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Lord Mirk Halfshav

If I make it through this, I'll give up...

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Spiritualist and Dealmaker
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Halfshav
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Dealmaker
Height: 5'11
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: rock grey
Skintone: fair-skinned

Description: This man is stout and well-built. He is not a specimen, he is not impressive, but he is sturdy with broadly sloped shoulders leading into thick arms with a strong chest and reliable legs to match. He has a full beard from ear to ear and a mustach to keep his face warm too. His brow is forever furrowed and his hairline is high giving him a windswept looked. Curling and tangled light brown locks are kept done up in a bun or knot at the back of his head, some charms hanging from it. Tattoos mark his forearm and entire left side. When visible they depict animals, abstract concepts, and places all woven together in a confusing tapestry of black ink against fair-skin.

Personality: Mirk is not a talker nor is he a charmer, he is a dealmaker. You want a little of this, you want a little of that, you don't know what you want? He'll make a deal with you, with your mother, with your brother, with your horse, he'll even make a deal with the spirits of your shoes. It's just his way he either sees what people want or convinces them he knows. It's all about connections.

Background: Halfshav does not always kill shav tribes nor force them to kneel at the tip of their swords. Sometimes they talk to them. The spirits are a universal touchstone and so is want. Lord Mirk Halfshav has always had a connection with the land and spirits. He even views them as separate things the spirits of the land and the nature of the land itself. It's those distinctions and subtle connections that color his worldview and the way he approaches problems.

Born to Eoghan Halfshav and cousins with Brianna, Seax, Arik, and Khanne the man is the eldest of that generation. He was the first to titter about Whitehold as a child. He remembers the births when he was a young boy of 6 even back then he saw the desires of people. The pride of fathers, the wish of mothers, the envy of Uncles. By the time he was in his mid-teens he was already a wanderer. He would leave Whitehold to visit different village shamans and speak of the world with them. While he was at it he'd visit the local tavern, the local matchmaker, really anyone of note. He spoke to them all and learned their stories but he never made up stories to compete always sharing his humble tale as it existed at the time.

It was in his eighttenth year that Mirk Halfshav encountered his first village of shav. He had been hunting for a meal, looking to bring back some pelts to a tanner in a nearby village. He stumbled onto the shavs hunting grounds and was captured. Lucky for him he is a Halfshav and he quickly illuminated the benefits of just moving a little closer to the settlement and instead of competing for game in winter and lands in summer working together. It worked! That was one of the several tribes he convinced by brokering a deal to kneel to the Compact. It wasn't all glory of the blade and he took pride in the knowledge that there always seemed to be a path towards satisfaction for all sides.

Now it is years later and the wandering spiritualist comes to Arx to see his family and bring his particular brand of talents to the complicated politics of the city. Half Savage and Half Hero if Mirk can balance those two ideals he can certainly balance the scales of the Houses of Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Tesha - Unexpected friend.

  • Ally:
  • Rowenova - Scout and universally helpful servant.

