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Past Actions

Action by Victus for The Lodge of Petrichor

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 16, 2018, 4:50 p.m.)

Once upon a time, Victus met some otter-pirates out in the forest who stole his flask. Rather than write this off as a possible drunken nightmare, one cannot easily forget Petrichor's Fluffybottoms nor the Blackwhiskers. So Victus and a cadre of other people who are going along with this for some reason are going out into the forest to find those otters again.

While the Blackwhiskers clearly knew their stuff when it came to sailing, a lot of them also got eaten by sharks. Victus however, is Victus Thrax, and Victus Thrax knows a thing or two about sailing. And reaving. And ship combat! With an upcoming flurry of bad stuff coming to threaten the Lodge of Petrichor, Victus is going out to lend his sailing expertise to the Blackwhiskers. This includes training the otters in how to rig a sail, teaching them how to properly board with tools like boarding axes and the like, and how to keep ones morale together when you're about to be swallowed by waves and sea monsters.

Hopefully the language barrier won't be a problem.

Being quite familiar with the Blackwhisker Pirates, and having met them on adventures before, Edward will pack up a barrel of rum and accompany the High Lord out on his sortie to make sure that they are taken care of. To assist he will provide an able sword arm and his logistical expertise to the mission to increase its success rate through supply. To help with the supply he will also consult the expertise of the animal managers at the Managerie regarding otters.

Leola provides translation services. She does her part to learn the basics, as well, of sailing; and even springs for the good wood and materials to let the Blackwhiskers have their own small boat, or repair their existing one. The river, after all, runs right by the Lodge ...

Archeron Tyde is going along with his High Prince on this little adventure. Admitedly, he is only somewhat familiar with Petrichor's chosen but the Gray Forest is probably more his home than any other place on Arvum. The trees, the animals, their tracks. Archeron will use his skills in the woods to help Victus find these otters he wants to, well, talk to. I guess you don't question the High Lord even when he sounds a little drunk.

He is no great sailor, but he can deal with animals and he can help them with selection of wood for boats, and axe work. But mostly he'll help Victus deal with animals and the forest. And keep the gaggle safe from others. He will bring along a range of smaller bows and tools for fletchery and try to help train up otters in the ways of naval archery should they wish it.

With Dame Leola's help as translator, Victus, Edward, and Archeron set out to help the Blackwhisker Pirates. They bring smaller ships built to be a little easier to manage by the otters and, though they are well aware of their compatriots' otter resourcefulness, they prove themselves otterly willing to share strategies and tactics of privateering. It's an otterly ridiculous olive branch, but it seems to be appreciated - each of them finds a freshly caught fish in their backpacks a day or so after they leave the otters.

The stench of gratitude is otterly unbelievable.

Action by Sorrel

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 9, 2018, 7:18 p.m.)

Sorrel gathers friends and family to her, around a warm brazier. "The time has come," she says, "To cleanse the primum and to sing the world as it truly is. This is my song. This is my ritual. Yours may be different, in turn, for it must truly come from you. I pray that each of you supports me wholeheartedly in this and that you take this as a sample to perform your own ritual."

"Let me sing you a song of love in thirteen verses, each one carefully written with time and creativity. Let me sing Love into the Dream with joy and sacrifice:"

Each bit of the song is pinned to a scrap of fabric that is meant to represent the person or thing the verse of the song is about. The first one is a scrap of violet baby blanket. The second one is a square of gray fabric with a Thrax sea serpent embroidered on it. The third is simply plain gray fabric. The fourth is a bit of aeterna, very plain. The fifth is another square of plain gray fabric, this one with the sigil of the King's Own. The sixth is a square of green seasilk with a sword worked upon it. The seventh is white silk with a spiraling red vine embroidered on it. The eighth is white aeterna edged in gold threads. The ninth is a dirty piece of wool. The tenth is brilliant green seasilk, embroidered with tiny clovers all over it. The eleventh is umbra with the sigil of House Wyrmguard embroidered thereon. The twelvth is also umbra, this time with the sigil of House Thrax. The thirteenth is umbra edged in gold. As the song is sung, the appropriate bit of fabric is placed into the brazier to be consumed.

1 Kyrios is a hope for the sanctity of life, a beautiful new thing being born, something that can grow into something new and greater than that which proceeded it:

Precious love of mine
For nine long months time
Small one within me
No greater love than thee

2 Galen is love. Passion, ambition, attraction, and all the things that attract people to one another. Let the world be full of love and lovers:

My great love for you is a burning flame
Now one and whole, we are never the same
Half of me is you; what am I to do?
To your dear love I will always be true.

3 Leona is faithfulness and fidelity, the choice of a dearest friend. Beautiful and true, a close bond of spirits in trust and friendship:

Sister not of body but of spirit.
To you do I tell secrets; you hear it.
A special bond of choice and freedom dear:
Our friendship in the purest sense is clear.

4 The Choir is a group of us with similar talents who all sing the Dream as it really is. Freedom and love and beauty:

Beautiful dreamers, listen now to me
Hear my song truly; it lets you be free
Power and strength coming with every note
Let the world be as my song is so wrote.

5 Corban is strength and honor, the true knight. Given the opportunity to do something the right way, he will take the path of righteousness:

Brother you are, though no brother you be
Like my own kin is how you are to me.
To you I entrust the most precious weight
Knowing that you are a knight very great

6 Luca was a Champion, and he stood for the honor of others. He also fights for the Light as a member of the Inquisition. Although he may not be a knight, he is a great man, admirable and true:

A fighter you are, champion to all
Dueling for true, never taking the fall.
Working for Light yet behind the closed door
We're lucky to have you give 'em what for!

7 Tikva represents sisterhood and platonic love. The sort of love that comforts you through tears and is joyful for you when you're joyful, love that melds in harmony:

Beautiful singer, sing your songs with me
Together meld in perfect harmony
Best friend and girl friend and companion true
I'll always be found singing next to you.

8 Ailith is Faith, a friend who has recently found her way to greater heights. Faith and love of the gods is important, a real true religious sort of love:

Peaceful, faithful, knowing of mystery,
Joyful, respectful, caring of history.
Guide me in the ways of the gods and love:
Advice that is tempered by those above.

9 Ian is loyalty. Love born of loyalty between soldiers, comrades in arms, in the field true. Love that is camaraderie:

Always at my back, you do yourself ride
Your right sword hand always at my side
Forever my protection with your men
Come! An adventure! I'll need you again!

10 Clover represents family love, the love that comes from sharing the same life growing up and the natural love and loyalty that inspires:

Beloved sister, bound by blood ties --
We would be best of friends yet anywise.
Bubbly temperament, always a joy:
When you were born, I was glad not a boy!

11 House Wyrmguard is where I grew up and how I developed my fascination with dragons. The love of House Wyrmguard, an ancient house, is one of fealty and devotion forever:

Though on the ground, the wyrms may yet lumber
The House recalls: Not all dragons slumber.
Danger is near? They will not surrender
As Valardin lives, they will remember.

12 House Thrax is where I married and to whom I currently owe fealty. Although I am not a sailor, I am learning to love the sea, and though I have reservations about some of their traditions, I am learning to love their culture:

A mariner's dream, so the current flows
Whenever the tide is out, there Thrax goes
Rough Islanders living off of the sea
One of their number is where you'll find me.

13 Music is what I want to fill the world with. Beautiful music is the song to which we should all live our lives, singing the Dream true and full of love:

A song is a song, but in the right key,
It can be a balm for you or for me.
All the world's dreams can be sung in music:
Finding the right words is the only trick.

Cora will learn the ritual through being present when Sorrel performs it so that she might perform it herself to teach others.

Sabella will quietly watch Sorrel's ritual with rapt attention!

Charlaine will learn the ritual through being present when Sorrel performs it. Charlaine will definitely try to perform it herself later in order to spread the knowledge and asisst in cleaning the primum.

Sparte will be present to observe, learn, and lend support.

Amari will sit in to watch Sorrel enact the ritual so she might learn and perform it herself (not nearly as awesomely, but she'll try her best when it's time)!

Having been invited to witness Sorrel's ritual, and hoping to learn it, Alexis attends to bear witness - and if necessary, offer protection, presuming any danger is even physical.

Carita will observe with awe, take notes as she listens, and quietly lends her support to the cleansing of the primum. There are moments when Sorrel's song brings tears to her eyes, or a smile to her face and while she might want to close her eyes to let that song wash over her, she doesn't so that she can witness every last moment.

Invited to bear witness to the ritual, Denica will stay with them and study with her so that she might perform the ritual herself someday.

Caspian watches the ritual with interest, and when it is over, he can already be seen scribbling down verse ideas!

Katarina is but one of many invited along to bear witness to the ritual that may very well begin cleansing the primum of its poison in the land. She listens, watches with rapt attention and intrigue, ready to help however she may.

Sina has been invited to witness the ritual to learn it. She has agreed to bear witness and learn, that the primum may be cleansed.

Ohboyohboyohboy! THIS IS IT! IT IS HAPPENING! /MAGIC/!!! Well, the first step towards it anyway. When Sorrel invites her to come observe the ritual, Caith is the first one there. Bright and early. Probably even before she and Galen and the baby are even awake that day. 'Don't mind me,' she'll shout through the door at the Thrax Estate. 'I'll just wait out here in the hall until you guys are ready!' A few minutes will go by. 'Are you ready now?' A few minutes more. 'How about now?' Five minutes later: 'Do you need help in there? Have you fallen down and hurts yourselves? Come on! Let's get a move on! IT'S RITUAL DAY! WHEEEE!' Caith is there with paper and pen and ink, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take /NOTES/. And when Sorrel is done, she will ask /QUESTIONS/ to double-check, triple-check and cross-check her notes. Because, and maybe this isn't clear but: Caith is VERY INVESTED in this.

