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Subject Poster Date
Apology Accepted Bliss 05/15/18
Reply to Jeffeth Eirene 05/14/18
Eirene Malvici Jeffeth 05/14/18
Bliss vs Jeffeth Results Eirene 05/14/18
Re: Eirene Saoirse 05/08/18
Challenge to Saorise Eirene 05/08/18
What. Victus 05/08/18
Challenge to Prince Victus Thrax Alarissa 05/08/18
Response Arn 04/19/18
Duke Arn Telmar Tikva 04/19/18
Challenge accepted Reese 04/16/18
Challenge to Princess Reese Isabetta 04/16/18
Yet Another Challenge to Prince Ardoin Valardin Oona 04/11/18
Apology Accepted Barric 04/01/18
A Formal Apology Ardoin 04/01/18
I Accept Belladonna 03/31/18
Answer to Duke Harlan Ashford Barric 03/31/18
Challenge to Prince Barric Grayson Harlan 03/30/18
Sir Jordan Ober Apollis 03/30/18
Lord Apollis Malvici Jordan 03/30/18
Clarification Barric 03/29/18
Challenge to Prince Ardoin Valardin Barric 03/29/18
Accepted Victus 03/27/18
Challenge to High Lord Victus Edain 03/27/18
Challenge to Belladonna Pravus Cassima 03/27/18
Challenge Accepted Gareth 03/08/18
Prince Gareth Petal 03/08/18
Challenge Accepted Alarissa 02/20/18
Princess Alarissa Thrax Rook 02/20/18
Formal Apology Calaudrin 02/15/18
Challenge: Calaudrin Estardes Thena 02/15/18
Abject Apologies Thena 02/14/18
Prince Rook Valardin Alarissa 02/13/18
Yeah, alright Skald 02/13/18
Skald Laric 02/13/18
Dame Thena Grayhope Calaudrin 02/13/18
I ACCEPT Magpie 02/13/18
To Magpie Grayhope Aleksei 02/13/18
Re: Princess Tikva's Challenge Cadenza 02/13/18
Princess Cadenza Velenosa Tikva 02/13/18
High Lord Victus Reese 01/25/18
Princess Reese Grayson Victus 01/22/18
Challenge Accepted Reese 01/22/18
Princess Reese Grayson Alarissa 01/22/18
To Marquessa Kennex Clover 12/28/17
In Response Vanora 12/28/17
Marquessa Vanora Kennex Clover 12/28/17
Fairen vs Nicia: Accepted Fairen 12/27/17
Challenge to Marquis Fairen Leary Nicia 12/21/17
Lady Monique and Princess Alis: Terms of Endearment Monique 12/19/17
Princess Alis: Accepted Monique 12/18/17
Challenge to Lady Monique Greenmarch Alis 12/16/17
Challenge to Corban Telmar withdrawn Sasha 11/28/17
To Princess Sasha Valardin Monique 11/28/17
Challenge to Corban Telmar Sasha 11/28/17
Now 100% Blood Free Thena 11/05/17
Terms Accepted Calaudrin 11/05/17
Accepted Thena 11/05/17
To Dame Thena Grayhope Calaudrin 11/05/17
clarification Caras 11/05/17
Challenge Retracted Aleksei 11/05/17
Aleksei's challenge accepted Caras 10/31/17
Challenge to Archlector Caras Aleksei 10/31/17
Challenge Accepted Marian 10/29/17
Princess Marian Redrain Victus 10/29/17
Pravus vs Stonewood Belladonna 10/28/17
Challenge Rescinded Reese 10/19/17
Stonewood Belladonna 10/18/17
Telmar-Wyrmguard Duel Corban 10/18/17
Lord Reiker: Accepted Corban 10/17/17
Lord Reiker Wyrmguard Corban 10/16/17
Prince Aurelian Reese 10/16/17
Challenge Reese 10/13/17
Acceptance of Reese's Challenge Aurelian 10/12/17
Challenge to Prince Aurelian Reese 10/12/17
Challenge Ceded Carita 10/10/17
Challenge to Edward 'Heartbreak' Carita 10/09/17
Defending My Craft and Customers Magpie 09/15/17
Denied Fergus 09/14/17
In Defense of Pink Reese 09/13/17
As you wish! Valerio 08/29/17
The Violet Dress Talen 08/20/17
Eurusi Princess Katarina Abbas 07/02/17
Eat Moose Poo, Abbas Thrax Katarina 07/01/17
Grayson vs. Grayson Reese 06/26/17
Reese Grayson Ainsley 06/26/17
Maim or Mercy Sparte 06/21/17
On Dispelling Blood-Feuds Victus 06/20/17
A Sword's Willing Service Dagon 06/20/17
Duke Dagon Tyde Dominic 06/20/17
Karadoc Saik Mercedes 06/16/17
To Lady Octavia Kennex Orazio 06/05/17
To Orazio Octavia 06/05/17
Yes, seriously. Eleyna 06/02/17
Seriously, Eleyna? Talen 06/01/17
Challenge to Sigurd Nightgold Aureth 03/12/17
It's TIME! Dominique 03/06/17
Duels Go Here Apostate 03/05/17