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Past Actions

Action by Grazia

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 9, 2018, 7:16 p.m.)

Grazia calls together her friends and family to perform a ritual to cleanse the primum at the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day. She has set up a brazier to receive her offerings, which are set beside her: some valuable and some just personal mementos. Some jewelry, some paper, some scraps, but all thirteen objects have some sort of meaning to her. She has been meditating deeply prior to their arrival, and once they are all arranged, she says, "This is my ritual to cleanse the primum. May you all watch and learn. These are my sacrifices. May they help to create a stronger dream. A beautiful dream where magic is used for good and all may enjoy its fruits." And then she goes through her objects, explains each one, and commits it to the flames.

1 "A pair of copper armbands with attached umbra that were given to me by my new husband Aiden. A representation of the life that we find ourselves sharing, not by love but by politics, with affection nonetheless swelling in the background."

2 "A curiously cute but fake fur seal handwarmer, given to me by some young friends who found my generally cold demeanor in need of some warmth and amusement. The object is in the shape of a baby seal, as if they expected I could be cold and cruel enough to kill a baby seal for the warmth of its fur. But I can take a joke and I like it."

3 "A pair of sterling silver earrings set with multi-hued Gemecittan quartz, valued more since they were a gift from Guildmaster Joscelin, who enjoys working with the beautiful stones of my homeland."

4 "A ring set with Gemecittan quartz, not important in and of itself but precious to me because it comes to me from my homeland, Gemecitta. This ring was part of the set of favors that we gave out at both Lysander and Silvio's wedding, and at my own wedding to Duke Aiden, and thus it carries memories and strength of politics, doing right by Gemecitta."

5 "A small hairball of cat fur, valueless, but scraped from one of my umbra gowns after interacting with my beloved co-duchess Dafne. Although many assume we are in competition, we coordinate well, and we live like sisters."

6 "A message written to me by my brother Lysander, complaining about the lighting in the palazzo, because if you can't live in a beautiful world, Lysander will make it more beautiful for you."

7 "A mask, representing the Masquerades that Aiden throws, at which I may hide my face and enjoy the party without being the hostess. An excuse to be myself wholly, hidden behind the shield."

8 "A fabulous piece of fabric for Silvio, because he has fantastic taste in clothes and makes my dear brother very happy."

9 "A scribbled letter written by Valkeiri, a remembrance that no plans are truly set and for the man himself, in fondness."

10 "A dawnstone, like the dawnstone I gave the Archduchess, a reminder that a new dawn is breaking for the Lyceum and we are all part of it."

11 "An Inquisition badge, for being an Inquisitor and learning many things and investigating many problems is extremely rewarding."

12 "A simple law folio, as skill as a lawyer made me a valuable member of my family as well as a member of the Court."

13 "A piece of paper on which is copied a white journal from Theron Mazetti, publicly announcing he was coming home from war specifically to see me. I have loved no other the way I loved him."

Dafne is there, to affectionately support her co-ruler, and ready for anything unexpected. She will be paying close and careful note to the ritual as well, in preparation for doing it herself in future.

Miranda has been requested to witness this ritual. She will be observing with attention to detail so that she may learn and repeat it herself, eventually passing it on to others.

Quenia, being every curious about things, heartily agrees to participate in Grazia's ritual. She's intrigued about what it takes the cleanse the primum. She's very attentive to what Grazia has to teach her, and where possible she takes copious notes so that she can proceed with this act herself, and further teach others. She is there in support of Grazia, listening very carefully to what it is she is sacrificing, and sharing with her the memories that each of the sacrifice created. She smiles in support of her Duchess, and takes care not to interrupt her during this long process.

Luis has been invited as well and the curiosity in the man's demeanor cannot be denied. He will attend with paper and other implements ready to make notes on anything he does not believe that he can remember, though in turn he will reach out with questions after the ritual has been completed, attempting to understand the underlying cause and effect of the ritual.

Lucita observes each aspect of the ritual attentively, committing it to memory so she may replicate it using her own items to assist with the cleansing.

Mae is not entirely unfamiliar with odd rituals, so she'll not only be observing, but also helping, best she can. Pass ingredients over, help drawing lines with chalk, whatever it is Grazia might need, Mae will be the dutiful ritual assistant!

Mayir is, well -- Mayir is there. He seems more curious than anything, hanging out on the edges of the ceremony and observing what he sees, trying to make mental notes for his own ritual some day. When an Inquisition badge goes in, however, he smiles. Nothing like seeing the Inquisition get burned up. Metaphorically.

Notes will be taken. Copious amounts of notes. Details will be cross referenced. So. Many. Cross-references. Even more cross references then that. He does, however, keep the pen skritching to a minimum. Giulio is all about that 'not dying from primum poisoning'.

