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Subject Poster Date
Barony Looking to Build Up Thorley 11/21/18
Resource Trade Alexio 11/20/18
Velvet Box: New Stock Josephine 11/20/18
Free Hats Petal 11/20/18
Agriculturists and Riddlers Sought Forato 11/20/18
Interior Design Solange 11/20/18
Very bored retainers Alarissa 11/20/18
Investigator for hire? Carmen 11/20/18
Seeking reasonably-sized house plant Carmen 11/20/18
advanced Huge weapon lessons Samuele 11/19/18
Corset Designer Teagan 11/19/18
The Gilded Page Presents... Monique 11/19/18
Investigation Training Nuala 11/19/18
Cohosting Types Aisha 11/19/18
Lorna's Scents at Tangled Petal 11/19/18
Modeling in exchange for economic River 11/19/18
Velvet Box: New Items Josephine 11/19/18
Leading from behind! Alarissa 11/19/18
Train My Bodyguard Mirella 11/19/18
Fizz-Key Cristoph 11/19/18
Empathic Sheena 11/19/18
Second verse, same as the first Solange 11/19/18
Looking for Teachers Brianna 11/19/18
Model for hire River 11/18/18
Sponsor sought Josephine 11/18/18
Dress Sold Petal 11/18/18
Aion Winter Gown Petal 11/18/18
Last Call and New This Week! Nurie 11/18/18
Fitness Trainer Sought Auda 11/18/18
Furrier Wanted Samantha 11/17/18
Velvet Box: Vouchers and rings Josephine 11/17/18
Gilded Page New Stock Monique 11/17/18
Seeking Hunt Teams for event 2440 Ouida 11/17/18
Lessons in Physical Skills Mirella 11/17/18
Stories at Jyri's Art Jyri 11/16/18
Pluvio Apothecary Auda 11/16/18
Dress Sold Petal 11/16/18
BBC Makes Caskets Adora 11/16/18
Icicle Gown Petal 11/16/18
Theology Lesson Emily 11/16/18
Jyri's Arts Jyri 11/16/18
Healers available? Not a huge deal. (Kind of a big deal) Jeffeth 11/15/18
Proteges & Partners for Foreign Fun Fatima 11/15/18
Looking for Creator of Fizz-Key Lottie 11/15/18
One Day Left! Phoenix Painting Clover 11/15/18
Wines Solange 11/15/18
Protege Sought Regla 11/15/18
Crafters Guildmaster Looking For A Patron? Maybe? Joscelin 11/14/18
Tailor Sought Aisha 11/14/18
Protege Sought Lou 11/14/18
Smith Sought Lianne 12/08/17