kael looks after the Valardin Princess as she departs and offers a sidelong look to his wife, just so, in a rather pointed manner. You see, Reigna is TOTALLY right there and being quiet next to him. Really. When Rinel joins the table he greets her with a simple inclination of his head before turning to catch some of the staff to acquire two glasses of water. It is no more than a brief distraction however, for he continues to quietly listen to the conversation about him.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Bianca tilted her head, "I think there may be a misunderstand at play. I do not think anyone is saying 'pursuing knowledge' is the only way to defeat the encroaching darkness... but to vehemently /choose/ to be blind to our past and as you seem to be saying, directly reject its wisdom... well, that is not indicative of the teachings of the gods. Any of them."

"The Archscholar has the right of it. Sister...? I did not catch your name, simply that you were godsworn."

"In any case, you are not wrong. History is important, but it is not cylical. Things change. Humanity innovates." His voice grows a bit more rueful. "That soldier was wise beyond his years. Our Compact is built on sacrifice. It paves the way for our children, just as our children's sacrifices will pave the way for theirs."

"In any case," Laric says a beat later. "That's all the time I had for tonight. There is one more thing I'd like to say before we go." Yes, the salamander is people too. It lifts its head, then rises and scurries across the table to climb back up Laric's arm. "It may be a point someone has already covered, but we do not have the luxury of simply forcing awareness of these issues on the greater populace. To do such is to recklessly provoke a reaction from the entity. I suspect the only reason the former Lord Esra lives is because to devour him now would be as good as confirming his words. 'The lord protests too loudly', as... ah, some playwright said." He murmurs something aside to those seated at the table, then begins to rise. "I am certain none of you fine men or women would seek to follow his example, but do not let the entity's silence embolden you to take such wild risks."

"And there is information that we have lost, that would help us serve the Tw-the gods better," Rinel interjects. "So much was lost following the Crownbreaker Reformation--and perhaps there was some value in what was lost, even though the Reformation was beneficial for the Faith."

Katarina grows increasingly annoyed with every new missive pressed into her hand, so much so that the princess' interest in the debate has waned considerably. She scoots aside, bringing herself in closer to Kael.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Waldemai signals for more ale. Listening to a debate is thirsty work.

Kael peers sidelong toward Katarina when she moves toward him, though his arm stays firmly around Reigna. It is the additional missives that are pressed to her hand that have him leaning in and murmuring a few words quietly underneath his breath to her.

Bianca gave a short bow of her head to Laric, "Thank you for your insights and company, your highness. Be well and may your understanding of our world be broadened."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

"I am not rejecting the wisdom of the past, Blessed Bianca." Emilia says. "I am rejecting the glory." She explains, "When I first spoke up, it was not because I thought seeking history was pointless- I do not think so. The actions and words of the past guide my tenets of chivalry and fortify me against the evil. I spoke up, because I thought, correctly or wrongly, that it was implied, that if we recapture our past glory, that we would somehow be 'better' or 'stronger'. I disagree with this notion. Very strongly. The path to our victory and very survival, is through faith. It is a constant journey, for every single person, no matter how many before them got however far on it. Those people-- in the past-- can inspire us, motivate us, embolden us, but that is all they can do. The rest is up to us, and no one else."

Finally, she nods to Laric and says, "My name is Emilia. Thank you for your wise words, your Highness." And then she inclines her head to Bianca, "And thank you for your patience, Archlector. I truly appreciate it."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Katarina checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

From where he sits, Giulio simply listens to Laric's statement, a hint of a faint smile lingering on his lips. There's glance paid towards Emilia, his head half-tilting in her direction, before he glances back to Bianca. There's a thinness to his smile and he chuckles, faintly.

Bianca's lips parted, "Aaaah. I see." She chuckled, "Then there was a misunderstanding indeed. To clarify on my end as well, I was referring to practical tools to be used be they figurative or literal. As well as learning from our mistakes."

There isn't much to say at the moment, as Fairen continues to listen to the speaks present their mindset. Though it does seem the event is coming to an end, and then he turns to watch Laric silently for a moment. Finally, he leans in to offer a few whispered words to Bianca.