Antonio will attend the ritual, and quietly observe what happens, taking notes as he can.

Silvio listens to the ritual and participates

Jordan will be present for this ritual, keeping himself solemn as he takes mental note of all that is said, all that is sacrificed. He prays as the ritual continues, solemn and disciplined as a knight.

Fecundo has been invited to witness the ritual. He is attending to observe and learn how the ritual is performed, as requested by the head of his house and for his own benefit.

Grazia calls together her friends and family to perform a ritual to cleanse the primum at the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day. She has set up a brazier to receive her offerings, which are set beside her: some valuable and some just personal mementos. Some jewelry, some paper, some scraps, but all thirteen objects have some sort of meaning to her. She has been meditating deeply prior to their arrival, and once they are all arranged, she says, "This is my ritual to cleanse the primum. May you all watch and learn. These are my sacrifices. May they help to create a stronger dream. A beautiful dream where magic is used for good and all may enjoy its fruits."

She starts with copper armbands gifted to her by her husband. The copper flares and the flame burns green for a moment, flickering in the room as all watch carefully. Then a handwarmer, given as a gift - and as she explains its purpose and its meaning, Dafne laughs aloud. In fact, for a moment they are all sharing in the joke of it, touched by the humor of her gift and her vision of the Dream.

A set of silver earrings is next, and it's obvious this is the work of Joscelin. It's followed by a ring of Gemecitta, and as the two pieces of jewelry slowly melt in the flames, there's a sense of home, and beauty, and the touching feeling of welcome after a long journey away.

Then a hairball, and if it's an unusual sacrifice, Grazia's explanation has everyone turning to Dafne. For a moment there's a connection between the two women, shining and true in the light, and then it fades as the ritual continues.

Piece by piece she consigns to the flames, and with each one the feeling of warmth and welcome and home - complex and tangled, binding and freeing all at once surrounds each of them. When the ritual is completed at last, they all breathe a little freer - and with them always will linger a sense of family and home and connection, clean and true.

Action by Bianca for The Despite of Fable

(Public Action, OOC Date: Dec. 26, 2017, 8:45 a.m.)

The truth shall set us free.

The call has been made and a great archival is being set into motion by the Scholars of Vellichor, reaching out to the entirety of the discipleship far and wide in an effort to duplicate and spread information contained in each outpost of Vellichor’s faithful from the grandest library to the smallest monastery.

The plan itself is no small task and in reality Bianca is aware it will take years to come to fruition, but they had to start somewhere.

Phase 1: Organization - A rather large focus team is gathered utilizing local Scholars and overseen by three Senior Scholars (NPCs) to take point on the clerical end of the Archival process. The role of this team is ongoing, their job being to disseminate information to the known enclaves of the discipleship throughout the many territories of Arvum regarding the archival process and how it will function. Once the process begins, they will be the ones dealing with the incoming reports and developing an encoded master inventory list of all outlying literary collections within the jurisdiction of the Scholars. A secondary list will also be created in regards to the location of lost relics that may be hidden away though in the possession of the Scholars. This secondary list shall also be encoded, its construction remains solely in the hands of the three senior scholars on point for this team and is only to be viewed by them and Archscholar Bianca. Once both lists are completed a secondary action will be taken to protect the contents of the pages (either via in-game actions or a storyrequest). From there a procedure will be set in place for all future acquisitions to be reported to the Archives to be properly categorized and added to the proper encoded list.

Phase 2: Reproduction - The next step of this accounting is the duplication of documented works. Any pieces of literary record (fiction AND historical) not found in duplicate shall be reproduced by the Scholars located in the parish these works are found to be and aid from Arx will be sent to the smaller libraries in the form of manpower to help. The goal is that a copy of everything not deemed ‘imprimatur’ will be replicated and disseminated to the Archives as well as the discipleship’s library in each of the five regional capitals: Sanctum, Lenosia, Maelstrom, Farhaven, Bastion. Anything deemed ‘imprimatur’ will also be duplicated though these duplications will only be sent to the Great Archive. This process will also be applied to all new information coming into the Archives or discovered by the discipleship moving forward.

Phase 3: Dissemination to the Public - While the Archives have always been open to the public and all noble houses, an immediate public relations campaign is set in place to better inform those of Arx and Arvum on the whole that the pursuit of knowledge and information will not be turned away or looked upon with wary eyes. This campaign is to be fostered by /all/ of the discipleship setting the stage for an open door policy and as more information is collected in Phase 1 and Phase 2, the Archive will be able to ideally provide direction if not a copies of what is being sought. The title of the campaign is “Let no question go unanswered.” For those seeking knowledge that extends beyond the bounds of what is considered safe for public consumption, they will be directed to petition the Scholars for access. A small council of senior scholars headed by Archscholar Bianca will be set to task in reviewing such requests and disseminating information on a case by case basis (unless of course PCs come to her directly).

