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Sir Austen Ferron

Medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find metal called guts.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Greenhorn Guard
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Ferron
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Sable
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tan

Description: A man of tall height and physical rigidity, Austen is imposing for someone so young. His set of rust brown eyes beneath tufted brows seem to look right through a person, carrying within them an eerie amount of intensity. His dark hair is cropped close to his scalp, longer on the crown of his head and tapering shorter on the sides. His nose is slightly crooked due to having been broken and healed awkwardly, but otherwise his facial features are unblemished, if not considered plain. He has the lean, muscular appearance of somebody accustomed to hard training.

Personality: It would be a mistake to consider Austen a dull man. While not especially outgoing, he is determined and decisive, and his silence is not borne of thoughtlessness or shyness: he's just terrible at small talk. Additionally, deception is not something Austen does: he is consciously opposed to it and terrible at it on the rare occasion he tries.

He is fiercely protective of his family and the few people close to him. Threats are not beyond him, regardless of who the threat is, but he can usually get the sentiment across by glaring daggers.

Background:     Austen Ferron is the baby of the family, though he may look far from it. He and his family resided in a small hamlet within the Oathlands and he spent most of his youth doing farmwork and growing strong through manual labor. The older youths of the village would often pick on him, until one day he shot up and wasn't quite so scrawny any more. Then he beat them up.

    Austen did not particulary want to become a farmer, nor did he wish to become a smith like his eldest sister Ida, so when the opportunity arose he joined the military as a soldier. It did not take quite as well as he thought it would: after running afoul of a vengeful noble he was discharged, but at that point he was just about done with that foray anyway.

    He returned home, still a teenager longing to be something more in the world. One day, a perfect opportunity arose: on his trek to the nearby city he came across the beleaguered caravan of a knight, and after helping fix the wheel the knight offered him a position as his squire. He happily accepted, and for the next two years accompanied the knight errant on his travels, learning what he could. Early into his eighteenth year he was knighted to little fanfare, but knighthood fit much better on Austen than farmerhood.

    He arrived in Arx and joined the Iron Guard at the recommendation of a friend of a friend. The intricacies of city law still puzzle him, but he is slowly getting the gist of it.

Name Summary
Ainsley Fierce, earnest. I cannot think of better qualities I would wish for in someone serving the Iron Guard. I can see him excelling.
Alarissa The imrpessive figure he cuts on the gauntlet. Valardin is lucky to have his fealty.
Amari He seems a little out of his element, but Arx can be a little intimidating. He does have courage enough to make it here, I think.
Aslaug (A crude sketch of a smile made up of crooked teeth.)
Barric Apparently doesn't have much of a taste for teas, not that I blame him overmuch, tea is tea really.
Caith I called this knight into service at the Taproom, asking him to dance with me when the mood struck. I think he was embarrassed but it was such fun! I hope he had a good time. At least a little bit! He seemed so nice under all that blushing!
Cullen Dame Ida's brother, he seems to fit the stereotype of the normal Oathlander and is an iron guard, so his humor is sometimes lacking. Still, he seems devoted to his sister, and that in itself is a good quality.
Duarte The staid and humorless Oathland knight. Always a fun time.
Gareth What needs to be said about this knight? Simplicity and a journymen of manners. The type of man I would love to keep silently in the ranks until he is needed to punch something.
Gianna A knight in the Iron Guard who also appreciates music.
Ian Once he learns to move with the momentum of his sword, he's going to be hard to beat.
Ida While my younger brother, Austen is someone I often look up to. A member of the Iron Guard is enough to make anyone proud, but he takes time to visit which I know takes what little free time he has. I'm so glad we ended up in Arx together and am often amazed at how our paths lead here.
Ignacio A determined knight in service of House Valadrin. I always enjoy encountering a honorable Knight. I expect he will serve his House well.
Iseulet Austen is, dare I say, adorable. I know, I say that about a man clad in armor roughly twice my weight clad head to toe in armor but we met at the Botanical Gardens and seeing him sit across from me so delicately with porcelain teacup in one hand and cookie in the other is now etched firmly in my memory and will do much to color my opinion of him in the future. Temper or no.
Jeffeth An Iron Guard knight who seems polite and very diligent about his duties. Good for him!
Joscelin Rather like a man assessing his position in the greater whole of what he's now become, trying to find his own personal borders while fitting into the spaces left by those around him. A jewel movement in an enormous clock. (I rather like him)
Katarina Austen strikes me as an unsual man; not so much that he is odd, quite the contrary. It is that he is unapologetic for who he is and makes no effort to change. There is a great deal of strength to respected in a man of his character. I just wonder if he realizes it?
Lys He's so cute! He doesn't get sarcasm and charm seems to bounce right off of him. I want to pinch his cheeks.
Margerie Ferron is a name that comes with expectations for my family. We are so very fond of Dame Ida, her company and her works. Young Sir Austen Ferron seems like an upstanding young representative of his clan. I wish him good fortune in the guard.
Mercedes A knight of the Iron Guard and of Valardin. He won the Gauntlet that Princess Alarissa hosted. He seems humble and honorable; he does the Oathlands proud.
Mirari A knight of something from somewhere. His first words to me were followed by an apology. I suppose that sums up how our meeting went. I suppose I'd speak to him again, after I've had enough whiskey.
Norwood A man of good humor and a solid bearing. I hope to learn more of him and what he does with the guard.
Petal A knight who seems like a nice guy.
Reese A knight and a member of the Iron Guard. He seems like a stand up sort.
Renato Ah such a pretty blush for a man, the knight is clearly unused to Lycene ways, I hope he does not get hurt.
Rohran The man has no skill with small talk, that much is obvious. I can't say I would ever count that against him, however. It was something that I spent no small amount of effort, in learning. And still, when someone else can carry the conversation, I am always happier to listen than to speak. I don't know much about Austen Ferron yet, save that his sister is a remarkable person, and I hope all the best qualities in her are something he has also inherited, even if manifested in other ways. He tells me he is a guardsman, though. I respect that. A thankless job at the best of times, and a nightmare at the worst. Guardsmen are rarely ever hailed as heroes, but each and all of them should be. I hope it is a duty he is dedicated to.
Valarian Like most Iron Guards, too eager to please and too servile by half. That being said, he's an affable and genial enough sort if you overlook the choice in vocation and the behavior that goes with it.