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Duke Malcolm Shepherd

You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your unbelievably distant family deciding to ennoble you, apparently.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Former Adventurer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Shepherd
Gender: male
Age: 34
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: coffee brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: tanned

Description: Malcolm has that 'handsomeness of indeterminate age' about him, with a still somewhat boyish grin, but crinkled laugh lines around his eyes that go with it. His brows will no doubt be wild and bushy when he is an old man, but he is not an old man, so they are strong and dark, and sketch out his exaggerated moods with perfect clarity. His expressive playfulness is the source of his charm. Otherwise unremarkable, and a little rough around the edges, he's a tall man, but not too tall; strong, but not obnoxiously so. He's clearly not a man that spends his time lifting heavy things to sculpt overt muscles.

Personality: Malcolm is perfectly suited for being a duke, if one ignores personality, training, inclination, background, motivation and goals, but aside from that, he's perfectly suited. Being told this was his new DUTY and OBLIGATION might make something in him roll over and die in complete exasperated surrender, but at his heart, he really does try to help people, even if a hefty dose of sarcasm helps him deal with what life gives him without dying of alcoholic liver failure.

Background: Malcolm is reasonably sure that his father was incapable of forming a sentence that didn't contain 'honor', 'duty', or 'responsibility'. Bentley Shepherd was exhausting that way. Getting up in the morning would be greeted with, 'it's about time you've risen, now to see to your duties' or 'our family's honor depends on how well we see to our responsibilities'. If ever there was a man that was born trying to hard to redeem his family's line for shame from three hundred years ago during the Crownbreaker Wars, it was Malcolm's father. And it wasn't as if another sometimes spear carrying soldier in the duke's army and other times farmer really had much responsibilities! But there was no telling dear old dad that. He could be asking about the chickens and it would be, "if you live life honorably, everything will fall into place. Now collect the eggs." WHAT DID THAT EVEN MEAN? How does that even follow? This, dad, is why mother left you to become a pirate.

So it came as no surprise to anyone that knew Malcolm, or talked to his father for more than three minutes, that Malcolm and his sister Bonnie left home immediately at eighteen to make their fortune in the wide 'and oft dishonorable' world, away from a parent who seemed to have taken a secret vow to never have a trace of humor or fun in his life. Malcolm immediately fell into sellswording for a living, and Bonnie became a 'naval acquisitions specialist' in the pattern of dear old mom, who apparently had made quite a name for herself at Port Defiance and around the Saffron Chain. Malcolm, unfortunately, discovered that for some reason it seemed like he just had the kind of face that screams to people, 'I have a problem. That fellow right there seems just the person to help me out with my personal tragedy, curse, adventure, expedition, or otherwise life threatening sojourn'. He has no idea why it happens. You don't just go up to a random person on the street and tell them how you need help because Little Timmy wandered into a Shardhaven or some shavs kidnapped your dog! But it led him to forming an adventuring company named the Valiant Effort with Bonnie and some friends, to at least make official the reason they would be wandering into extraordinarily regrettable situations.

Life was just approaching something close to relaxing if regularly life threatening when he received word that his father, the seemingly now knighted Sir Bentley Shepherd, had died. Very sad, exasperating old man or no. And that he had died saving Duke Gregor 'the Butcher of Graypeak' Shepherd, and had been serving for years as the House Sword. And that Duke Gregor, now succumbing to his own wounds, had made a deathbed decree re-ennobling Sir Bentley Shepherd 'to erase the stain of honor on that distant branch of House Shepherd', and effectively making Malcolm his heir, which for some mind boggling reasons his 9th cousins are actually okay with, despite Malcolm repeatedly offering it up. The letter written by his father that Malcolm received posthumously with this news read, "It is your duty to see to the restoration of the house honor, and live up to all of your responsibilities."

Oh no. It was the trifecta.

Name Summary
Adora Good taste in furniture. But he's not buying more when prompted. I don't like him.
Austen A rather talkative duke. He seems new to teh position, and anxious to redeem the name of his family. An honourable urge, I hope it works out well for him.
Berenice Oh he does /try/, doesn't he? Darling.
Calandra He says he's not the Butcher Duke. He /says/. It's probably true. /Probably/.
Caspian I like this man! He seems to be craving adventure. I can understand his feelings. Maybe we can go on an adventure some day together?
Cedric The poor man needs help and is very wise indeed to readily and obediently take wise direction.
Cirroch For someone who is a Crownlander, he is quite good with snowballs!
Draven He didn't pay! The Hug Tax! It's okay! He seems nice! I like him lots! Maybe too serious! Too sly and serious!
Fiora Going to give me a dog? We'll see if he's worth his word. If he does, maybe he's not so bad. If he doesn't. Well. Then.
Harlex Doesn't seem like a Duke. That's good. Amicable, too.
Iseulet One of those men that you can meet and tell he is good to his core. He laughs from his belly. I like that - I hope being a member of the Peerage doesn't steal that away from him. Keep smiling, Duke Shepherd!
Jeffeth I don't really know who he is. But I liked him. He didn't really know what to do with himself at a memorial. Some people would think that's bad, but I think that shows a good heart. So he probably has a good heart. Or I'm totally wrong and he's terrible. Let's hope the first!
Kaia A friendly and talkative man; he seems nice!
Kenna I feeeeeellllll like he really doesn't want to be known as the butcher. Cuz that's understandable.
Lou Easily excitable, but very interested in exploration. New to his position, but much room for growth. I'm sure he'll do his family well.
Miranda Talking to Ribbons about her eyes... He has a dry wit I admire.
Pharamond Assuming the newest Duke doesn't get eaten alive I have a feeling I could come to enjoy knowing this man. He seems enthusiastic for his family.
Reese He seems like a well spoken, charming and intelligent Duke. He seems to get things and has an alertness about him.
Samuele Sometimes being awkward in greetings is the best way to make them. He seems cheerful at least.
Venturo A warm enough soul, and a Duke at that. It's always a pleasure to meet those who might be future partners in the endeavors of the Raconteur and bringing food and entertainment to all of the lands of Arvum.
Wyatt He's a great new cousin, and that pained expression when I start talking about trade law just shows that he bears the weight of his responsibilities seriously, and is steeling himself against missing any of it. It must continue.