Bianca will also be observing so that in the future she too may perform and teach others for the betterment of all humanity.

Sasha will sit and carefully watch the ritual as Princess Sorrel performs it. She is eager to learn to so she can help the Primum be cleansed.

Olivia is likewise joining in to watch and learn!

Edain willl participate and observe the ritual. He will be somber and respectful, but he will be paying close attention. His intention is to attempt to perform this rite at Cairn Valardin in the very near future.

Desiree will be there to witness and study the ritual. She is hoping to learn to perform it.

Zoey will be there as well, watching and, knowing her, probably taking notes. Because ritual. Learning rituals. Et cetera.

Fredrik will, of course, join in these proceedings, knowing how valuable this ritual is, both for himself and for the Compact as a whole. For all our futures, it must be spread.

Reese will join this and will try to assist Sorrel however needed. She will attempt to pay close attention and to learn how to do the ritual herself so that such can be done when the time comes for her own. She will be respectful, helpful and largely quiet during the ritual.

Richard will be present in Sorrel's ritual. So that he may learn it and use it in the future.

Victus is here to learn. He doesn't know much about what he's looking at, so he's taking down notes with a quill and parchment and saving all the details in his head.

Kace will be joining in on the ceremony in order to learn the ritual that she might complete it herself someday soon.

Sorrel gathers friends and family to her, around a warm brazier. "The time has come," she says, "To cleanse the primum and to sing the world as it truly is. This is my song. This is my ritual. Yours may be different, in turn, for it must truly come from you. I pray that each of you supports me wholeheartedly in this and that you take this as a sample to perform your own ritual."

"Let me sing you a song of love in thirteen verses, each one carefully written with time and creativity. Let me sing Love into the Dream with joy and sacrifice."

And then she sings, feeding each slip of verse and a small piece of fabric into the fire, and with each one she weaves love through them all. The love of a child, the love for her husband. For her sister of the heart, for the choir. Freedom and strength, chivalry and righteousness. Honor and comfort, joy and harmony. Faith now, and loyalty. The love for family and home, the love for duty carried long through the generations, for fidelity and for music and happiness.

With each verse her love, deep and abiding and joyous, wraps around all of them. It pushes away the darkness, it pushes at the poison. She is seeking to reshape the future and her contribution is love, and there is one timeless moment where everyone assembled feels that love course through them. And while it fades, each of them knows they will remember always the strength of Sorrel's heart as she fights for the people she loves the most, for her family, for her friends, for the Compact, for humanity.

Action by Victus

(Public Action, OOC Date: April 14, 2018, 12:13 a.m.)

As the fires of war are dying down, it is time for Thrax to commemorate and honor the slain that fell in Setarco. High Lord Victus Thrax will be commisioned a new landmark in the Maelstrom, one that will serve as a memorial to the brave lives of Thrax's soldiers.

In a patch of land within the city that isn't overtaken by farms or otherwise will serve as a graveyard without bodies. The privilege of their body being interred will be decided on by their next of kin, but regardless, a single Stone Sword will represent a headstone for every soldier, with their names and deeds carved into its base. The swords will be buried halfway into the ground from their tip, with sashes of red tied around every grip and hilt. Every commoner and every noble who served in battle will find an equal footing here as in war, they stand shoulder to shoulder to face death as is. This landmark will be considered a holy site with priests kindly asked or donated to bless each new Stone Sword that is crafted and placed into the ground with the Queen of Ending's favor.

Any commoner or nobleman will be welcome to visit the site to leave offerings to their deceased's memory. In addition, all soldiers from the day of its completion forward are eligible to have themselves added to the ranks of the swords for their honorable service.

He dubs this landmark "The Scarred Field"

In addition, Victus will be setting up trust funds to pay a weekly stipend to the family of all those who died in Setarco. Enough to cover basic needs such as food, water, clothing and housing taxes.

Outside of Maelstrom a field is prepared. Under the orders of High Lord Victus, those dead in the actions at Stormwall and Setarco are buried - either their bodies, or some memento of them. Most importantly, each grave is marked with a sword. The cost is huge - but the field of the dead, fallen in war to the battle against the minions of Marin is a somber sight. Viewed from the battlements of the fortress, the swords glint in the light through the day - but it's said the best time to view the stately monument to the lost is just at dusk, when the colors of the sunset are viewed and reflecting in a thousand shimmering pieces of metal. It's a popular landmark, as is Victus' decision to pay a pension to the families of the lost. He shows in his own way his respect for their sacrifices, and the respect for the people of the Isles.

Action by Victus for Gyre Straits

(Public Action, OOC Date: March 4, 2018, 11:01 p.m.)

Part 0: Personal Story Fluff
Nearly two decades years ago, Victus Baseborn waged war on those Prince Donrai Thrax had declared their enemies. The first over the wall of the Tyde rebel's fortress and slaying Duke Titus Tyde on the field of battle personally. He conquered an Isle under the blood red Serpent's banner as a brutal bastard. He came home a Thrax. That was then.

Today, High Lord Victus Thrax has been given the trust of his peers in rulership and the Crown itself to guide the Compact's Fleets to victory. The Serpent's banner does not fly alone as at least a hundred more have come to stand as equals among it. All in defense of their home against one fallen King who would seek to take it from them. He thinks it's an ironic sight, but he's stepping up to the challenge all the same and donning his mantle of Grand Admiral with pride.

Part 1: The Gathering
The amassed fleet will assemble and coordinate from the silken city of Setarco itself. Once all divisions have been gathered and accounted for, they will set out to meet the Gyre's forces a few miles off the shore. It is a hopeful tactic that moving their line of defense a fraction more forward will give Setarco's ground defense forces less headache, as there will be more opportunity to intercept any ships full of troops to land. However it should be noted that they are still employing defensive tactics over offensive ones, should anything of the 'magical bullshit' variety spawn from the Gyre's forces in battle. They want to be prepared. Victus himself will be bringing the Maelstrom's stock of Thrax Fire to be distributed to as much of the fleet as possible. Just in case.

Part 2: Movement and Tactics
It's expected that the Compact's fleet will come out to a numerical advantage against the Gyre's, potentially one that doubles the enemy. Once they are in the thick of things, the fleet will begin to converge around the enemy fleet to encircle and corner them - potentially cutting off any hope of escape and allowing the Compact to attack from all sides. Part of these flanking maneuvers will involve staggering the order of engagement early, with some of the fleet (let's say, 25%) sitting in the bay of Linosia that will circle around the enemy. Which would, if done effectively, bridge an attack from two fronts once the battle has kicked off. ((The bay of Linosia stuff may also be aided by a separate action from Skye as it was her idea!))

Part 3: Scary Monsters
Another significant ordering of the ships will be ensuring that there is as little clumping together as possible. This is to ensure that in the event of say, a Kraken showing up, that whole rows of boats are not at risk for being devoured and sunk by a pair of tentacles raising from the waves. In addition to Krakens it can likely be expected that other giant squid, sharks, swordfish, angry crabs and etc may join the fight on the Gyre's side. Measures that are being taken to defend against such creatures are ensuring that squadrons of ships are fitted with nets (as suggested by Estaban) for hindering their movement. Even more boldly, an order is going out to affix the underside of ships (that are willing to do so, AND won't damage the structural integrity) with jagged pieces of metal on the haul. Hopefully the combination of these two will keep crew and ships safe, by capturing or shredding the beasts that come.

Part 4: Food n' Booze
Supply chains will be set up ahead of time, mostly utilizing the coastline of the Lyceum that isn't under immediate threat to make the live's of the crew for this massive ordeal a bit easier. Materials for repairs, food, water, and most importantly alcohol will be a constant factor needed. For this, they ask of the merchant vessels and those who wish to volunteer without the skill or equipment for war to help transport. The most esteemed honor of organizing these vital volunteers has been passed to Magpie Grayhope. You get 'em, Magpie!

Part 5: Please Don't Die.
Victus has also put the call out to mercies that don't get seasick easily to be on board vessels to tend to their eventual wounded. They will be joined by members of the Faith willing to come who likewise, do not get seasick easily. The combination of prayer and medicine will hopefully keep them alive that much longer. Hopefully.

"We stand as one. One fleet, one army, one Compact. This is not for me or you. This is for Arvum. This is for our homes. They're playing your song, it's time to write your legend. Let's make it a damn good one."

((FOR EVERYONE CONTRIBUTING: Thank you! Feel free to include any of the written above in your actions if you would like to help out in any of the specific parts mentioned! If you would also like to take your own actions then feel free to consider this the IC battle-plan and coordinate or contribute as you will! These are Victus' orders for now, interpret them however you would!))

1. Gathering- Antonio will direct all vassal navys (as well as Lenosia's fleet) to gather at Setarco.

2. Tactics Antonio will command the combined Lycene fleet, and the admirals of Lycene vassals will report to him. He, in turn, will take his sailing orders from Victus. This way the chain of command is clear and reinforced. (This will be reflected in an additional @action.)