Now, with the discipleship’s funds recently diminished due to the recent expenditure in Stormward, Bianca is also reaching out to all those outside the Scholars willing to aid with this tremendous undertaking. Donations are to be accepted in specific to aid in the Archival as well as individual manpower for replication of books not marked ‘imprimatur,’ though the most poignant request in the forefront is martial cooperation and aid. There is a great danger present and those tasked with the duplication or simply traveling to disperse information and transport copies will undoubtedly need protection and assistance while traversing the many territories of Arvum. And sometimes boats. Boats are cool and there are a lot of islands to be reached.

Lady Monique Greenmarch has a wide net of contacts she employs, along with their silver and her own gratuitous charm, on behalf of the ArchScholar's endeavor. How does she find out the things she does? It's impossible to know, but she will attempt to secure safe roads to travel, and trusted safe houses for those scholars and their handlers to stay in, alongside vaults for the information to be saved.

Fortunato, although no official scholar, is happy to lend his hands and eyes to the work of replication (if with a tiny bit of illumination in the margins as strikes him, not enough to seriously detract from the speed of the task). He is able and willing to travel to the regional archives to aid copying work there as well, if, of course, with escort.

Sophie will be aiding in Phase 2, leading any and all Mercy volunteers to go through the extensive medical records and white journals of known Mercies, collating what is deemed important information. She will also write to the Mercy chapters throughout the Compact, seeking their cooperation, and offering organizational instruction to those wanting. Finally, she'll do what she can to procure what House Valardin has.

Phase I-III: Ailith will coordinate through her increasing network of Seraph contacts across the Compact, and reaching out also to the Seraphs that the Dominus and Legate of Creation informed Ailith about. She'll explain the first Phase of Archlector Bianca's process and encourage the Seraphs in how the parishes may assist such as the Seraphs providing copies of any texts to the Archlector or the three Senior Scholars. Ailith will assist in fielding any questions if the Seraphs respond directly to her. In additional letter will be included.

Calaudrin will be joining with other members of the Iron Guard in helping protect the Faith's documents as they move through the city. He'll be especially on the lookout for anything at all suspicious as they go.

Lord Commander Silas will be helping direct his men in protecting the precious cargo -- copies of invaluable lore from several great libraries and archives. He himself will likely lead the retinue guarding the largest cache. They will avoid all thoroughfares known to be havens for thieves and criminals, and all guardsmen on this mission will be thoroughly armed and alert. They will also not be guardsmen with past criminal history, themselves, no matter how small the theft or how long ago the incident occurred. No chances!

Ainsley will be helping with the Iron Guard portion of things. He'll be assigning more senior soldiers to help with the transportation and dissemination portion-- helping to protect the scholars. He, himself, will be with one squad of people helping to transport and protect. Carrying with him his Alaricite sword and his rubicund plate, as he leads the forces. He'll also supply some of his own military favors, writs, and currency to help with the project.

Harald has given leave for the the scholars of Vellichor to travel to Grihem's Point aboard his ships and under his protection, as well as granting them access to the Grimhall libraries. While the private Grimhall libraries are largely collections of literature (especially traditional poetic sagas which are widely believed simple verse fiction) any pieces desired for copying will be made available. After all, the Scholars certainly aren't likely to find any decent sagas on the mainland; it's a mission of mercy, really.

Phase 1: Knights of Solace agents, in the course of their usual duties, will help disseminate the new archival procedures across Arvum, and bring back reports if needed. They will also be instructed to share with Blessed Bianca or her chosen representatives any information they may have picked up in the course of their journeys regarding the possible locations of valuable documents that should be included in the archival effort. Phase 2: Knights of Solace will help protect sensitive archival works as they are transported to or from the various repositories in Arvum.

Mae has began to distribute the Commoners Bulletin, as well as a primer on a subject (Marin'alfar) that has otherwise been erased from history. She'll be writing more, including a book on reincarnation, and all will be spread far and wide. Take that, Fable!

Christine will help with phase 2, copying books that need to be reproduced, and translating those in Isles shav so they could be spread more easily.

Eirene, with the help of her own soldiers, goes through any of the Malvici libraries in Arx and sends word for the libraries of Southport to be duplicated and the copies added to the efforts, transported as quickly as the lot can be completed. As Malvici has a longstanding history of fighting demonic forces, she hopes to find useful information to be added to the master archives.

