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Prince Edwyn Valardin

Do I have to?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Disinclined Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: male
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: He's of the usual male Valardin stock, which is to say Edwyn is tall, broad-shouldered, fit, fair of face, and hence easy on the eyes but fairly nondescript besides. There's little scarring to be found on his fair skin, but his stride and manner is lively when demanded - rarely does his gaze seem to truly light up with enthusiasm, however. He does care enough to keep the clean, angled lines of his face free of facial hair.

Personality: If Edwyn had a first choice for Great Houses to be born into, it would probably have not been Valardin. Though raised to strive for the ideal of the gleaming Valardin knight, it is hardly a role he takes to naturally, even if he may have a small talent with mount, mace and sword. Neither has he excelled in the few other roles he has tried to put his mind to - not faithful enough to sincerely serve the gods, not diligent enough to care for mathematics and stewardship, not charming and cunning enough to be a politician, he doesn't know what he can really be, nor what he wants to be. He is, at least, outgoing enough to enjoy a cup of tea here and there, and schooled well in his courtesies. Neither is he particularly dumb, though he is something of a natural follower, prone more to following than to making his own decisions.

Background: A cousin fairly far down the line of succession, Edwyn hasn't accomplished anything feast-worthy since birth, save perhaps for that time he'd managed to eat twenty bacon muffins the fastest. Like most of his kin, he was behooved to partake of the knightly tradition although despite his physical talent he has no particular love for the art of war, disdaining the troubles of hard campaign and the chore of having to chase down Shavs.
Fortunately, he's been saved from further responsibility in Sanctum to find instead his own calling in Arx. He doesn't exactly know what it'll be, but who knows. It could be books, adventure, love, storytelling, getting shitfaced in the other wards, anything except counting coins for the Valardin and riding out in patrol, please, Edwyn's happy enough without that.

Name Summary
Alexis Prince Edwyn Valardin. A man of even temper and casual politesse. Pleasant to be around.
Clara The Prince seems like a nice individual. We sat and had some mead together and talked about both of us being newly arrived in Arx. It is nice to meet someone who is having a similar experience to my own. Sadly I couldn't tell if he was actually enjoying my company or not but I hope he has. At very least I enjoyed his enough to hope I see him again soon.
Clover Well spoken, thoughtful, and perhaps just a touch wicked-- since he professes to enjoy confusing people.
Daemon A prince with spears and lance. He might not consider himself much, but this knight has faith in him to do his family well.
Katarina Yet another cousin that seems to know a bit more about her than she does them, and quite charming and well-mannered to boot. Katarina will be keeping an eye on him; he's an interesting one.
Leola Valardin prince who doesn't seem to want to ride. Little odd. Polite gentleman, all the same
Monique Honorable. Polite. He *must* be Valardin. Seems more inclusive than the rest. That makes me think well of him!
Petal He seems like a kind prince. He is polite and doesn't mind my background.
Reese polite, friendly and has very fancy words!
Ryhalt Hard to get a handle on, seems like a warrior, I think, but not much to go on.
Vena A Valardin prince, not as uptight as I'd expect. He seems to have a few things to learn about betting.