  • Family:
  • Vercyn - Formidable Duke of our House.
  • Khanne - Cousin and fellow Shaman.
  • Arik - Cousin, troublemaker, and desperately in need of my services.
  • Name Summary
    Agostino A pleasant nobleman from the North, full of courtesy. I hope my advice helps him in his stay here.
    Alessandro A Halfshav cousin who I do not know as well as some of them -- but by all appearances a good man to have at your side in times of trouble.
    Amari Too serious to dance, despite my best efforts. Still, he wasn't impolite about it. That was kind of him.
    Andry I'm looking forward to working together
    Ann Good man. Knows what's expected of him and knows the path he takes may not be the easiest but it is his and that's what counts.
    Appolonia This one is a puzzle, but I like puzzles, so I think that means I like what I've seen so far of Lord Mirk Halfshav. He is smart, willing to share knowledge rather than hoard it, observant. I hope that he continues to prove interesting. Those are the best sort of people.
    Arcelia A seemingly wonderful man. He asked about my family and I, naturally, asked him about his. I'm sure he'll find his Lady in the future even if he doesn't expect it or now protests.
    Arthen That's one fine northerner, if you ask me. A diplomat, so I hear it told! He ain't bad with tellin' a tale, either, and that endears him to me. I look forward to gettin' to work with him, as it looks like we are destined in the days to come to share a project or two.
    Austen A man of noble upbringing. He seems to appreciate Ida's work, which is never a bad thing. He is, perhaps, a little standoff-ish, but I could never fault someone for that.
    Bethany It's nice to see someone who understands that being a strong warrior is no substitute for good manners.
    Bliss One of this generation of Halfshavs who isn't out to prove how much of a man he is? I don't trust it. He hasn't tried to anger me or intimidate me once, so I'm not sure how to deal with this - I guess I just get to be polite? Well, where's the fun in that?
    Brianna My cousin needs to spend less time on paperwork and more time drinking whiskey. The paperwork always sorts itself out in the end, and the whiskey makes the papercuts feel a lot better.
    Cambria A lord of Halfshav. Somber. Serious. Who wouldn't be given the situation at the time? Well, aside from Hadrian and I.
    Caspian He seemed like a nice enough man. Didn't respond to my provocation about whiskey being dish water, so good on him?
    Cirroch He seems like a nice enough man.
    Clara Another Halfshav and Shaman... I look forward ta gettin' ta know him better.
    Col Seems a very busy man and not keen on using his own title. Looking for pups of his own I wonder if he intends to start breeding his own animals.
    Coraline A noble in the truest sense of the word, and not a bad patient besides. I am very glad he has Rowenova to help him out.
    Cullen Seems like a shaman version of Lord Arik - older, but favoring the same kind of dress, humor, and the like. Very much a Halfshav, but far more personable than Seax.
    Darren The typical Halfshav direct candor is present in Mirk, and I appreciate it. His desire to contribute to the social arena bodes well for the future of his usefulness to the fealty. He has become involved in the sort of projects that are near and dear to my heart, and I'm curious to see what he'll make of himself.
    Denica I don't know how he was just walking around with a wound like that all this time. Took his treatment like an adult too, which is more than can be said for most soldiers. I hope he's a bit more careful in the future.
    Domonico A shaman of Halfshav. Has been given the role of a builder of a townstead. Not a glorious role but necessary.
    Draven Rowenova says lots of the Halfshav people are nice! I don't know! They don't seem to like me much! I don't know if he likes me or not! I will try to be useful! Maybe he will like me then!
    Elgana Not what I am used to seeing from House Halfshav - Lord Mirk is pleasant, a good conversationalist and doesn't seem to buy into his cousin Arik's attempts to sell me off as a bride. I see potential there for perhaps a friendship and I do look forward to future dinners.
    Elias Collector of debts, destroyer of coinpurses.
    Faye A thoughtful and curious man, and we tend to agree on a surprising number of topics. I don't know much about Shamanism, but it makes me think I should learn more.
    Fianna Lord Halfshav, a fellow northerner and seasoned drinking partner. Knows a thing or two about whiskey, while I know plenty about drinking water. Good balance there.
    Gianna An excellent diplomat and a pleasure to work with.
    Hannah He appreciates animals, he is polite and pleasant company, and he is friend to my sister, this marks him firmly in my good books.
    Harlex You can count on a Northerner, diplomat or soldier, to be a steady as that hard land they come from.