Lord Corban Telmar will invest both time, treasure, and resources into the Archscholar's appeal to duplicate and preserve knowledge. He will donate 200,000 in House Telmar silver to copying, transporting, and preserving Archives information in the Oathlands. He will also call in House Telmar's extensive network of military favors to ensure that the convoys transporting the materials are protected, and will personally lead some himself, lending his sword and considerable leadership abilities to the effort.

Armand, as a Templar disciple, will aid in the Scholar's efforts by ensuring their protection, notably during the more dangerous Phase 3 of the project, the dissemination and duplication. Able and willing to travel wherever the Scholars need to go, he will ensure that those he is tasked to protect are able to do their work unhindered. No criminal nor servant of the Abyss shall be allowed to stand in the way of Vellichor's holy work.

The main effort the Templars will offer, as well as general help should they be asked, is during phase 2. With the threat that bandits or indeed things more foul could try to stop the material reaching Arx, the Templars will make up to 1000 men at arms available to escort material from the various holds back to the capital. Alongside this, each Parish will be expected to have their templars provide additional support as material moves through their lands, more a procession of honour though that for military support. As the various archival holdings come together from the regions to head to Arx, the Templars will blob the escorting forces together and ensure that the material makes its way safely to Arx.

Cybele is good at organising and teaching and digging up info, so more than happy to dive into the deep stacks, and set to work looking at what comes in. Besides, the shaman has a knack for finding the right texts. Right? Right.

Delilah will be focusing her efforts on Phase 2, working closely with other scholars to replicate as many texts as she possibly can in her spare time. She will also be speaking with the Master of Questions in an attempt to more closely incorporate the Inquisition with the ongoings of this entire process.

Alaric will be having lots of nice things to say about the project, dropping little mentions to nobles and Crown functionaries and important merchants alike about how nice it would be to hear of people and groups lending some aid to the Vellichorian discipleship with their work, and generally generating some positive PR and motivation for people to get involved with helping.

Fatima will allow the Scholars access to the Thrax libraries available in Maelstrom to aid the Archscholar. More than that, though, she's using her social circle to help circulate the news of Phase 3: Dissemination to the Public. When Bianca signals it's time, Fatima will utilize her propaganda machine to get out the word the Archscholar desires.

Percephon will be participating heavily with the Phase 2 portion of this very important project. Working within his position as Senior Scholar, he will go to the library in Sanctum to assist in creating faithful duplicates of all materials that are that are uncovered and found. With a focus on organizing which overly important and sensitive materials will be sent to the Great Archives.

Estaban will be opening the Saik Library to the scholars of Vellichor, he will also be giving military esscort the schollars where they may need to go.

Victus will be allowing the Scholars of Vellichor within the libraries of the Maelstrom, as well as to comb the Isle the capital fortress is located on for nay other information they deem noteworthy. In addition, he'll be sending a detachment of some Thraxian scholars and stewards who are better versed in history than he is. Surely, the Isles will have LOADs of interesting stories to tell!

Aiden can help considerably in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Since he's had a lot of practice with the Court in reproducing works, that's where he will initially provide the most support, however, he's got a good eye for organization, so he'll certainly swap between the two roles, depending on what's more important at the time. Though since he's an excellent teacher, he puts a lot of his time into Phase 3 as well, answering as honestly as he can and has he has done to anyone in the past who has come to him for answers.

Not being much of a smarty himself, Edain will do his best to give the scholarly types the access and the trust they need to do something good, making sure they have access to the archives in Sanctum. He will also task 100 of his knights with the task of helping to escort the travelling scholars, with as much travel as this entails it is sure to tax even the Knights of Solace and so Edain will do his best to help them escort travelling scholars.

Alis has offered to help Bianca by assigning military escorts to and from Sanctum for the scholars that she sends, ensuring their safety and the safety of any materials they bring with.

Princess Isabeau Valardin will primarily be lending her assistance to this endeavor (in Phase 3) by using her considerable charm and skill in persuasion and propaganda to get the word out to the people that the great Archive's enriched texts are available and that the Scholars of Vellichor can guide everyone, high or low, rich or poor, to greater understanding of their world and the vast knowledge contained within.

Lark is opening the Grayson library to the Scholars, and spending her own time overseeing and directing efforts of scribes to copy their works.

While waiting to offer what aid he can for the protection of contents, Aleksei will also reach out to his the vague network he's beginning to form of those freed or aided in their freedom by the Liberators of Skald. Plenty of ex-thralls served in administrative capacities, and he'll kindly ask if they'd be willing to help the Scholars in their various local parishes. Hopefully it will provide some additional manpower for the copying of books and journals to be conducted under the local Godsworn at these various parishes.

Cicero is promising the scholars the use of the Silver Consortiums contacts and networking of infrastructure for moving about the Compact and keeping their scribes supplied as needed.