Despite the fact that Victus Baseborn won is nobility by destroying her own family, the Tyde and Tydelands navies show up in full force to defend Setarco, with the Duchess of Tyde in command herself. She makes it clear that she will not ask anything of her troops that she will not risk herself. The vassels of the Tydelandsare brought with the main host to follow Vuctus' command, for better or worse.

Blessed Roran, Archlector of Lagoma see's the ships off, offering a mass blessing to the ships leaving Arx to join the main fleet. The Higgh Lord's main vessel is blessed persoally, and flame from the eternal flame in the shrine of lagoma is passed over to be filtered off through the fleet to let Lagoma's light guide them through this change. The man is not heading out with the High Lord's fleet since medical care has finally been found, and instead, only his prayers go with them.

Who is she to cower behind stone walls when her Goddess is at stake? She will assist with Part 5: Please Don't Die
The Archlector Madeleine distributes the Disciples of Mangata each to a vessel to offer prayer and morale bolstering - blessing each crew and vessel with santified water and braziers of incense, she herself physically riding whatever ship Victus deems safe for her to be on. The Disciples are to assist as they can since many of them are seafarers anyhow, but to stay out of the way and defer all matters to the military crews of the vessel.

With prayer and faith as her greatest weapons, Madeleine will join the fight.

#1 Gathering - Wash will assess the readiness of every Thrax fleet and report those numbers and distributions to the Grand Admiral. He will disseminate a simple language of flags and horns to used for ship to ship communication between houses. This will incorporate modern merchantmen messaging alphabet, and will create a unified shorthand for common battlefleet tactics.

#3 Tactics - Wash will command the Thrax fleet, and the admirals of Thrax vassals will report to him. He, in turn, will take his sailing orders from Victus. This way the chain of command is clear and reinforced. (This will be reflected in an additional @action.)

With the Oathlands' naval forces under hers and Caelis' command, Katarina answers to the call of the Great Admiral of the Compact with the full force of their ships. They sail to dispatch from Setarco as the plans dictate, prepared to lend their support to the other admirals however they may.

Skye will be assisting with Movements and Tactics. She will dive into the archives to find any Bathymetry studies that will tell her of the ocean depth at the various locations. She will assist High Lord Victus with recommendation on the best places to keep the ships to lessen their vulnerability to large sea creatures that might be accompanying the enemy fleet. Her aim when studying the numbers and combined with her new knowledge of the area to devise a plan that will allow for the Fleet to take advantage of hidey holes like the bay of Linosia and the nooks around Caina and Bravvra so that they have the advantage of surrounding the ships when they converage on Setarco.

Captain Ariella will be leading the Igniseri fleets in our move against the Gyre

Eleanor, born and raised on a ship and thus comfortable on one, will be joining the Compact's fleet as a representative of the King's Own. She has been asked by Victus to serve as his right hand during the battle, and will therefore join him on his ship along with a few other knights under her command.

Turo will be commanding the Navegant fleet, and doing so with aplomb.
Regarding Part 1: He's been incessantly training his marines and sailors, almost to the point where most can fill in at any role on the ships without much drop-off in training.

Regarding Part 2: Turo will direct his fleet to focus on supply and troop ships, wherever possible. Those he wants sunk as quickly as can be, since an ounce of work now might save a pound of work later. However, he'll not needlessly abandon the orders he's given.

Victoria, a Master Healer with some sailing experience, is joining the fleet as a Healer, assisting with Part 5. See also action 1858 for more on her heading up the gang.

Lethe will be helping with part 5:please don't die. While she is a Harlequin and not a Mercy she is still a healer. She will do her best to assist with the injured.

The fleet in Setarco is the best example of what happens with the Compact comes together as one. The first battle was hard, but when the Pretender-King sent reinforcements it got even worse. And yet the fleet never wavered. Never trembled - they continued together to protect the Lyceum and the Compact as a whole, and it was their unity that won the day. Even old rivalries got a chance to be set to rest, as people who normally hate each other or find themselves on opposite sides of political rivalries set all of that aside to act as one. It made the difference and, in the face of a baffling and powerful enemy, it won the day.

Action by Victus for Gyre Straits - Calling the Banners

(Public Action, OOC Date: Feb. 4, 2018, 11:50 p.m.)

"People of the Mourning Isles. I come being the bearer of bad news. We are beset upon by by an enemy who shrouds himself in his ignorance. He has bent the knee to those who would destroy the world, taken every evil in his path for power. The Deep 'King' and his followers hold onto a dying past which they seek to rebuild on top of our ashes. For one thousand years Thrax has held these Isles together with the force of our might and we shall do so by a fucking thousand more.

The Isles will stand united as one. One fleet, one legion, one order to destroy the tide of darkness that seeks to swallow us all. Bear arms and army, ready yourselves across the deck. The time of Thrax is now and forever. We do not fall.

Tears in our wake, never at our wake.."

After fighting and dying against the forces of the Gyre for centuries and then some, High Lord Victus Thrax has launched an ultimatum: No inch of ground will be given without wading through an ocean of blood. The Maelstrom has stood the test of time and the Gyre's fleet shall not be appropriately named so long as he stands.

Victus calls the banners from every corner Thrax's influence reaches. Forces that owe allegiance to the Sea Serpent's banner and Allies of the Mourning Isles are called to join. The High Lord himself will be donning the mantle of General and Ruler, calling all armies and fleets to the Maelstrom to organize into one solidified presence. The 1st Thrax Fleet and the 1st Thrax Marines alike. Those with the skill of diplomacy and propaganda are asked to send his message through every street and upper echelon, to motivate and drive every Thraxian in defense of their home. In survival as a race.

Grimhall, Tyde and all vassals below them will receive similar calls to action and be invited to participate. The might of the Grim Legion, Tyde's Fleet and all those like them that would pledge support in this pact. Whether it's soldiers, agents, smugglers, diplomats, or priests offering prayer - all are welcome. All are going to be needed in this coming battle, and Victus calls them all.

He dubs this unified front "The Mourning Onslaught". He will spend his preparation ensuring that the name will be heard as a beacon of hope for all as its strength is soon to be put to the test.

Duke Grimhall sends his heralds throughout the domains loyal to his house. The letter they read is not subtle: all warships are summoned to battle. The foe which approaches is the enemy our race was born to fight, all true hearted warriors of Mourning blood will join the coming battles. Of the rest, any who refuse will be held in scorn and named faithless before Gods and men, treated as traitors once the war is won.

When Victus makes his declaration to Thrax and calls for the banners, Alarissa is standing there beside him literally and figuratively as a proper High Lord's wife - in the traditional sense - a solemn, respectful and calm figure, even going so far as to make sure she's holding the heir to thrax who has been carefully wrapped and swaddled in that thraxian shade of red.

In the subsequent days, she's visiting noble houses of those in the Thrax fealty, both high and low that Fatima hasn't. Where it is the liberal leaning houses, she brings Astrid with her, conversing with the house so that she can have with her a visual reminder of the change that they have been fighting for, has happened and the future that each house if they throw their full might or as many as they can spare, into helping overcome the pirate king. She's not above using her daughter for a little propaganda pimping. Yes, the wives if the nobles even get to hold her if they want and start the threads of their investment her future and that of Thrax - and in turn theirs and their children. The losses will be hard, but they are Thrax. They know hard and how to overcome and Alarissa is proud to have married into such strong and able people. That she looks up to them in these tumultous days for the strength to help Victus lead and protect all that they and she hold dear.

For the more traditional houses, she goes with Victus, having fed him the lines that he likely needs to speak if he needs them. She borrows a line so recently heard from Harald and encourages them to do the best thing for Thrax and that's to set sail with all that they have and can spare and "Make their ancestors jealous" of the stories that will be told in the days to come. She plays that part of proper wife, not a hair out of place and with complete confidence that Thrax will get through this with their full support.

Then there's the ladies. The wives of the sailors, the soldiers, the supporters of the men who lead, the ones who manage the finances and at times, know how to tip a spouse one way or the other to what they want and to make it seem like it was the spouse's choice. To tea she invites them, small intimate affairs of 'frank' conversations. It's going to be hard and in truth, some spouses will not be coming home. This is the fight for thier lives and the odds will be so much better if the full might of the fealty combines into the Onslaught. They are in for a battle, a war that has been a long time coming and it's time to face it with all weapons, at the ready. Even if it's just ones two hands tearing up cotton to make bandages to be used to help with the wounded.

Fatima, as a Voice and Princess of Thrax, is taking her place in gathering the banners. She starts by visiting all the Thrax nobles in Arx, having quiet, one-on-one conversations with every lord that has soldiers, sailors, or influence. She spreads out to the more distant lords next via letter, and then personal visits when necessary. She reminds them of the might of House Thrax, the alternatives of failure, and the rewards to be gained for a successful campaign. And above all else, she's going to go personally visit every noble that previously showed fear for her and ensure their banners are called.

Margot calls the banners of all of the Tyde Vassals to support the efforts to fight the Gyre. Insisting that the Northlands turn out (and quietly insinuating that she will be very disappointed if they can't put out a better showing than the Grimhall vassals).

As General of the Thrax Marines and by very nature of their status, Galen knew his men would be ready to fight. His cousins and diplomats had no doubt reached out to every noble across Arx, but Galen was different than the others, he certainly had many of the same connections, maybe even more than some, but, he also had the benefit of having literally sailed to every known port in the compact, a few very strange ones, and even Port Defiance, though this he didn't speak of openly.

