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Lord Kaldur Seliki

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived!"

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Thrill-Seeking Young Noble
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Seliki
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Sun-bleached Brown
Eye Color: Ocean Aquamarine
Skintone: Tawny Bronze

Titles: Voice of Seliki, Sword of Seliki

Description: A tall young man with an easy-going air, he clearly enjoys outdoor living with skin darkened and brown hair lightened by the sun. Standing tall, he has a swimmer's athletic body, all whipcord and sleek but strong lines. His youthful handsomeness is offset by his high cheekbones and bright, blue-green eyes. Smiles come easily to him, but there's also an undercurrent of energy that suggests he is loathe to keep still very long.

Personality: Kaldur is Orrin's second child, and doesn't envy his sister her position as heir. Like so many from the region he is extremely easy-going until a situation calls for focus, but if he has a preference, he would rather be outdoors rather than in some stuffy court. An extrovert who is good with people, Kaldur's primary flaw is that he is utterly, unrepentantly addicted to adrenaline. Cliff-jumping? Swimming into deep water? Climbing rocks to dizzying heights, riding horses at breakneck speed? Check, check, check. Peri may be interested in exploring the world, but Kaldur is interested in exploring his physical limits. It doesn't mean he's selfish, but it does mean he'll take risks that might not be wise if he actually was his father's heir. Oh, and don't mess with his grandma. He realy won't like it.

Background: As the youngest of the Selikis, growing up he was something of a Mama's Boy, always running to his mother and grandmother whenever he was afraid. But held rapt by his mother's stories of adventure and bravery, and wanting to please his father, he struggled to face his fears, and by the time he was twelve years old, had taken his first cliff dive, a frequently enjoyed sport of the region. The act in itself was a release; he realized to confront a fear was to conquer it, and so he took to learning the martial disciplines with gusto, and started to find the anticipation of danger to be somewhat thrilling. When his mother died, he was devastated, and it pushed him further into the notion of challenging his fear, of which his true remaining one is ultimately death. Now, he serves competently as one of his father's knights, but still takes the time to challenge himself with new experiences and enjoying that thrill that certain types of danger can bring.

Relationship Summary

  • Peri - Seliki Heir, she worries over me

  • Friend:
  • Kenna - Friend of the family.
  • Ysabel - Journaler of Journalers

  • Acquaintance:
  • Luca - The Fox Prince has sly feet, indeed
  • Mirari - Mischievous crafter.
  • Eilonwy - Young lady of the Stone Grove.
  • Wynna - A scholar in the Archive. Very helpful!
  • Derovai - Not A Gambler
  • Fianna - Dumpling's Trainer
  • Irisa - Inaugural Sly Greave
  • Thesarin - Mentor?
  • Thena - Potential friend
  • Esoka - Stabber of Things
  • Mia - Angry Fealty Cousin
  • Emily - Peri's friend
  • Sabella - Dance partner
  • Delilah - Knower of things

  • Ally:
  • Samantha - Generous liege lady.
  • Khanne - Knower of Spirit Things
  • Laric - Knower of Things
  • Rymarr - Fleet patron
  • Reese - Conscientious General
  • Reese - Conscientious General