    Helena Friendly and easy going, willing to put up with the strange mercurial moods of this Redrain princess. We'll have to have one of those man-to-man discussions on the secrets of our world someday.
    Iseulet A delightful Northerner and not what I expected of him. Not like Lord Arik in the slightest, but maybe he favors a far different side of the family. The more I learn however, the more I wish to know. Ah, North Men.
    Jordan Ambitious, talented, and proficient. Lord Mirk Halfshav and I have a lot of business to do together.
    Juniper Imagine when one day the South's impression of the North includes men like Lord Mirk, as well as the screaming fur-clad warriors whose early raids so terrified the border lands?
    Leif A shaman and lord. seems a good man
    Lore He has manners. And charm. Are you SURE you're a Northerner? Another illogically likeable Northerner.
    Lucita One of the Halfshav men who eventually will seek my help in some house matters. He is mature, has a strength of 'no nonsense' type personality. Will be interesting to see what happens as we talk next time.
    Macda I assaulted him with questions at a leather store. He took it well...until he ran away. Maybe he'll come back!
    Macda Shared a drink with a shark. Lots going on under that calm exterior. I'm convinced he was a farmer's son. Convinced.
    Magnus He seems to be a kind man of the Halfshav family. I missed him at the Fealty feast, but he caught up to me at the Spirits. He seems quite friendly, and I will have to make a point to learn more. He would be a good friend to have, I think.
    Mikani First time meeting a Shaman ... I feel oddly calm about that.
    Monique A Halfshav, and so kin to my cousin Lord Percephon, and thus, kin of the heart to me. Seems selfless, and very dedicated to his family. Both excellent traits if they're balanced by flaws.
    Morrighan Yet another Halfshav, but this one has more of a familial resemblance, at least to Arik and in part Khanne. I think that is about where the similarity ends, aside from his ability to hold his drink, doesn't seem to care for fighting all that much. Think perhaps I can get along with this one, too, but only time will tell.
    Nuala The generous wolf that brings back the kill to the family rather than rushing off like a night-stalking cat on his own. He granted largesse at the Spirits and that gesture was a welcome, unexpected thing.
    Oswyn Ledgers, numbers, and diplomacy instead of a battle axe. An appreciation for the preservation of knowledge. A curious mind is always welcome.
    Petal A HalfShav Lord who is well spoken and neogiates for his house. He seems to understand prodigals and has a good way with words.
    Reese He seems like a catch! Actually he reminds me a bit of Arik and I don't think he wants to be a catch. He seems like a decent sort of guy. Probably knows the forests well. We might have some things in common in that way.
    Reigna Halfshav. That alone earns him marks in my book. That he understands the value of a good hound only increases my estimation.
    Riagnon Khanne's burly, terribly trustworthy cousin. Of course, can't really say for sure if he's trustworthy- oh, but I already just did so... it's probably true!
    Rosalie An interesting man with refreshing views on a number of subjects. I may have to walk a few of my ideas past him, get his insights.
    Rowenova This Halfshav noble sincerely regards his born duty to our Northern people, is quite skilled with animal husbandry, is a clever man with witty humor which often gets me, is a fun fellow with whom to group study, and always seems to somehow exude a calming presence despite my overzealous enthusiasm.%RWe were Shot in the Back together during the Riverbend op, too!
    Samuele Definitely seems like an intellectual sort.
    Sasha A cousin of one of my trusted friends and a man whose work ethic I admire. I am excited to see what his wise mind will offer Arx while he is here.
    Shae Odd. Very odd. Smells funny too.
    Sparte A man of the north with a clear vision for what he believes. I admire that, though I wonder how he comes to his decisions on truth. Perhaps every truth is a personal one.
    Sunaia I don't know what "negotiator" stands for in the Northlands (the folk I've met in those reaches use weapons more than words in their negotiations, so I've found) and he claims not to be an architect in spite of being in the middle of building a city. Such a mystery.
    Valarian A Halfshav shaman with a connection to the spirits, it would seem. I got to see him at work from a distance, couldn't tell much, but he survived some giants so he must have done something right.
    Vercyn Eldest of the next generation of Halfshavs, son of my cousin Eoghan, I value Mirk's center and his ability to balance his views. He is arguably the least hot-headed of his generation, and I will see him take on more responsibilities in the future of our House.
    Volcica A helpful Halfshav. Perhaps the city isn't so bad.