Regardless the Prince knew how desperate these times were, so he summoned together his crew, his most trusted loyal men, and gave them some simple instructions, "Send word, by whatever means as far and wide as you can...To everyone, and I mean everyone who has ever had our aid in any way shape or form, let them know I am not asking for such in return, but now I need help, and I would appreciate such." his crew knew what that meant. You see, the Prince was known on the seas for both being a force of swift justice when needed, and the saving hand of grace, to people of good, or questionable character who found themselves in trouble and in his path, though if we are being honest, often Galen's path was directed toward them. His men would carry out his command with haste, to those around the isles and beyond, merchants, mercenaries, various ports, no doubt even to some of the Abandon themselves.

Galen know what was at stake, he wondered if the reason he was given what he had been given and done the things which he had done, had all been for the culmination of this moment, of this action, a need so great that he himself had to risk all favor he had earned, all alliances he had made, after all, this wasn't just for him, or his family, this was for everyone!

Magpie receives the notice from Victus and stares at it intently for a long time. Then the man stands before his people -- the Free Nation of Magpie (A Grayhope Enterprises Division) -- he raises his voice loudly, and calls out, "Magpie! Will you help Thrax in this battle?! Will you stand strong and fight with them?! Will you follow Victus Thrax to the tentacles of death?!?" ... The man lets silence settle, then finally answers himself. "Probably. If I have nothing else going on that day."

When it is time to raise banners, what can a commoner do? Answer the call, of course. But is there anything more?

Sparte has decided to speak with others of his choice to join Thrax in their darkest hour. To sign on with the banners in the face of the deadliest foe they've known since the reckoning. His audience may be Crownsworn and Prodigals, mainly, but he speaks to those in Arx who still seek a purpose for themselves or have had one stolen.

"I am not someone who was destined for greatness. I am no prince or lord. I herded sheep." Sparte gives a self effacing chuckle. "But when times were dark, and the Iron Guard gave the call, I answered. With so many others, I helped hold these walls. Just as I now stand to protect Thrax. Not because of faith in myself or the gods, but because of faith in people. Because I believed that there are those unable to protect themselves who are deserving. I don't know who they are. They may be mothers and fathers, they made be children, the sick or infirm. Injured soldiers who fought for us once, and can no longer raise a blade themselves. They may be righteous souls or cads and blagarts, I don't care. When true evil rises against the compact we know in our hearts if he has the strength to stand and fight."

"I am not asking you to follow me, I am not even asking you to join me in pledging to Thrax. I am asking you to find that fire within your own hearts. To recognize that no matter how dark the day may seem, the light of tomorrow must be fought for to see it through. All I want from you is to be able to say, when times were dark, others stood with me. Please stand with me, if you can. For those who cannot."

At the call by Victus, Catalana is compelled to have the people listen. Wanting to make her family proud, this Lady Kennex speaks to all of the nobles with the reach of her voice and beyond to plea that in order to survive this, we must unite. "Please....this is no time for petty squabbles. This is a time to set aside differences and to unite as people! We will face this head on and show our enemies that this is not a group that is divided...but united!"

Caspian Wild is going into every tavern and inn of Arx, singing renditions of popular Thraxian war songs that have a twist of being about fighting for The Mourning Ises and Thrax against The Gyre, with the goal is to inspire Thraxians to join the fight. To help things along he'll be buying rounds of drinks.

Many people find it easy to be around Caith -- she has a friendly and unassuming air about her. She is also a passionate and evocative storyteller. Leaning on these qualities, she goes around visiting various vassals. She spends many an evening with them by the fire, sharing a drink or two, listening to tales of their past glories and trading stories of heroic deeds.

The princess tells them tales of legendary heroes, of battles won, of days saved when all hope was thought to be lost. And as they sit together by the warm, rosy glow of the fire with drinks in hand, she tells them that it is in moments such a these -- this precipice that they all find themselves on -- when heroes rise up and legends are made. She points out that she can only tell these stories now because people, when faced with the toughest options in the darkest hour, made the brave choice. They stood up. They answered the call. If they had not, their names would have faded into obscurity until they were entirely forgotten; however, their heroic actions granted them immortality, their names and deeds living on beyond them.

Caith urges the vassals to become heroes themselves. Their deeds today will become the legends that will be spoken of for all time. Glory and honor!

High Lord Victus steps up next, calling on all Thraxians to prepare to set sail. No inch of ground, he declares, will be given without wading through an ocean of blood. Forces that owe allegiance to the Sea Serpent's banner and Allies of the Mourning Isles are called to join.

Duke Harald hears the call and stands now not just as Duke but as Warlord of Thrax. All warships are summoned to battle. All true hearted warriors of Mourning blood will join the coming battles. Any who refuse will be scorned and named faithless before Gods and men.

Princess-Consort Alarissa stands ready, solemn and respectful and calm, exhorting by diplomatic turn those who the others fail to reach. To progressive houses she brings Princess Astrid, encouraging them to respond to the call to banners while holding the visible reminder of the change they've been fighting for. She praises the strength of Thrax, knowing full well the might of the Isles and reminding them that this is the time to show that will and strength. To the more traditional houses she goes with Victus, encouraging them to make their ancestors jealous of the stories that will be told in the days to come. And of course, knowing how much power there is in the quiet talk of women she makes sure to speak with the women - whether they lead the houses or not - encouraging them to form a united front among progressives and traditionalists alike in supporting the call to banners.

Princess Fatima personally visits each noble Thraxian in Arx, using one-on-one conversations to encourage them as she might. She reminds them of the strength of Thrax, of the results failure may bring them, and the rewards for a successful campaign. She targets those who she knows already hold some awe (some might even say fear) of her, using intimidation where she can to its best effect.

Duchess Margot calls all Tyde sailors and vassals, insisting the Northlands turn out. In her own way she encourages them slyly - It sure would be a shame if Grimhall turned out more numbers than Tyde, wouldn't it? Let's not let that happen, shall we?

Prince Galen reaches out to people he's met in his travels across the land, asking everyone who has ever had Thraxian aid to come forth and join them. The Prince himself is well-known as a hospitable spirit, a man who will buy the drinks in a bar for complete strangers, and sometimes has a habit of turning up at just the right time when someone is in desperate need. And now it's time for old debts to be repaid.

Officer Sparte, newly in fealty to Thrax, shows his loyalty. Now he goes to the Crownsworn and speaks to them. I am not someone who was destined for greatness, he says. But with so many others I helped hold these walls. Just as I now stand to protect Thrax. Not because of faith in myself or the gods, but because of faith in people. Because I believed that there are those unable to protect themselves who are deserving. When true evil rises against the compact we know in our hearts if he has the strength to stand and fight. His speech wins the hearts of the commoners, and even more answer the call.

Lady Catalana emphasizes the need to stand together. Wanting to make her family proud, inspired to answer the call by Victus, she urges people to set aside petty squabbles and unite as people. To show their enemies that this is not a group divided, but united in one common goal! Meanwhile, Caspian visits the taverns and inns of Arx, singing renditions of popular Thraxian war songs. Everyone loves a good sea shanty, and every really loves to sing good sea shanties when someone else is buying the drinks.

Not to be left out, Princess Caith visits various vassals, spending evenings by the fire sharing a drink or two, listening to tales of their past glories, encouraging them to tell stories of heroic deeds. In turn she tells them of legendary heroes, battles won, of days saved when all hope was thought to be lost. And as they sit together by the warm, rosy glow of the fire with drinks in hand, she tells them that it is in moments such a these -- this precipice that they all find themselves on -- when heroes rise up and legends are made. She points out that she can only tell these stories now because people, when faced with the toughest options in the darkest hour, made the brave choice. They stood up. They answered the call.

With tales of glory, drinks in hand, with the urge to stand united, with diplomacy and orders and threats and cajoling, by any means possible the word goes out. Thrax is called to war!

Action by Victus for Darkwater Revealed

(Public Action, OOC Date: Dec. 27, 2017, 5:03 p.m.)

Having seen the murals of the Marin'alfar depicting ancient rituals used to seal the Gyre via the Hierophants, Victus is assembling an expedition. The High Lord along with his companions will be venturing out from the city of Arx to pursue the methods used to imprison the Marin King. He intends to bring along those skilled with Spirits, Godly business, and martial skill to get them through this. Whether they need to take by sea or by land, they'll go wherever the journey takes them to bring them one step closer to tightening the Herald's chains.

Titania will going with Victus to help with finding a way to tighten the Herald's chains , to keep him from being free and allowing the beat to devour the world. She will use all her knowledge she has and will share what she knows to help them on their journy.

Having helped the Marin'alfar cleanse the Shrine of Mangata, and seeing the murals there and in the home of the Marin'alfar, speaking with them on what the murals depicted, it is no secret that Khanne has a deep interest in the murals, their story, and what took place so long ago. In speaking with the Simurgh, one of the things said was that the people of the Compact had to work to strengthen the seals... this effort brings together her vow to do all she can to help, and her eagerness to learn more. She will go with Victus and the others, wherever the search takes them, seeking to find the answers to how she, and/or others, can help keep the Herald in his chains (or, rechain him, should he find himself freed).

No stranger to seeking out these histories and rituals, Ailith joins the team bringing all her research and notes into these topics (occult and theology). She has a vested interest given ties to the Marin'alfar, Prince Venteri's encouragement specifically, and working with many people on this expedition to combat the Abyss. In the hopes to aid them or the Gods on this journey should danger arise, Ailith has communicated with the Seraphs of the Mourning Isles to encourage devotions and prayers (separate @action).