  • Family:
  • Oona - Dearest Yaya. A force of nature.
  • Orrin - My father. A strong man made harder by circumstance.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden A capable rider as well as a man interested in falconry. The reaction he had when our eyes met was something that was at the very least, intriguing.
    Alaric It can be difficult for the smaller holds of the Compact to stand out in Arx, but his positivity, optimism, and willingness to assist all do House Seliki great credit.
    Alarissa The man has the straightest back and the fastest walk when balancing a cupcake upon ones crown. I am envious of him.
    Aleksei Brash, impulsive, daring. Reminds me a bit of me!
    Amari Rather nice, and surprisingly graceful, or he has a very flat head. He certainly got his teacup across the room quickly either way. I wonder if he could do the same climbing a tower. Hmm!
    Barric Very protective brother figure, likes to drink, gets along with Luca. Can't be all bed then. Will have to get to drinking with him sometime and figure him out.
    Calandra Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. I thought he was going to kill me. He didn't, and it turned out to be a farcical misunderstanding, but I don't know if I'll ever be totally at ease with this striking Knight now.
    Clover If you want to really know someone watch how they react to compliments and flattery; Lord Kaldur clearly enjoyed the attention but had the grace to be abashed by it as well.
    Cristoph Far too anxious about a baby-talking-dragon-salamander.
    Cullen A newly minted sword from Seliki, he seemed to be a little awkward at the gathering, but that's not at all unexpected. He will grow into the role, as he seemed quite eager to learn and quite inquisitive - with a good sense of humor, a necessity. Someone who clearly will serve his House well.
    Delilah I feel kind of bad for him! He stumbled into the Whitehawk Manor and he got, well -- Whitehawk. Mostly Kenna, but hopefully he found the evening enjoyable regardless.
    Delilah He's a surefooted man, this one. Not plodding and definitely not the kind to show much doubt, he really does seem to have a grasp of his place in the world. When I feel some days like a zephyr, it's hard not to appreciate such a talent. But oh, not boring! My first encounters with Kaldur are a thing best described as jovial on account of his even temper and ready humour. Jests are in short supply, some days. His levity is much welcome.
    Derovai Why in Gods' name would I care about mother-of-pearl? He seems a breezy sort of fellow, your average man about town, even if he does have something of a sense of humor. Young and eager, too -- the usual combination of nobility with perhaps something to prove.
    Eddard A serious man. Too serious. Too handsome. I don't like standing in the same room with this man. Too tall and brawny and good looking.
    Emily He kept Peri safe and brought her home. That alone means he is worth something. Now to get to know him.
    Enoch Another family member with whom I share a rather fun childhood with. Involving horse-back rides and rather exploring the grounds as we did so happily. It's good to see him happy and well.
    Faruq I like him. Likes to joke and yet he is aware of his surroundings even still. Knows enough about many things to stay engaged and keep conversation flowing. Now if only he'd dismount so I wouldn't get a crick on my neck...
    Faye Met at the Grayson awards ceremony. Seems to be a kind man who puts up with a lot from his friends.
    Fianna Kaldur has the sweetest horse I've ever had the honor of training. I enjoy working with him and look forward to seeing him progress as a rider.
    Gabriel A bright, innovative young Lord of House Seliki. His skills and talents should continue to be cultivated. Given half a chance, he will undoubtedly leave his mark upon the history of Arvum.
    Gareth A young lord eager to be involved, eager to protect, eager to serve. I was once like that.
    Grazia Lord Seliki is a pleasant young man, the Sword of his House, and quite cognizant of material issues his House faces. Like a need for stone from my quarries. I shall have to cultivate a relationship with him.
    Ignacio Lord Seliki seems to be a dedicated swordsman and willing to put in all the hard work in which that entails. I am interested to see where he will end up in the future.
    Iseulet What a rare gem to find in the city, someone that is so handsome and yet so kind. (And those dimples, my mercy me). His idealism is a breath of cool air on a hot day. And he's bright, witty, and funny - I don't think I could sing his praise enough.
    Jarel He seems to be a man who has taken his knightly duties to heart. And yet his stories are also quite humorous.
    Jeffeth A nice young Lord I met at Mirari's shop! Seems like a very well put together fellow. Wouldn't mind seeing more of him.
    Jordan The head of the Seliki Engineering Corps. It's possible I will rely on him for my future projects. I've got many, and this is definitely the kind of talent I could use.