Deacon will focus his efforts on Phase 3. As a composer of some small renown, he will write a short series of ballads to promote the knowledge contained within the walls of the Archives. The goal will be to help popularize the pursuit of knowledge on the cultural level. Once he's written the music, he will make it available to every bard and performer whom he can convince to take it.

Samael will open up Pridehall libraries and provide military escorts for the Scholars coming to and leaving Pridehall. In addition to that in Phase 3 Samael will help to disseminate information using his oratory skills.

Sasha will in Phase 1 and Phase 2, she is able to reproduce and also translate many texts should the need be there. She is also a very good teacher as well so she will also assist with Phase 3 when the time comes.

Lucita, with her love of music, has been collecting old songs and legends through trading them with other musicians and travelers, bards and music lovers in the taverns, inns, bars and during social events in Arx. Many of these serve as oral history and some have not been documented. This she does and helps contribute to the overall effort toward Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Sebastian will be assisting in accompanying scholars to provide protection and whatever other assistance is needed as they travel throughout the Lyceum to various smaller locations. He will assist in acquiring passage through the lands and courts with which he is familiar, particularly around Setarco and the surrounding isles. He will also assist in locating the smaller repositories of knowledge, acquiring the information and documents required, and seeing their return to Arx during Phase 1. He will also work to help with transcription and the reproduction of drawings and other artistic work contained within the documents acquired during Phase 2. During Phase 3, he will help with the public relations campaign to help promote the use of the Archives and the future expansion of the knowledge contained therein through art and social engagements.

Juliana will be helping Sebastian and the accompanying scholars to provide protection and healing as well as any other assistance is needed as they travel throughout the Lyceum to various smaller locations. She will assisting him in acquiring passage through the lands and courts with which they are familiar, particularly around Setarco and the surrounding isles. She will also assist him in finding the smaller repositories of knowledge and in acquiring the information and documentation, to see that they are returned to Arx during Phase 1. She will also try to help with the work of transcription of the documents acquired during Phase 2. During Phase 3, She will help with the public relations campaign to help promote the use of the Archives and the future expansion of the knowledge contained therein through art and social engagements.

Orathy will be helping Sebastian and Juliana Pravus during the course of the events. He's particularly good at flanking the enemies if there are any, his fighting style coming from the shadows rather than direct assault, therefore, scouting might be his thing. He'll shield Sebastian and Juliana while on mission, body guarding for them.

Nierzen sets to work writing propaganda in support of Phase 3 to move the hearts of people to favour and support the work and effort. He aims propaganda at nobles, motivating them to generously give silver to the Scholarly work, and he aims propaganda at the residents of the Boroughs, moving them to cooperate and even go out of their way to help collect stories and information. In all things, his propaganda tugs at the ideals of duty, faith, and self interest.

The Great Archival Project of 1007 AR causes a complete uproar. In every corner of the Compact, people turn up to add books to the archives, to add knowledge to the archives. To make copies of precious books and send them on. To spread the word - if you need information, your best hope is to find it in the Archives. High Lords and Nobles have opened their libraries. The Templars and the Knights of Solace, as well as many guards hired by various families across Arvum are moving to preserve knowledge and see it safely from the far corners of the Compact into Arx itself. It's a huge project, and under Archscholar Bianca's watchful eye, an incredibly successful one.

Tomes once thought lost are found, copied, and brought to Arx under guard. People are encouraged to come to Arx to seek knowledge. Learn from the Archives of Vellichor, learn from our tutors, our Scholars. Knowledge is available, free for the asking.

Action by Silas

(Public Action, OOC Date: Oct. 28, 2017, 2:16 a.m.)

Lord Commander Silas Whitehawk has donated 50k to Mae Culler's soup kitchen, and will be sending volunteers -- primarily Iron Guard trainees -- to help serve meals to the needy with the intention to help improve relations between the Iron Guard and the denizens of the Lowers. They're here to help! Veteran members of the Guard are also encouraged to join if their schedules permit (and they'll be attached to this request).

They have been ordered to leave their weapons at the Barracks and to wear only plain cotton clothes. Should there be a physical altercation of some sort, they are encouraged to use their fists if they must defend themselves, but are greatly encouraged to try de-escalation tactics first!

Additionally, Silas will allow Dash the Guard Corgi to visit to entertain the elderly and the children who drop by. Guests are encouraged -not- to give him their food...

(This is a Vox-related storyrequest if that isn't obvious!)

Mae is always on hand, and this will be no exception. While present, she's going out of her way to encourage her people to talk to the guard, to get to know them, to build a bit of rapport. She'll likely be policing the guards, should any of them get particularly bristly or forget they're here to help. And if they do? Oh, Mae will come down on them like a-... No, she'll tattle to Silas.