Eleanor is joining the party to assist the effort on behalf of the King's Own. She is prepared to use her fighting skills should there be a physical altercation, as well as her knowledge of sailing should it be necessary.

Being friends with various Houses and Clans of the sea and sky, Leola attends with Aletta, to locate the previous runes from the magics cast by the Hierophants, and for any help she can offer in recasting this - whether advice of the purposeful porpoises, the piratical otters, or her own diminishing store of common sense. It is truly time to speak with the dolphins now.

Without specific direction, there's a lot of asking questions at first. Leola talks to her friends, who bring tidings of something terrible moving from 'The Place Where We Definitely Should Not Swim And Even Sharks (who are jerks!) Don't Swim'. Khanne hears whispers as well that 'the Storm Rises', in frustratingly vague ways, pointing towards Darkwater Watch. Ailith prays and sees the horrifying image of Julea, Ianthe and Zhayla falling, and sees an image of a shackle breaking. With little to go on, Victus leads them to Darkwater Watch, and they see the first warning of the coming storm.

It's past Darkwater Reach that Khanne sees a strange manifestation in the water. A great swirling wave, forming higher and higher, until one of the Old Gods stands before them. "Maelstrom's End is coming. The Herald is still bound, but the curse has weakened its tethers around all he controls. He needn't use pawns any longer. His true fleet comes. You must flee and prepare." And then the spirit vanishes, but they see a vision of a massive fleet, possibly thousands of ships, sailing from the center of the Darkwater with a beautiful being floating far above them in the heart of a storm.

Action by Bianca for The Despite of Fable

(Public Action, OOC Date: Dec. 26, 2017, 8:45 a.m.)

The truth shall set us free.

The call has been made and a great archival is being set into motion by the Scholars of Vellichor, reaching out to the entirety of the discipleship far and wide in an effort to duplicate and spread information contained in each outpost of Vellichor’s faithful from the grandest library to the smallest monastery.

The plan itself is no small task and in reality Bianca is aware it will take years to come to fruition, but they had to start somewhere.

Phase 1: Organization - A rather large focus team is gathered utilizing local Scholars and overseen by three Senior Scholars (NPCs) to take point on the clerical end of the Archival process. The role of this team is ongoing, their job being to disseminate information to the known enclaves of the discipleship throughout the many territories of Arvum regarding the archival process and how it will function. Once the process begins, they will be the ones dealing with the incoming reports and developing an encoded master inventory list of all outlying literary collections within the jurisdiction of the Scholars. A secondary list will also be created in regards to the location of lost relics that may be hidden away though in the possession of the Scholars. This secondary list shall also be encoded, its construction remains solely in the hands of the three senior scholars on point for this team and is only to be viewed by them and Archscholar Bianca. Once both lists are completed a secondary action will be taken to protect the contents of the pages (either via in-game actions or a storyrequest). From there a procedure will be set in place for all future acquisitions to be reported to the Archives to be properly categorized and added to the proper encoded list.

Phase 2: Reproduction - The next step of this accounting is the duplication of documented works. Any pieces of literary record (fiction AND historical) not found in duplicate shall be reproduced by the Scholars located in the parish these works are found to be and aid from Arx will be sent to the smaller libraries in the form of manpower to help. The goal is that a copy of everything not deemed ‘imprimatur’ will be replicated and disseminated to the Archives as well as the discipleship’s library in each of the five regional capitals: Sanctum, Lenosia, Maelstrom, Farhaven, Bastion. Anything deemed ‘imprimatur’ will also be duplicated though these duplications will only be sent to the Great Archive. This process will also be applied to all new information coming into the Archives or discovered by the discipleship moving forward.

Phase 3: Dissemination to the Public - While the Archives have always been open to the public and all noble houses, an immediate public relations campaign is set in place to better inform those of Arx and Arvum on the whole that the pursuit of knowledge and information will not be turned away or looked upon with wary eyes. This campaign is to be fostered by /all/ of the discipleship setting the stage for an open door policy and as more information is collected in Phase 1 and Phase 2, the Archive will be able to ideally provide direction if not a copies of what is being sought. The title of the campaign is “Let no question go unanswered.” For those seeking knowledge that extends beyond the bounds of what is considered safe for public consumption, they will be directed to petition the Scholars for access. A small council of senior scholars headed by Archscholar Bianca will be set to task in reviewing such requests and disseminating information on a case by case basis (unless of course PCs come to her directly).

Now, with the discipleship’s funds recently diminished due to the recent expenditure in Stormward, Bianca is also reaching out to all those outside the Scholars willing to aid with this tremendous undertaking. Donations are to be accepted in specific to aid in the Archival as well as individual manpower for replication of books not marked ‘imprimatur,’ though the most poignant request in the forefront is martial cooperation and aid. There is a great danger present and those tasked with the duplication or simply traveling to disperse information and transport copies will undoubtedly need protection and assistance while traversing the many territories of Arvum. And sometimes boats. Boats are cool and there are a lot of islands to be reached.

Lady Monique Greenmarch has a wide net of contacts she employs, along with their silver and her own gratuitous charm, on behalf of the ArchScholar's endeavor. How does she find out the things she does? It's impossible to know, but she will attempt to secure safe roads to travel, and trusted safe houses for those scholars and their handlers to stay in, alongside vaults for the information to be saved.

Fortunato, although no official scholar, is happy to lend his hands and eyes to the work of replication (if with a tiny bit of illumination in the margins as strikes him, not enough to seriously detract from the speed of the task). He is able and willing to travel to the regional archives to aid copying work there as well, if, of course, with escort.

Sophie will be aiding in Phase 2, leading any and all Mercy volunteers to go through the extensive medical records and white journals of known Mercies, collating what is deemed important information. She will also write to the Mercy chapters throughout the Compact, seeking their cooperation, and offering organizational instruction to those wanting. Finally, she'll do what she can to procure what House Valardin has.

Phase I-III: Ailith will coordinate through her increasing network of Seraph contacts across the Compact, and reaching out also to the Seraphs that the Dominus and Legate of Creation informed Ailith about. She'll explain the first Phase of Archlector Bianca's process and encourage the Seraphs in how the parishes may assist such as the Seraphs providing copies of any texts to the Archlector or the three Senior Scholars. Ailith will assist in fielding any questions if the Seraphs respond directly to her. In additional letter will be included.

Calaudrin will be joining with other members of the Iron Guard in helping protect the Faith's documents as they move through the city. He'll be especially on the lookout for anything at all suspicious as they go.

Lord Commander Silas will be helping direct his men in protecting the precious cargo -- copies of invaluable lore from several great libraries and archives. He himself will likely lead the retinue guarding the largest cache. They will avoid all thoroughfares known to be havens for thieves and criminals, and all guardsmen on this mission will be thoroughly armed and alert. They will also not be guardsmen with past criminal history, themselves, no matter how small the theft or how long ago the incident occurred. No chances!

Ainsley will be helping with the Iron Guard portion of things. He'll be assigning more senior soldiers to help with the transportation and dissemination portion-- helping to protect the scholars. He, himself, will be with one squad of people helping to transport and protect. Carrying with him his Alaricite sword and his rubicund plate, as he leads the forces. He'll also supply some of his own military favors, writs, and currency to help with the project.

Harald has given leave for the the scholars of Vellichor to travel to Grihem's Point aboard his ships and under his protection, as well as granting them access to the Grimhall libraries. While the private Grimhall libraries are largely collections of literature (especially traditional poetic sagas which are widely believed simple verse fiction) any pieces desired for copying will be made available. After all, the Scholars certainly aren't likely to find any decent sagas on the mainland; it's a mission of mercy, really.

Phase 1: Knights of Solace agents, in the course of their usual duties, will help disseminate the new archival procedures across Arvum, and bring back reports if needed. They will also be instructed to share with Blessed Bianca or her chosen representatives any information they may have picked up in the course of their journeys regarding the possible locations of valuable documents that should be included in the archival effort. Phase 2: Knights of Solace will help protect sensitive archival works as they are transported to or from the various repositories in Arvum.

Mae has began to distribute the Commoners Bulletin, as well as a primer on a subject (Marin'alfar) that has otherwise been erased from history. She'll be writing more, including a book on reincarnation, and all will be spread far and wide. Take that, Fable!

Christine will help with phase 2, copying books that need to be reproduced, and translating those in Isles shav so they could be spread more easily.

Eirene, with the help of her own soldiers, goes through any of the Malvici libraries in Arx and sends word for the libraries of Southport to be duplicated and the copies added to the efforts, transported as quickly as the lot can be completed. As Malvici has a longstanding history of fighting demonic forces, she hopes to find useful information to be added to the master archives.

Lord Corban Telmar will invest both time, treasure, and resources into the Archscholar's appeal to duplicate and preserve knowledge. He will donate 200,000 in House Telmar silver to copying, transporting, and preserving Archives information in the Oathlands. He will also call in House Telmar's extensive network of military favors to ensure that the convoys transporting the materials are protected, and will personally lead some himself, lending his sword and considerable leadership abilities to the effort.