    Josephine An errand, delightful one at that, brings about the side of an interesting man.
    Kenna I really need to meet him again when I'm not tipsy. He seemed so very gallant, and I'm afraid I might have imposed on his good nature perhaps too much.
    Laric Always interesting when information pops up in unexpected places. I hope his nervousness was the product of stress and being put on the spot.
    Lethe He's a man with good taste, and he impressed me with his ability in handling matters between our families. I'd like to get to know him better and see what cliff diving is like.
    Lorenzo A man with interesting, if dangerous, hobbies. I'm sure there's more to learn there, I can't wait to speak to him again about it.
    Luca I think it would be interesting to feel actual piety in the way that this one seems to feel it. I remember as a child, thinking I might end up that way, as he is now. Alas. Also, is that.. a stick bug? A stick bug with the blessings of the Thirteen. May he arrive in our darkest hours.
    Lucita A polite, compassionate Lord who deals well with a young page and an awkward situation.
    Luis I have met this man on a couple occasions, however he has always been formal and polite to the point that I have wondered if I have done something to offend him and yet I see the protective aspect of a brother for his sister and I cannot help but admire that resolution and dedication.
    Lumen His lordship is a very good storyteller when put on the spot. Thrilling, even!
    Mirari This poor, dear man. I think Kenna has his best interests in heart. I'm having fun sewing this cloak, and I usually don't have a lot of fun sewing. I hope he finds it to be useful. What a gentleman he was.
    Monique My first impression of Lord Seliki was what an incredible horse the man possesses. My second was a dimly lit cave and his excellent chivalry. Both seem to have flown my mind until just recently, when he made another very good not-first impression with his dedication to a cause. Must know better.
    Niklas Easy going Sword of Seliki. Good sense of humor. A trait too few swords have.
    Norwood A young man who has shown himself to have a willingness to learn new things. He was not boastful nor full of himself and comfortable in his own way of doing things.
    Nuala I appreciate anyone who offers sensible, intelligent suggestions in a situation. He is direct and to the point. Some waste words, and those who don't are worth their weight in silver.
    Ophelia He kissed me right on the lips and wasn't a bit sorry for it. Had he stuck around a little longer, I would've done the same to him!
    Perronne Enthusiastic and good natured, at least on first meeting. It's nice to see someone who enjoys the city with such openness.
    Petal A thoughtful lord who gave me his tea and seemed to have a kind way about him.
    Reese He really cares about those with him, such as his page. He seems like a very good man.
    Rey A warrior in pain who knew to call for a Healer. Strong, Handsome, Honorable. It is alot to get some a first meeting, but those words and more linger in the mind about Lord Kaldur.
    Rinel His page is a bit wild, but he's very kind to the boy. He seems a good man.
    Sabella The first man in Arx I danced with that didn't clock me in the head!
    Sabella Lord Kaldur is always an absolute delight to run into and converse with! His sense of humor is subtle and hilarious and always, always welcome! I don't see him as often as I clearly need to!
    Sameera Seems timid. Quiet too. Maybe it is normal for those off the Isles.
    Sparte A brave knight and a good man. I really wish I'd met him when I was younger, but he has a moral compass that I admire. Hopefully when I'm no longer a squire, I'll make a mark something like his. If he doesn't talk me into getting the mark like he did first. LONG story.
    Thena I feel sorry for him, getting dragged into all of this mess. I remember how it was, and even then I had warnings of a sort.
    Thesarin What's happening, he seems like he's in deep water and trying to keep afloat. Reckon that means he's paying attention.
    Traherne A Seliki Lord. I have not met any of the family before, but if all of them are as quality as this one, I would not mind the opportunity. I will have to find a reason to get with him again. Perhaps I'll see him at one of the local taverns.
    Valery He seems nice... although he was giving away teas in Val's shop. That wasn't really nice...
    Vercyn The Sword of Pearlspire seems like an industrious young lord new to Arx; on this occasion at least, he was the only one actually training at the Training Center, rather than spending his time talking like clucking hens. And when it came time for a proper forfeit for the loser of a "spar", he was the one to come up with an appropriate one.
    Ysabel I almost broke my foot when I first met him... But, he seems nice and I hope we cross paths again.