Rymarr is prepared to go full Hell's Kitchen on this. Gordon Ramsey it up a bit. Okay, not really to that extreme. But he will dutifully follow orders, rock his little comfortable crimson-and-gray striped apron, hair net it up, and go unarmed to serve food to some commoners of the Lower Boroughs. Unarmed may be a misnomer. He'll have a frying pan close at hand, no doubt.

Calaudrin isn't thrilled work in a kitchen, but he'll it's for a good cause so he's down with helping. That and he can't exactly shake his finger at the new recruits for not doing enough community service if he isn't.

The Iron Guard mobilizes to the Lower Boroughs, and this time it's not to perform any ill-advised nosings about. Though initially they are greeted with downright suspicion, it turns out that Lord Commander Silas, Marquis Rymarr, and Calaudrin Estardes are headed to Mae's Soup Kitchen to help serve food to the lowers. It takes a bit to calm suspicions, especially with Marquis Rymarr Deepwood wielding that frying pan - but under the watchful eyes of Mae Grayhope, no violence breaks out. She's everywhere all at once, here calming a scrappy kid named Vitus as he thinks about setting his ratters on the guard, there making friends with a newer Iron Guard named Vasily who just doesn't understand why things are so tense. In the end, people were fed and the Iron Guard didn't start a fight - and didn't look for one either. It's not all joined hands singing around a collective campfire, but it's a start.

Action by Harald(RIP) for Silence

(Public Action)

Docks & Lower Boroughs Defense

There are two halves to this defense:
1: protecting commerce during the siege, and 2: military defense of the waterfront and Lower Boroughs. Initial reports suggest Brand's army will focus its attack against the city walls, but the waterfront and Lower Boroughs are being prepared to repel a heavy assault, just in case.  This defense is focused on approaches to the Graveyard.

Part I: Protecting Commerce
-Iron Guard as harbormasters, overseeing typical daily business.
-3 companies of Crimson Blades as on-call muscle/enforcers for IG.
-Isles warriors on land kept in reserve for combat situations, to minimize tensions with Crownsworn.
-Mourning Isles longships will patrol the adjacent coast in squadrons no smaller than 6, to escort incoming merchants, disrupt enemies along the shore outside the city, and intercept any seagoing Shavs before they reach harbor, or at least give advance warning if a large enemy attack is inbound from the water.

Part 2: Military defense (tl;dr: if there's no attack planned for the Lower Boroughs, you can skip this stuff)
-Fortifications: barricades, wagons with blocked wheels as gates, etc., able to quickly block all approaches to the Graveyard, with heaviest defenses prepared along the River's Edge/Crows Lane and Rivers Mouth/Commons Square routes.
-Stacks of large stones and bags of arrows stashed on rooftops overlooking approach to main barricades.  Fresh shields, bandages, drink, and rare vials of holy water at resupply points falling back on the Graveyard, in the event the waterfront defense fails.  A large reserve force of Grimhall warriors will be kept in Commons Square under Harald's personal command.
-Regarding Tolamar Brand: if an ominous evil figure in black armor that ISN'T Thraxian is spotted, standing orders are to thin out his escorts as much as possible and send word to the Five Paladins. Some will inevitably take doomed shots at Brand, if he appears.  It's a Mourning Isles thing.

Assisting at the Docks:

Part 1) Calaudrin will join the Iron Guard overseeing daily business in the harbor. His goal will be to maintain order despite the on-going tension of the siege. He'll insist (as politely as he can manage) on thorough inspections of the boats and any cargo that's unloaded into Arx. Despite his not always sunny disposition, he'll make an honest effort to put the citizens of Arx at ease and to feel supported by the Iron Guard. Everyone will be encouraged to be extra alert and stay together in groups or at the least pairs, lest a bringer or shav attack unfold by surprise or in the ugly event of a riot.

Part 2) In the event of an attack, Calaudrin is drilling a team of experienced archers to race to the top of the barricades and make surgical shots. Their goal won't be merely raining arrows down on the enemy but to make precise shots in order to cover those fighting on the ground.
Part 3) Additionally, Calaudrin will be venturing amongst the refugees and other lower boroughs residents to offer aid from the Iron Guard and attempt to recruit those who are willing to join and fight. He is to turn over those he recruits to Serafine for training.

actions you are taking
Captain Lady Merida has a ship and a fearsome crew and is cruising for danger with both swords, baby! WOO! She’s patrolling the harbor and coasts, escorting merchant ships into port, and keeping watch for Shav vessels and landing parties trying to enter the harbor. WITH TWO SWORDS!