Armand, as a Templar disciple, will aid in the Scholar's efforts by ensuring their protection, notably during the more dangerous Phase 3 of the project, the dissemination and duplication. Able and willing to travel wherever the Scholars need to go, he will ensure that those he is tasked to protect are able to do their work unhindered. No criminal nor servant of the Abyss shall be allowed to stand in the way of Vellichor's holy work.

The main effort the Templars will offer, as well as general help should they be asked, is during phase 2. With the threat that bandits or indeed things more foul could try to stop the material reaching Arx, the Templars will make up to 1000 men at arms available to escort material from the various holds back to the capital. Alongside this, each Parish will be expected to have their templars provide additional support as material moves through their lands, more a procession of honour though that for military support. As the various archival holdings come together from the regions to head to Arx, the Templars will blob the escorting forces together and ensure that the material makes its way safely to Arx.

Cybele is good at organising and teaching and digging up info, so more than happy to dive into the deep stacks, and set to work looking at what comes in. Besides, the shaman has a knack for finding the right texts. Right? Right.

Delilah will be focusing her efforts on Phase 2, working closely with other scholars to replicate as many texts as she possibly can in her spare time. She will also be speaking with the Master of Questions in an attempt to more closely incorporate the Inquisition with the ongoings of this entire process.

Alaric will be having lots of nice things to say about the project, dropping little mentions to nobles and Crown functionaries and important merchants alike about how nice it would be to hear of people and groups lending some aid to the Vellichorian discipleship with their work, and generally generating some positive PR and motivation for people to get involved with helping.

Fatima will allow the Scholars access to the Thrax libraries available in Maelstrom to aid the Archscholar. More than that, though, she's using her social circle to help circulate the news of Phase 3: Dissemination to the Public. When Bianca signals it's time, Fatima will utilize her propaganda machine to get out the word the Archscholar desires.

Percephon will be participating heavily with the Phase 2 portion of this very important project. Working within his position as Senior Scholar, he will go to the library in Sanctum to assist in creating faithful duplicates of all materials that are that are uncovered and found. With a focus on organizing which overly important and sensitive materials will be sent to the Great Archives.

Estaban will be opening the Saik Library to the scholars of Vellichor, he will also be giving military esscort the schollars where they may need to go.

Victus will be allowing the Scholars of Vellichor within the libraries of the Maelstrom, as well as to comb the Isle the capital fortress is located on for nay other information they deem noteworthy. In addition, he'll be sending a detachment of some Thraxian scholars and stewards who are better versed in history than he is. Surely, the Isles will have LOADs of interesting stories to tell!

Aiden can help considerably in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Since he's had a lot of practice with the Court in reproducing works, that's where he will initially provide the most support, however, he's got a good eye for organization, so he'll certainly swap between the two roles, depending on what's more important at the time. Though since he's an excellent teacher, he puts a lot of his time into Phase 3 as well, answering as honestly as he can and has he has done to anyone in the past who has come to him for answers.

Not being much of a smarty himself, Edain will do his best to give the scholarly types the access and the trust they need to do something good, making sure they have access to the archives in Sanctum. He will also task 100 of his knights with the task of helping to escort the travelling scholars, with as much travel as this entails it is sure to tax even the Knights of Solace and so Edain will do his best to help them escort travelling scholars.

Alis has offered to help Bianca by assigning military escorts to and from Sanctum for the scholars that she sends, ensuring their safety and the safety of any materials they bring with.

Princess Isabeau Valardin will primarily be lending her assistance to this endeavor (in Phase 3) by using her considerable charm and skill in persuasion and propaganda to get the word out to the people that the great Archive's enriched texts are available and that the Scholars of Vellichor can guide everyone, high or low, rich or poor, to greater understanding of their world and the vast knowledge contained within.

Lark is opening the Grayson library to the Scholars, and spending her own time overseeing and directing efforts of scribes to copy their works.

While waiting to offer what aid he can for the protection of contents, Aleksei will also reach out to his the vague network he's beginning to form of those freed or aided in their freedom by the Liberators of Skald. Plenty of ex-thralls served in administrative capacities, and he'll kindly ask if they'd be willing to help the Scholars in their various local parishes. Hopefully it will provide some additional manpower for the copying of books and journals to be conducted under the local Godsworn at these various parishes.

Cicero is promising the scholars the use of the Silver Consortiums contacts and networking of infrastructure for moving about the Compact and keeping their scribes supplied as needed.

Deacon will focus his efforts on Phase 3. As a composer of some small renown, he will write a short series of ballads to promote the knowledge contained within the walls of the Archives. The goal will be to help popularize the pursuit of knowledge on the cultural level. Once he's written the music, he will make it available to every bard and performer whom he can convince to take it.

Samael will open up Pridehall libraries and provide military escorts for the Scholars coming to and leaving Pridehall. In addition to that in Phase 3 Samael will help to disseminate information using his oratory skills.

Sasha will in Phase 1 and Phase 2, she is able to reproduce and also translate many texts should the need be there. She is also a very good teacher as well so she will also assist with Phase 3 when the time comes.

Lucita, with her love of music, has been collecting old songs and legends through trading them with other musicians and travelers, bards and music lovers in the taverns, inns, bars and during social events in Arx. Many of these serve as oral history and some have not been documented. This she does and helps contribute to the overall effort toward Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Sebastian will be assisting in accompanying scholars to provide protection and whatever other assistance is needed as they travel throughout the Lyceum to various smaller locations. He will assist in acquiring passage through the lands and courts with which he is familiar, particularly around Setarco and the surrounding isles. He will also assist in locating the smaller repositories of knowledge, acquiring the information and documents required, and seeing their return to Arx during Phase 1. He will also work to help with transcription and the reproduction of drawings and other artistic work contained within the documents acquired during Phase 2. During Phase 3, he will help with the public relations campaign to help promote the use of the Archives and the future expansion of the knowledge contained therein through art and social engagements.

Juliana will be helping Sebastian and the accompanying scholars to provide protection and healing as well as any other assistance is needed as they travel throughout the Lyceum to various smaller locations. She will assisting him in acquiring passage through the lands and courts with which they are familiar, particularly around Setarco and the surrounding isles. She will also assist him in finding the smaller repositories of knowledge and in acquiring the information and documentation, to see that they are returned to Arx during Phase 1. She will also try to help with the work of transcription of the documents acquired during Phase 2. During Phase 3, She will help with the public relations campaign to help promote the use of the Archives and the future expansion of the knowledge contained therein through art and social engagements.

Orathy will be helping Sebastian and Juliana Pravus during the course of the events. He's particularly good at flanking the enemies if there are any, his fighting style coming from the shadows rather than direct assault, therefore, scouting might be his thing. He'll shield Sebastian and Juliana while on mission, body guarding for them.

Nierzen sets to work writing propaganda in support of Phase 3 to move the hearts of people to favour and support the work and effort. He aims propaganda at nobles, motivating them to generously give silver to the Scholarly work, and he aims propaganda at the residents of the Boroughs, moving them to cooperate and even go out of their way to help collect stories and information. In all things, his propaganda tugs at the ideals of duty, faith, and self interest.

The Great Archival Project of 1007 AR causes a complete uproar. In every corner of the Compact, people turn up to add books to the archives, to add knowledge to the archives. To make copies of precious books and send them on. To spread the word - if you need information, your best hope is to find it in the Archives. High Lords and Nobles have opened their libraries. The Templars and the Knights of Solace, as well as many guards hired by various families across Arvum are moving to preserve knowledge and see it safely from the far corners of the Compact into Arx itself. It's a huge project, and under Archscholar Bianca's watchful eye, an incredibly successful one.

Tomes once thought lost are found, copied, and brought to Arx under guard. People are encouraged to come to Arx to seek knowledge. Learn from the Archives of Vellichor, learn from our tutors, our Scholars. Knowledge is available, free for the asking.

Action by Harald for Thralldom in the Isles

(Public Action, OOC Date: Dec. 4, 2017, 9:26 p.m.)

Watchwords are circulated to allies, to be given when any Isles warship approaches. Allies are also encouraged to group their merchants into convoys for ease of protection and inspection. One week later, to allow this new policy to spread, Mourning Isles patrols will begin challenging all ships in Kennex waters. If the watchword is wrong, the ship in question will be boarded and inspected, to be confiscated if evidence of smuggling or piracy is found (inaccurate ship's ledger suggesting smuggling, illegal cargo, goods suggesting trade with Abandoned, etc.)

The warships of the Grim Fleet will spread into smaller squadrons of 2-3, in order to patrol more widely among the thousands of merchant ships coming and going from Stormward.

Yet again, The Grim Duke calls, and yet again, House Navegant answers. As voice, the lady navegant will mobilize her forces in suport of the dukes actions. The Navegant fleet, instead of protecting it's own traders, will instead be forming a picket and defense line of patrolling vessles. This new "Mourning Watch" will dedicate itself to full spectrum maritime patrol operations. This includes, escort, anti-piracy actions, rescue operations if needed, and Watchword questioning with Visting, board, search, and seizure operations as needed. To see the boarding operations in case of a failure to utter the correct watchword, Regla has detached Navegant Marines with each warship.

Victus will be committing the full might of the Thrax Fleet to hunting down these smugglers and false flag pirates. Ensuring to learn of the proper watchwords and pass them through the crew. Much like in dealing with the Thralls and Mutineers, Victus will be personally there for this. However he will not be bringing the Red Serpent, as to not immediately reveal that the High Lord of the Mourning Isles has re-entered Kennex waters. Rather he'll be taking more of a backseat role, standing in as a Lord to ensure no international incidents are going to happen if one or two vessels ends up forgetting their watchwords. Or even if the smugglers may learn of one themselves.

