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Archlector Brigida of Petrichor

Bring faith to the gods. Bring compassion to your fellows. Leave your nonsense at the door. Or if you must keep it, keep it inside your head and do not trouble me with it.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Woman of Iron
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Fidante
Gender: female
Age: 60
Religion: Pantheon; Petrichor
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: silver-blonde
Eye Color: dark green
Skintone: fair

Titles: Archlector of Petrichor

Description: It's hard to tell where the blonde in Brigida's hair ends and the white begins. She keeps it short, a round, shapely cut that fluffs little around her head like the aureole of a silvery dandelion when she does not comb it back. Her eyes are a deep green, leafy, that sometimes shows a tiny gold fleck, like sunlight dappling through the forest. What was once a rubenesque youth and beauty is now a soft rounding of age, etched with minimal lines but cast in deep grooves that highlight the strength of her cheekbones. Her nose is slightly broad, slightly flattened. Her eyebrows are a darker blond arch over her vivid eyes. She might have once been taller, but now stands rounded and small and with immense gravitas, sometimes carrying a stick.

Personality: Brigida has lived through it, whatever it is. Loss, death, war, love, tragedy, dreams dying aborning, dreams awakening: she's been there. She knows. Her wisdom is cut with no little vinegar. She is fierce and bold behind an iron propriety that has been cultivated with age, and only occasionally is breached to deliberately shock people. Tough, tough-minded, and without compunction about doing what needs done, she is socially extremely perceptive, clever, and can be as manipulative as an entire league of grandmothers working in concert.

Background: Brigida has lived through it all.

When she was a girl, she was as fine a hunter, dancer, and player of music as any lady of the Lyceum. She was not the most beautiful of her sisters but she was clearly the most accomplished. At sixteen, she was the Golden Rose of Tor, and she had lovers on her string at twenty ranging from all over the Compact.

But all idylls end.

Brigida joined the Faith relatively late -- at 24 -- in part to avoid a disastrous marriage she did not want that would have sent her to the Laurents. She had no desire to join the workhorse duchy of the Valardins. Instead, she cast aside the silks of her wild life as the Golden Rose of Tor, and threw herself into a new life as a priestess. She had a solid background of Lyceum politics to bring with her to the priesthood along with genuine faith for the gods and a healthy respect for the power structures here that she could potentially grow into. She had already survived at least three poisonings before she donned her first robe. She learned quickly that the machinations of the priests were different in form from those of Lycene politics but not in kind. Ambitious people jockey for position everywhere, and the Faith is no exception.

By the time she was 40, she was such a mainstay of the priests of Petrichor that there were few other names that could even be considered for his Archlector. Yet at this pinnacle she chose to stay, leading the godsworn and championing the guardian of the land rather than attempting to politic any higher.

Relationship Summary

  • Duchess Liavetta Rubino - Sister
  • Lady Allegra Fidante - Sister
  • Lord Nino Fidante - Brother

  • Frenemy:
  • Orazio - ...verbose

  • Family:
  • Valkieri - Deceased Nephew
  • Zaccheri - Deceased Nephew
  • Cara - Probably Alive Niece
  • Prospero - Probably Alive Nephew
  • Castruccio - Probably Alive Nephew
  • Serafina - Probably Deceased Niece
  • Name Summary
    Adora If more Archelectors were like her, I might actually be more godly. But they aren't. I don't like her.
    Alarissa There are those who with time, pressure and age, become something more. To walk the path of a godsworn is a righteous one, and a respectful one. To walk it till you are called to serve as Blessed, even more so. I like her. There are no punches pulled and she bears her position with dignity and quiet pride. Ever shall I answer when the Blessed calls.
    Apollis She caught me eating candy in church. She didn't seem too pleased.
    Caspian It's hard for me to not like someone. But I suppose if there is one thing that could be applauded about her, she managed to do it for me. Old and haughty, and the only redeemable factor is she is an Archlector who has interesting information on some of my friend's grandparent's sex lives.
    Cassandra Tough and unflinching, willing to ask difficult questions in defense of the Faith. Good, we need that and more willing to be that voice of conscience over conflicts of interest.
    Col I wish my father would have the same strength and vigor as she. She seems a truly remarkable and experienced woman. I should like to learn the stories of what made her decide to join the Faith, or achieve so much within it.
    Coraline A kind, generous, and very helpful Archlector, I hope to know her better
    Cullen The formidable Archlector expresses her no-nonsense determination in every word and action, and I was glad to see her again. Gods know we need her help now, and any threat to the Lodge terrifies me to the core.
    Delia Sharp, with a rapier wit. Gives as well as she takes, when dealing with those of blunt manner.
    Delilah A venerable woman who blows in like a storm and strikes low any notions of ego with a single well-placed bolt of rhetoric. Someone to admire in conversation and dread as a social foe. Petrichor has a powerful presence that I would rather not cross.
    Domonico A sharp tongued lady who revealed some interesting opinions about grandfather. I like her.
    Edain Wise, but without the the patience to speak anyway other than in the most blunt manner possible. It can make you bristle, but her ire is almost always well earned and makes you examine yourself rather than be mad at her. Really she reminds of of Duke Arn. She looks at me and I can just see her eyes saying, "Edain you are a slow, dumb, child" much like Arn's do. Really that's a high praise. I need that humbling at times.
    Gianna The Rose of Fidante still has sharp thorns. Not someone to be crossed.
    Ian I think she's got something to do with Petrichor. I should probably talk to her eventually.
    Jeffeth She's only a little scary, but I think she's a good lady. Scary because she's not the type you want to let down or dissapoint. Oh gods, hearing her say I'm not mad I'm disappointed would have me in tatters for weeks.
    John I definitely need to have more time to converse with Archlector Brigida, since she handles the Lodge of Petrichor.
    Leola The Archlector of Petrichor. I would know the truth as it sits behind her eyes. I value the words she speaks, and I respect the path she has walked. Also, I fear the lash of her tongue.
    Luca She really likes me. I can tell.
    Martino A wise older woman, and steel of mind as much as memories vase to hold it. To have lived in his grandfather's time, bless Lacopo and oils.
    Merek Archlector of Petrichor, and also the Golden Rose of Tor. As a servant to House Fidante, I respect Brigida a lot.
    Miranda An imposing and impressive figure, to be sure. But, then, that's to be expected of our Archlector. I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of her stares, too!
    Monique A capable Archlector, and one who seems to keep a clear and strong head in times of sorrow. Writes a good book, too.
    Perronne She is so regal! And intimidating! I would not want her to frown at me, and not just because Petrichor would probably curse me to falling into poison ivy forever.
    Petal The horn of the hunt! She seems well composed and impressive. I would expect no less.
    Reese She is probably special to the land and the forest. She has a nice way about her too, relaxed and easy to speak with.
    Rosalie Blunt and outspoken, I appreciate a woman who speaks her mind and challenges those around her to maintain their own composure and etiquette. There is much I could learn from her and I hope to get that chance.
    Sabella She has a sharp wit and she is not afraid to share her opinions, but I feel like she means well and has the good of the Lodge at heart in all she does! Plus she played along with me as Queen Alarice so she must not be all bad!
    Sable The Archlector of Petrichor is more welcoming than I might have assumed; she presents her thoughts with authority but also backs them up with logic.
    Sheena She seems very forward.
    Turo Witty. She says what she wants and doesn't waste words. Rare talent.
    Vanora If looks could kill I wouldn't necessarily be dead. Probably would be on fire though.