Being a former Thrall Sameera is a little wary about the seige and so she is spending idle time seeing if she can find a stable way to get out of the city via underground passages. She is using her investigative skills to do this and a lot of talking to her shells (because that is what Sameera does). She is also keeping an eye out for passages that can be altered once passed through so they can be changed should it need to be done. She will definitely be watching for anything that could be considered a ritual, just in case it is a threat, or sometihng of the occult variety. She'll be a little more focused in Thrax areas for these things but she will also be looking in other places. Anything she finds she will report to Harald, since he is in charge of defense stuff. Esepcially if it is something that poses a risk.

Prince Dominic Thrax is returning his dogs from the battles with the bringers up the river to the gates of Arx to assist Lord Harald Grimhall in not only identifying them, as the dogs have developed a taste for bringers and have been trained to spot bringers in disguised. Lord Harald will get Prince Dominic as a Houndmaster alongside the prince's own houndmaster to operate dogs at the waterfront and lower borough.

Prince Dominic Thrax is ordering his dogs to deploy from the field back to Arx to support Lord Harald Grimhall's operation in the docks and lower borough. The dogs have been trained to detect bringers in disguised and have developed a taste for the creatures. As a result, they were instrumental in Dominic's assaults and can be used as accessories to patrol security or as an offensive move to flush them out. The dogs come with houndmasters separated into "packs", they respond to Prince Dominic Thrax who in turn reports to Lord Harald Grimhall.

Lady Lianne Pravus, as Voice of the Stormborn, is routing half of Nilanza's fleet from their return to the home waters toward Arx instead to assist with defense of the shore and waterways, including assisting with the regular patrols and escorts for merchant ships. Wheresoever they're needed, they'll follow orders well, deferring to the leadership and judgment of their liege's admiral Alrec Magaldi should there ever be questions or conflict about orders.

The third of Setarco's fleet that was retained for defense during the Gyre action is summoned to Arx; they have not thus far seen conflict. As well, a number of the ships that were previously heading home will instead be diverted to Arx's defense, bringing the total to half of Setarco's fleet, arriving in two waves. Vassals will be instructed to participate, as well, though it is not insisted that they send their ships before the rest of their fleet reaches home. They will be placed in Admiral Alrec Magaldi's command, and he has been placed in Harald Grimhall's command. The command structure as is will be respected; Alrec will be responsible for the assignments given to her fleet.

Alrec has once more taken over his role of the Admiral of Pravus' naval forces. As such, Belladonna has put him in charge of the Setarco fleet at her command; her captains are reporting to him and he, in turn, will be reporting to Lord Harald Grimhall. His contribution on this is rather simple. First and foremost -- and truthfully there should be an ease given his pirating history to do this -- he will be intercepting all merchant ships approaching the Arx. They will be inspected, the cargo examined, the history of them and name of buyers sought. His ships will carry enough mirrors so that he can try to find any Bringers aboard. Security detail. Secondly, he will be scouting the coasts as he can, looking for movement of Brand's army. Any news would be swiftly relayed to his liege. Finally, any other commands that Harald offers forth, within reason and not counter to Belladonna's own interests, will be complied to without delay.

After coming across some brigands in a tunnel near the Dockyard, Thena shares details of the tunnel and of the map that one of the brigands dropped. The map itself was delivered to Commander Silas, but Thena was able to get a good look at it and can offer some insights on where the tunnels lead, aiding in identifying defense points in the event of an attack.

Mae will be working alongside the Iron Guard, and focusing on providing intelligence and covert assistance. She doesn't look Iron Guard, and very few people know she's working with them, so she will hopefully be able to pick up intel the others can't, and get into places the others can't, and ultimately root out Brand's infiltrators.

Orathy is working side by side with Lord Harald to rig up the Lower Boroughs and the Upper Boroughs with the second round of defenses, going over thorough plans of the slums and pointing out weaknesses and vantage points, and tactical strong holds. Like the first time rolling out gurellia tactics, traps will be set. Thraxian fire will be used for the supply that Grimhall gets. Pinch points will be better manned by a combination of Lowers men and Grimhall Soldiers. Working cooperatively offers a better advantage over any threat that breaks through the lines. Orathy will be acting as the point man for the Lowers fighting force, once again, preparing 'squads' for sabotage against the enemy and readying them to deploy in the strategems in which Harald and Orathy have worked out.

Valdemar will command a squadron of six longships on patrol off the adjacent coast. The six ships and their men have been with the Compact's army since Pridehall (none of these are the ships that sailed with Valdemar to battle the servants of the Gyre). The squadron will carry out the duties listed in the first half of the defense: Part I: Protecting Commerce. They will also rain down unholy hell, arrows and some really stinging insults on any unknown vessels, enemies, monsters, or beasties that attempt to pass them and approach the docks and Lower Boroughs.