Edward will accompany boarding crews that are to inspect ships for smuggling to check manifests and other ships documentation for signs of deception or malfeasance. In addition, given this was part of his job for House Redreef he will apply his know how to searching ships for hidden compartments and where cargo may commonly be stashed - as well as the types of tricks that smugglers may use. Such as towing, barreling, keel riding and so on.

Sameera is doing as she normally does on missions Harald undertakes: She is managing inventory, keeping track of the people and organzing things on the ship to run as smoothly as possible. She has the added duty of checking ship ledgers and trying to find any suspicious activity. Anything that might give cause for concern is reported to Harald. As per normal for her all other duties are disregarded if a Thrax or Grimhalll family member is at risk (AKA has a potential of dying or running off to do something dangerous alone) and she will put her life on the line to protect them.

Faelan is going to be leading one of the longship squadrons in the hunt for more pirates and smugglers.

So, not much into the sneaky stuff. But as soon as one of these pirates gets caught?  I’m gonna axe him a question.

Ian, hopefully along with Wash, Porter and Aethan, will be setting up a small task force that adds actual hunting and deterrence to Harald's strategy of pirate isolation. They'll be setting up a 'bait' ship, ie a ship that seems like a lone merchant ship or trader, a plum target for pirates. The 'merchant sailors' of course will be Kennex pirate hunters, and any pirate who takes the bait and tries to board the 'merchant ship' will live (or not live, as the case may be) to regret it.

Porter will be accompanying Ian on a task force to attempt to bait the pirates into attacking them, and then fight back! Porter will be laying in weight with the ambush crowd.

Aethan will be taking part in the pirate hunting expdition with his brothers and Wash.

Duchess General Calypso works closely with Harald Grimhall and his fleet to support this new policy. Her captains have been given the Watchwords and been instructed to cast out any pirates, smugglers or otherwise undocumented and unwanted travelers on her ships. This only pertains to the fleet she had originally sent out in to Kennex waters.

Titania will be supporting Harald in this and leanding aid in whatever way she can with both Kennex Soldiers and Ships. She will be making sure that all work with Harald so that the situation in Kennex is not taken advantage of and Smuggling and Piracy will be stopped and dealt with.

Lark has forwarded the watchwords to her vassals to use as needed. So as not to confuse the issue, however, she has reduced Grayson naval footprint in Stormward waters to nilch, and suggested that her vassals similarly reduce their traffic there while Grimhall deals with pirates and criminals.

Wash will disguise himself and his personal vessel as a merchant ship, load it down with armed sailors from other Kennex vessels and attempt to lure the pirates into a raid. He will spread word through the lower boroughs (through proxies) of the wealth the ship is bringing to Stormward. Wash will be in command of the vessel, despite his usual disinclination toward hand to hand combat.

Darrow joins the efforts in the Stormward March with his marines and ship, the Reaper, to sail in the efforts of Harald Grimhall. He himself and a squadron of the Lament marines place themselves on the bait ship, knowing that it is likely to draw the most interest of pirates, smugglers, or any other submarine forces that might be lurking. This bait will not be easy prey with Darrow on its deck.

Valery is researching how to improve her smoke bombs, adding pigments so the smoke will come in different colors. (Action 1435) She's been told that could be used for signals!
She's handing Harald a few of these experiments, 3 of three different colors (red, yellow and blue) and another 3 white, making a total of 12.
(Added ap and resources for their cost)

Once watchwords are distributed, the Valardin navy will offer aid in light of increased piracy to escort and defend merchant vessels that are confirmed to be pirate free in the spirit of protecting and bolstering trade while giving the small and growing navy some opportunity to hone it's teeth on pirate vessels.

Watchwords are better than nothing, but actionable intelligence is what Halsim deals with. While everyone else is handling naval issues, Halsim goes pro-active and consults with informants across the Isles about pirates and probable false flaggers, sending any serious leads to Harald for him to actively hunt down. Narrowing the wide net to actual problems.

is going to take a different approach to the smuggling issue. Most lords think the problem is at the sea, that boarding will solve the problems, and often they're right. However, the Crimson giant and his men will be at the ports, stopping anything that they can that falls through the cracks. If contraband is spotted, he will threaten and beat his way to the source, and in turn he will turn over those hiding spots to the boarding parties, as not to let them be tricked twice.

201 ships participate in the massive pickets surrounding Kennex waters. The watchwords catch a number of smugglers off guard, and at least in the initial weeks, 4 longships and 2 galleys are captured running false flags, with their crews turned over to House Grimhall and the ships confiscated. Piracy dies down overnight, and if there were more than that they are definitely avoiding Kennex waters at present.

Action by Aleksei for Thralldom in the Isles

(Public Action, OOC Date: Nov. 12, 2017, 12:03 a.m.)

The Liberators of Skald have promised aid to all freed thralls: relocation if they wish it to any demense of the Compact, room and board within the housing of the Faith, and assistance finding work or training for it until they have found their feet.

The Liberators of Skald were not expecting twenty thousand people to need this aid at once.

And so Aleksei has reached out to -- pretty much everyone. All the noble houses. Merchant fleets. Friends who have maybe one ship! Basically he's organizing a mass effort to make contact with the newly-freed thralls in Stormward and either get them resituated in Stormward or give them transport elsewhere in the Compact that they may want to go. All of this is stuff he's already set up, but he's having to haul in major support to try and do it on a much larger scale than he was anticipating.

Aleksei will endure the terrors of seasickness to travel to Stormward personally to oversee the efforts of the Liberators and do his best to keep matters calm where possible and work as efficiently as he can.

For those generous enough to offer ships for transport, Aleksei will make sure each ship will have some sort of representative of the Faith on board to help keep an eye on things and discourage any untoward actions in regards to the freed thralls.

Indeed, the Valorous Few are Being Helpful! Since Victus so kindly invited people, Audric (and Shard, and probably a handful of the friendlier types) are heading up with the Liberators. First and foremost will be offering the fabulous life of a sellsword, to any who wish to join up! Money, plunder, see the world, get to kill people fairly frequently, there's nothing but upside, really. Oh, and I guess if there's any room left over they'll help transport some people.

After speaking with Aleksei, the Few have agreed to find space on the ships they're using both for his Faith representatives and his freed Thralls. In fact, Shard's stated her intent to pack everyone in as tightly as possible for the journey, comfort be damned so long as the crew can still function, so between that and Audric's hope to annoy the ears off of the poor priest who gets stuck on his boat, it probably won't be a very pleasant series of trips at all, but at least there will be more people getting to where they need to go.

In addition to this, Shard will be putting in a few words--or many words--or some not so gentle nudges--and maybe some heavy coin--to some people she knows who know some people who know some other people about extra boats and ships for the sole use of Aleksei's cause for the duration. Just don't look too hard at these boats or ask where they came from. They don't take kindly to questions.

Killian is dispatching ships from the Ashford navy to assist with the evacuation of freed thralls, per Aleksei's request. The ships will be providing transport, and staying together with one another, their orders to guardian one another and transport their passengers safely to the appointed destination.

Nicia has agreed to aid Aleksei and the Liberators in their task of helping to resettle the freed thralls, as such she has decided that one galley, and three longships from the Laurent military should be sent to help resettle the freed thralls. Allowing them to choose where they wanted to go, the help is not dependent on them coming to Laurent lands, although she will also make a point of stating that Laurent is willing to accept the resettlement of thralls in their lands.

Belladonna is putting Pravus's fleet at the Liberators' disposal for this. They are fresh and probably antsy for something to do. A skeleton force will be held back to patrol Setarco's borders as they have been, and a scout vessel or two are kept standing by in case the fleet has to be recalled swiftly (plus the ship kept in Arx!), but otherwise they can have use of the fleet as per the terms laid out by Aleksei. They are placed under Alrec's command, and Alrec is directed to report to the Faith on this one (using his judgment). Members of the Faith are most certainly allowed to be on every ship.

As well, she has put forth to both Aleksei and Bianca that those particularly suited for the role of a courtesan and interested in doing so, she will pay for their tuition to and support during the attendance of one of the courtesan schools in Setarco. And! Pioneering spirits that she might be able to interest in Luciva, they are being accepted that way too.

Boots on ground in Stormward while ships are there and have access to people (likely very briefly, but still), they are directed to aid in calming the populace, and provided talking points to do so by Belladonna.

Ford will be kept in the loop by her men as a matter of course throughout the entire mission.

Thena has agreed to assist Aleksei by providing as many Solace agents as can be spared to represent the Faith on ships transporting and resettling freed thralls. Since these agents are already out in the field acting as protectors to travellers and pilgrims, and have a presence long established in the Mourning Isles, shuffling things around shouldn't be too difficult. In addition, Thena is slated to send aid to the Mourning Isles for the Darkwater exploration and should be able to combine these efforts.

Thena is also dispatching a newly commissioned galley to help with transport. The galley will be crewed by freed thralls.

The Knights of Solace will accept freed thralls who wish to work either as soldiers or support staff and pay them a living wage for their services. They need not take vows, though should any wish to follow that path, instruction will be arranged.

