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Lady Armani Gilden

Hold my jewelry. I need to have a 'discussion' with this person about the misconceptions they have.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Scholarly Sea Captain
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Gilden
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: pale green
Skintone: Sunkissed

Description: This woman is an inch or two over five feet and is quite compact. She has dirty blonde hair that bears subtle waves and it frames her face, drawing attention to the pale green of her eyes and the fact that her otherwise ivory hued skin is tanned by the sun. The figure of the woman is quite shapely, she is well blessed with a feminine physique and it is well toned.

Personality: Armani is what many would call a wild child. She often throws caution to the wind and acts on what she thinks would be the best method, both for her own enjoyment and for her family. It might be a surprise that someone so impulsive, if not out of control, would take two things with the utmost seriousness: being on the seas and writing. She may border on being a pirate with her actions but she never fails to assure her crew and her ship are kept safe. Perhaps her love of reading and writing came from the long hours at sea for rarely does a time go by, when not being a captain, that she isn't writing something. She has a massive love for jewelry, it sparkles so prettily, and when she is /angry/ there is quite a proccess about removing it and she is often saying things along the lines of 'Hold my jewelry. I've lessons to teach.' It has coined her the title of 'Captain Gem'

Background: Armani is one of the children of Kordelia Gilden. She was, most assuredly, a child of the seas. Almost before she could walk and talk Armani was making her way onto boats and trying to travel out to the seas, to feel the wind on her face and to taste the salt on her tongue. Her life was devoted to becoming a Captain of the Sea, though, her mother felt the need to assure Armani had a feminine touch to her and built up her interest in shiny things as well as got her into scholarly things. This divided Armani's love into four things: jewelry, the sea, reading, and writing. As she proved to be a skilled seaman she quickly rose through the ranks of the Gilden naval forces to become the Admiral of the fleets.

Name Summary
Agatha I didn't get to really chat with her, but she drinks with her shoulders and makes herself at home quickly and easily. Not bad qualities!
Apollis Armani always does what she wants and I love that. She's so very beautiful. We get along great but look out when we're together.
Cadenza She shared her whiskey with me....she's perfect in my eyes. Someone I can see myself hanging out with.
Cirroch Her skill sailing a ship is by far the best I've ever seen. Though that isn't saying much. She surely had earned her title as Admiral.
Daemon She listened to my tale and she presented a smiling face to all who entered the inn that night. Her company is like starlight.
Duarte A gregarious new acquaintence.
Echo Another Gilden! They're always so much fun. Probably too fun for their own good, but I can't help but get drawn to their company.
Emily A friend of Lord Luis' and good fun. I wish we had more time to speak but perhaps soon, with more drinks involved and perhaps far less people.
Grazia The Gilden Admiral seems to be one fond of drink, wild company, and inappropriate stories. Still, she seems to have some modicum of decorum and a skill for mixing people.
Ignacio Seems to be a laid back Admiral. She seems like she would be fun to get to know.
Itzal An Admiral of a whole three longships! All kidding aside, the Lady proved to be not only entertaining company, but quite the host!
Jeffeth A Lady who seems nice enough, offered to buy me drinks. She seems a good sort.
Jordan Lady Gilden, we met while I was trying to get my shirt fixed, at Aurora's shop. Seems friendly.
Kenna Now I simply MUST hear her sing. It'll drive me crazy otherwise!
Lucita A new arrival to Arx, One of the Gildens. She likes bling, wants new furniture yet has her priorities right considering the upcoming conflicts, weapons and armor. Will be fun getting to know her better.
Mailys A divinely captivating woman that is both gracious and lively in spirit and in her spirits.
Reese She is more comfortable at sea it seems and like her leather light. She seems to be practical. Baron Stefano is probably happy to have her here.
Saoirse Armani was sitting with Cadenza in a bar, talking war.
Selene A noblewoman of the seas, so much so that she seems almost hesistant to immerse herself on life ashore. Working us on some events will do some to cure that, I'm sure!
Skye Lady Armani is an excellent host. She has a way of commanding a situation and making everyone feel so comfortable. It was very sweet of her to include me in this pub gathering. I really appreciate her efforts to include me.
Stefano Lucene's sister and my cousin. She's the seafarer, thankfully. We're going to need her soon.
Theron Lady Armani Gilden, Stefano's relative, I'm sure. Seems to be an Admiral, generous enough to share wine with others and talkative. Good traits for a Gilden so I'm sure she will serve the Baron well.