The Iron Guard has now been given the authority by the Court to arrest any ship captain who refuses inspection under suspicion of smuggling, and to seize their assets until the siege is lifted. Those who wish entry into the city are required to obey all lawful orders from their escorts and the harbor masters.

Max is assisting in the efforts by keeping commerce flowing. Using Black Mountain convoy defense and elements of the Darkwater fleet for scouting possible threats, he works to make sure that food and supplies keep flowing from across Arvum into arx. Cooperating with the harbor master, efforts are made to keep ships in a berth the very least amount of time possible, with bonuses paid for the roustabout crew that unloads tonnage the fastest.

Ulfric will remain close to his liege and their vessels to provide additional organization of commerce-based defenses. He will happily offer assistance to any retinue preparing for voyage or move on board himself, as well as directing vessels and advice in strategizing patrols. He will stay hands-on for whatever else he may be needed for, at the Darkwater's beck and call.

As requested by Lord Harald Grimhall, Carita will use her outstanding Lower Boroughs connections that she had as Carita Brightshore (as the youngest in a family of seven - this means there is a lot of extended family) to persuade the common folk that the Thrax are indeed there to offer aid. With those connections (hand in velvet glove), she uses the diplomacy and persuavie refinement learned as a courtesan to make sure that those she speaks with are truly motived for their shared cause.

Archene is supplying some healing supplies to one of the caches placed through the defenses. He is also standing by in case he is needed to administer such supplies.

Seva will be placing healing supplies in the various caches that have been set up, and standing ready as a healer herself, if needed. Her own charity based shop will be offering it’s wares to those involved for free during the time of crisis.

Leta is going to be assisting the Iron Guard by tagging along with Serafine in the Lower Boroughs. She's a local so she knows her way around, more or less, and a shortcut or two, so they can rush to any hot spots as needed. Also, she can fight and not much more, so that's what she'll be doing. In case of Bringers, she'll mostly focus on the Shavs or help prove distractions for Serafine to do the stabbing with her fancy sword. Also, Leta has composed some rude folk songs making fun of Brand, and these will surely help with morale!

Serafine and Leta are a great team; Leta knows the boroughs even better than Serafine who patrols them, Leta having lived there her whole life. It means that when it comes to defending the boroughs, Serafine is the muscle and speed and silent attacker, and Leta takes her to all the best places to hide, scout, sneak, and strike.

While it's not a huge response, it's bound to be an effective one; both women have experience working together, both have been in combat situations together, and both have fought Bringers and their Shavs successfully. And both are devoted to the well-being and honor of the other.

Unless given orders otherwise, Serafine would continue to patrol the lowers as is her peace-time duty, defending should the need arise with Leta patroling with her. So with Serafine wielding a diamondplate sword, she's the one taking point and attacking the Bringers and defending those citizens that need it, trusting her Leta to take out the Shavs that might linger about. They use their combined knowledge of the area together to find the best spots to attack from, hide, and so on.

Tagging along with her are the recruited guards Calaudrin and Silas have given her to train, Serafine teaching what she can with the aid of Leta, and then helping them learn on the fly as they patrol the city. This starts as soon as she gets them and will continue on into what battles and invasions that happen, defending them as need be but mostly as support to help them learn through experience; the best kind of teacher. After Leta, of course.

Donella and her shield-laddies (guards) are manning a section of the interior walls between the boroughs and the Thrax ward, acting as a sort of crow's nest with spyglass in hand. From such a raised vantage, she hopes to be able to observe the fighting, and COMMAND a reserve force of Thrax men-at-arms, broken up as needed, to reinforce the most vulnerable areas (200 mil resources), and/or deliver word of critical developments-- like a sighting of Brand or spotting the necessary opening the city is waiting for, to the powers that be, in the name of her high lord. And herself, of course.

Dagon will lend his military might and strategic command to the conflict at hand. He heavily relies on his military advisor Harald for direction. Seemingly distracted by something. However he does provide the troops a rousing speech and a keen sense of command.

The preparations for the defense of the harbor and Lower Boroughs go well. While there are some attempted attacks upon commerce, the Grimhall, Darkwater, and Nilzana vessels never truly are challenged significantly, and under Admiral Alrec's guidance there doesn't seem to be a whiff of bringers slipping into the city by boat or much losses dockside. There's no repeat of the harbor attack before the siege began, in large part due to all their efforts. The tunnel entrances to the Lower Boroughs are guarded, and the lower city is well patrolled and prepared for any attack in the coming battle.

((The battle will be live GMing, and the AP and resources factored into reduced difficulty for all involved. All contributions will be factored into the coming fight, whether characters are physically present or not.))