"There is much to be said about learning from the past's mistakes to forge a new future clear of them. And there is also something to be said about restoring old traditions and the lore that will serve us well for future challenges," Theron muses, nodding once to Bianca, then. "Thank you for hosting this debate, Archscholar. It was enlightening."

Katarina lifts from her seat. "Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, and shed insight on matters that our vassals and peerage might have concerns about," she addresses to Laric, soft-spoken and earnest in her genuine gratitude. "It certainly helps me to know how now to answer the same questions those who look to us for leadership and guidance might raise to us in the future." Another messenger and quiet words with Kael sees her visibly perplexed, quietly drawing away with a final curtsy to Bianca. "And Archscholar, I still await with pleasure for your questions on the East. It's been a while since I was able to speak on them."

"Of course. It was a pleasure. It's rare for me to have an opportunity to speak openly. And please," Laric adds as he gazes over the room. "Do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my Inquisitors, such as Lord Giulio, if you need advice or assistance dealing with any sort of supernatural problem. We cannot always provide answers, but when it is necessary, we will always provide assistance and advice. Arvum stands together or it falls divided." He makes his way from the room.

The salamander chirps a few cheerful goodbyes as it rides away. Smart creature!

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a fire salamander leaves, following Laric.

Bianca looked first to Theron, leaning into the whisper Fairen offered though she bowed her head with a small smile to the Sword of Ostria. "It has been my pleasure, though I must admit... my mind is beginning to haze and I think I may be unable to continue further this evening."

Reigna shifts in her seat and looks to the departing Katarina. Laric's words are heeded and she looks then to Bianca and then Kael. "Thank you for this, Archscholar. I hope to speak with you again soon. You should come to dinner at Keaton Hall. I would be glad to have family over once more." She leans in and kisses Kael's cheek, murmuring, "I think, however, that I will go home and hug my son now."

Emilia smiles as she takes a seat once more, "I thought you were very well spoken, Archscholar, and I think you approached each question with the correct attitude and tone." She says, looking quite different than she did before- brighter and warmer. "If it is of any value, many people we spoke to, while patrolling, were not swayed by Mister Esra's words, or clouded by fear."

Rinel frowns slightly as she taps her chin. "At some point, Archscholar, I should like to hear what the bulk of the laity can do to prevent this... intellectual contagion. Dangerous information is like a disease--it spreads, and it seems we must keep it localized to... limit the danger."

The bow of her head was gracious to Emilia's words.

Theron confirms Emilia's words with a nod of his head. "Not only that, they seemed more than willing to report the man at the first sighting, which is to your merit; his words were not trusted."

Kael's frowning with the departure of the second Valardin Princess, and this departure is not as easily let go as the first. There is a distinct mark of concern writ upon his features, from the furrow of his brows to the way that his lips press into a thin line. Shaking his head, he is turning back to his wife just in time for her to offer words of departure. To those, he nods, and focuses in on Bianca. "Indeed," says the quiet Keaton. "I would welcome a conversation or three when there are not so many... pressing matters. Good eve, Archscholar." He rises from the chair, offering his arm to Reigna.

The bow of her head was gracious to Emilia's words and Theron's follow-up. "The last most note was my greatest concern. Fear. I do not recoil from my methods and work being held under scrutiny, but the fear he could incite with the information that he claimed as truth..." She trailed off, nodding to Reigna. "I would like that very much." To Kael as well a nod was given. Rinel another though she added, "Yes, but not tonight. It has been a difficult few weeks and I believe I might retire for the evening."

Rinel inclines her head respectfully. "Archscholar."

Waldemai says, "More ale."

"Have a pleasant evening, Count and Countess Keaton." Fairen says simply, nodding his head at them as they prepare to leave. Then he shifts his attention back towards Bianca, listening to the spew of questions and conversations she receives. Finally, he looks back at Emilia and offers her a faint smile. "This is good news indeed." Which he adds as he shifts to look over at Theron.

Giulio offers a bow of his head towards Biana. "Archscholar," he says, quietly, a hint of deference in his tone.

Bianca bowed her head to Giulio as well, leaning to reply to Fairen finally!

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