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Subject Poster Date
Marquis Rymarr Deepwood Kenna 09/15/18
Lady Kenna Whitehawk Rymarr 09/15/18
Challenge Withdrawn Monique 08/28/18
Duke Asger Crovane Monique 08/28/18
To Marquessa Rhea: Accepted! Reigna 08/20/18
Combat Trainer Vandred 08/19/18
Marquessa Reigna Keaton! Rhea 08/17/18
Accepted: Princess Katarina Valardin Octavia 08/12/18
Lady Octavia Kennex Katarina 08/12/18
Very well, Prince Niklas. Zoey 08/04/18
Lady Zoey Kennex Niklas 08/04/18
Prince Niklas Grayson Zoey 08/04/18
Very Well Victus 08/02/18
Accepted: Princess Berenice Velenosa Karadoc 08/02/18
Lord Karadoc Saik Berenice 08/02/18
High Lord Victus Thrax Alarissa 08/02/18
Laurent vs Valardin: The Epic Conclusion Cristoph 07/29/18
Sir Jordan Ober Jeffeth 07/25/18
Re: Challenge Jordan 07/25/18
Sir Jordan Ober Jeffeth 07/24/18
Challenge Accepted: Alis v. Hadrian (R-R-R-Reeeemiiiiiiixxx!) Hadrian 07/16/18
Challenge Accepted: Alis v. Hadrian Hadrian 07/16/18
Marquis Hadrian Mazetti Alis 07/16/18
Challenge acknowledged and accepted Alarissa 07/15/18
Princess-Consort Alarissa Thrax Eleyna 07/15/18
Apology Accepted Fairen 07/15/18
Marquis Fairen Leary Barric 07/15/18
Champion Chosen! Caspian 07/12/18
Luca Duarte 07/11/18
Re: Ainsley Grayson Tikva 07/11/18
Tikva Grayson Ainsley 07/11/18
Duke Cristoph Laurent Edain 07/11/18
High Lord Edain Cristoph 07/11/18
Re: Caspian Wild Bliss 07/11/18
Bliss Whisper (Ignore Previous Challenge) Caspian 07/11/18
Count D: A Response Luca 07/11/18
Re: Fairen Barric 07/11/18
Prince Barric Grayson Fairen 07/11/18
Withdrawn: King Alaric Grayson IV Bliss 07/10/18
Re: Talen Fairen 07/09/18
King Alaric Grayson Bliss 07/09/18
Calaudrin Estardes Sparte 07/09/18
Fairen: Accepted Derovai 07/09/18
Prince Luca Grayson nee Velenosa Duarte 07/09/18
Marquis Fairen Leary Talen 07/09/18
Derovai Voss Fairen 07/09/18
Princess Sabella Grayson Grazia 06/30/18
I accept Leola 06/28/18
Champion Named: Sir Jeffeth Bayweather Karadoc 06/28/18
Challenge: Dame Leola Allenatore Karadoc 06/28/18
Fight me, Skald (NOT LITERALLY) Laric 06/27/18
Sure, why not Skald 06/27/18
Skald Redux Laric 06/26/18
Lord Niklas Micaela 06/26/18
Bliss Whisper Alessandro 06/24/18
Lord Alessandro Greenmarch Bliss 06/24/18
Princess Elgana Redrain: Champion Named Bliss 06/24/18
Response to Bliss Elgana 06/24/18
Princess Elgana and Bliss Whisper Alessandro 06/23/18
An Addendum Re: Princess Elgana Redrain Bliss 06/23/18
All of You are Wrong Duarte 06/23/18
Bliss Whisper, Marquis Fairen Riagnon 06/23/18
Bliss Fairen 06/23/18
Princess Elgana Redrain Bliss 06/23/18
Re: Audric - Champion Named Bliss 06/22/18
RE: Bliss, Sure, Let's Do This Thing Audric 06/21/18
Challenge Accepted Micaela 06/21/18
Lady Micaela Niklas 06/21/18
Oh Dear Micaela 06/21/18
Lady Micaela Malespero Jeffeth 06/21/18
Re:I accept Fairen 06/20/18
An Error Reigna 06/20/18
I accept Reigna 06/20/18
I Accept Belladonna 06/20/18
Countess Keaton Fairen 06/20/18
Re: Me! Saoirse 06/17/18
Saoirse Tikva 06/17/18
Champion Named Duarte 06/17/18
Okay! Duarte 06/17/18
Count Duarte Amadeo Quenia 06/17/18
RE: Marquessa Cambria Mazetti Talen 06/17/18
Champion Chosen Orazio 06/17/18
Duchess Belladonna Pravus Orazio 06/17/18
Don't Think I've Forgotten, Luca... Caspian 06/17/18
Grazia Rubino Niklas 06/17/18
Lady Octavia Kennex Grazia 06/16/18
Duchess Grazia Rubino Octavia 06/16/18
Baron Audric de Lire Bliss 06/12/18
Archduke Talen Velenosa Cambria 06/12/18
Marquessa Cambria Mazetti Talen 06/11/18
Lys de Lire Theo 06/08/18
Prince Theo Velenosa Lys 06/07/18
To Master Wild: Take Your Knives and.. Sheathe Them Luca 06/07/18
To Prince Luca: Get Out of Here With Your Swords Caspian 06/07/18
Kenna Whitehawk: You're Wrong Ainsley 06/04/18
Ainsley Grayson: Tiaras and Coronets Kenna 06/04/18
Apology Accepted Bliss 05/28/18
An Apology to Bliss Seax 05/28/18
Lord Seax Halfshav Bliss 05/28/18
Apology Accepted Bliss 05/15/18