Aleksei has asked for support to guard the ships, and knowing that the Knights of Solace will be focusing on supporting the Thralls this means the Templars only need worry about protecting the ships and ensuring that the ships are not mobbed when they land. Accordingly, Preston is making available Templars from the Arx Templars to sail out with the ships and hold order while Solace and the others help the former Thralls. The priority for the Templars is preserving the majority - the boats, the Faith people helping the Thralls. But they are also not the local police force. So. If the boats are at risk of being swamped or a mob forms and attacks the rescue attempts, they will defend. If a mob forms and isn't threatening the boats? Thats for Kennex.

Although she cannot be there in person, Katarina will be sending part of her fleet in her stead; three longships and a galley. These assets are to be used to help ferry newly freed thralls to their intended destinations, with gentle emphasis on a wealth of opportunity that can await them in Valardin-owned lands.

Hana is not the world's best teacher, but she's often been lucky in instructing others. And she's nothing if not enthusiastically devoted to Jayus -- the god of both crafting /and/ of hope. So she travels to the Isles as well, trying to give hope to the former thralls who need to learn a new trade -- those who worked menial jobs and desperately want to do something new, something that provides a chance at a better life. She'll be organizing lessons, yes, but she'll also have worked to encourage other Disciples of Jayus to the same -- to travel with her, and to teach /their/ skills as well. Tailoring, baking, carpentry, and so on. Hopefully, it at least makes a small difference.

Without question, Saedrus has agreed to assist Aleksei. First and foremost he intends to accompany Aleksei, and other Liberators, to Stormward not only as a Disciple of Skald, but as a composed and diplomatic voice in what might be a chaotic situation. Though he cannot offer ships or safe escort, he can be present to try and mollify vassals (or persons of the general populace) crying out against the current crisis. A little charm can go a long way, and hopefully Saed can keep things calm.

In addition, though he cannot take many, he will let it be known that the Grotto can take on a small number of ex-thralls as attendants, board and basic needs seen to, and assistance in finding them trades and future work. Furthermore, pending approval of the Radiant, he can take a handful in under the Whisper House as house staff until either they settle to other livelihoods or to continue on for potential future training. The total is miniscule in comparison to the twenty-thousand, but every little bit helps.

As a Liberator Ferrando is coming along to Stormward to try and generally help un-clusterfuck the situation. He's not really a logistical type or a big public speaker. He's a bouncer! It's fair to say his #1 skill to lend to the effort is an ability to move around heavy stuff. He's probably just going to end up dealing with minor things Aleksei is too busy for.

As promised the Scholars of Vellichor are ready to assist at the word of the Archscholar. Messengers have been sent to the parishes of the discipleship present in Stormward to open the doors to their smaller libraries and utilize donations already in stock to help in upholding the offer of a living wage to freed Thralls seeking higher education or tradeskill apprenticeships. Bianca will also be accompanying Blessed Aleksei to Stormward directly to aid immediately with her own diplomatic abilities and personal resources.

Mydas will be making use of his substantial ability in logistics and economics to ensure the resources deployed to aid the newly freed Thralls are not ill spent or wasted. To summarize, Marquis Mydas Nightgold will play the role of the accountant.

Seraph Ailith will reach out to the local Seraphs in aiding the Faith's efforts of providing solace, community outreach, and humanitarian efforts for the many believers. Using her presence and prowess of propaganda, she'll help kindle hope, compassion, and support among the Faithful and within the Faith such as sermons with stories of the compassion, love, charity, and hope, the many gifts of the Gods, in hopes to soothe and provide a steady familiar place of solace (worship in the shrines) during this chaotic time. When not doing these things, she personally heal the injured and sick who come to the Faith and assist them on their way to the outbound ships, should they be departing.

As minister of warfare and with authorisation to release about half the Velenosa armada into a committed liberation fleet, Talen is overseeing the leading arrangements in that regard. Ensuring the that there are captains who know what they're doing to act as transportation for ex-thralls is key. Faith and Liberator representatives are permitted aboard and allowed to direct the efforts with all reasonable requests to make things easier. The Velenosa are focusing primarily on carrying people, so any security escorts to defend the ships from external attacks will come from the Thrax, and Velenosa vassals organised by the Lyceum aid council.

Lianne is lending ships from Nilanza's navy to aid with the safe transport of the recently freed to Arx. Modest financial assistance will be provided to individuals or families interested in resettling in Nilanza, particularly if they are skilled in a trade or capable sailors interested in enlisting in the navy. Representatives of the Faith will be welcomed on board each vessel.

Victus will be providing transport via the 1st Thrax Fleet, namely in his stated offer of paying work in the Maelstrom and safe haven until they can be transported elsewhere in the Compact. Aleksei's Liberators and other agents of the Faith will be allowed passage on these vessels making runs to and from Stormward to assist in the relocation efforts for Thralls lacking employment. With the exception of any ships provided by Grimhall, per Harald's request. It should be noted that freed Thralls who have gone on to commit crimes against Kennex will not be offered the same on Victus' own vessels, as they are Kennex's right to judge for their actions.

In an unofficial capacity, though with no less focus, Rook will be duplicating the efforts of Mydas Nightgold in an effort. It can't hurt to be certain, can it? Resources in, out and spent all about. In addition there's the counting of ex-Thralls shipped out, sprinkled across the Compact, giving as accurate a set of numbers as possible to all takers of the refugees. Did any go missing, how many died, do they have at least enough coin and resources to keep this mission up until all of Stormward's loose freemen are, well, free?

Lacking much in the way of funds or resources, Fortunato employs his skill and that of his apprentices to make flyers, encouraging people of great means and small means to donate to the resettlement effort and otherwise help smooth out the transition, perhaps by hiring the displaced. Need someone in the back room? Someone to knead dough? Someone, perhaps, to draw more flyers?

Monique will accompany the flotilla and use her charm and diplomacy to convince freed Prodigal thralls to resettle in the Compact, using her knowledge of their native tongue to win their trust. She will also use her significant silver to see they are set up with necessities when they arrive at their destinations.

They manage to avoid violence, which is no minor miracle as of the sheer amount of naval force in the region now. Setarco's massive navy is significantly larger than the pride and joy of many Isles houses, a fact most seem completely unaware of even as House Pravus' dromonds and dozens of longships arrive in Kennex waters under the command of Admiral Alrec to assist the liberators. This is not, in any way, to diminish the forces sent by the Knights of Solace, House Laurent, Lianne's fleet of Nilanza, or the detachments by House Velenosa, Katarina's Oathlands fleet, Ashford or Thrax, but all combined it roughly doubles the overall size of the force, which would likely make any lower rank peers of the Isles distinctly uneasy if they realized its scope.

Fortunately, that's unlikely to happen, as the fleet takes place in a great disapora. There is still a significant percentage that opts to stay in Kennex lands with the support to do so, and in this, the Faith is instrumental. The Faith is one of the great consistent institutions across the entire Compact, even in the shamanism heavy north, but the Isles have always been closer to the Faith than that. Orazio, Thena, Preston, Bianca, Ailith in particular are able to make a great deal of difference in many staying, particularly with the economic work by Rook and Mydas helping to make a chaotic situation be broken down into stabilizing a destroyed economy, and peacekeeping efforts from the forces sent. Killian's Ashford men, Nicia's Laurent forces, Lianne's Nilanzans, Audric and Shard's valorous few, Preston's templars, Thena's knights of solace, Setarco marines all do a part to keeping peace on the ground, with the aid of the Valorous Few being a little questionable and a few of them seem determined to put the 'liberation' in Liberators to mean goods that belonged to individuals. A few hangings by Audric fixes that (and these were the friendlier ones, a shame), as well as Ferrando helpfully letting others know where the problematic elements are.

While a small but significant percentage stays, what truly happens is a massive disapora led by the combined fleet. Some prodigals. Setarco, Nilanza, Maelstrom, Maelstrom, and Ashford lands all see a significant amount of ex-thralls wishing to settle, with Setarco as an example seeing a large bump in capable courtesans at Setarco's schools. The Lycene is a bit more popular as in terms of climate, Setarco or Nilanza is closest to the saffron chain, and what the vast majority of former thralls originally came from. Monique as a prodigal has a great deal in common with many of the newer, louder voices from factions of former thralls, and is able to help many peacefully find new homes throughout the Compact- a smaller percentage opt for different vocations in Arx, with Hana having new weaponsmiths, Saedrus having some new employees at the Grotto and potential Whispers, the Valorous Few see a bump in questionable fellows replacing the ones hanged with Shard sorting out the most promising. There's quite a few new templars, knights of Solace and Scholars, particularly from those wishing to see Arx as godsworn. All in all, a massive amount of refugees are resettled peacefully.

All that's the good, the bad is minor but still significant- the huge amount of ships flying Oathlands and Lycene flags are allowing some pirates to take advantage of the confusion and fly false flags to escape justice, with hundreds of ships in Kennex waters without an overall central command, no one really knows who is who which is allowing some smugglers and pirates to hope that Thrax doesn't have the balls to pick on Oathlands or Lycene ships and provoke an incident (unfortunately for all involved, this is probably untrue). Also, while the great disapora helps the refugees, it doesn't help Kenenx- the recovery they see is modest, as most of their workforce is, in effect, leaving with only a minority staying. They still need a massive amount of investment to survive.

Action by Harald for Thralldom in the Isles

(Public Action, OOC Date: Nov. 10, 2017, 3:35 p.m.)

Harald is committing the Grim Fleet to the support of Kennex in the following ways: first, in hunting down the renegade Kennex longships which newly freed thralls took over, as well as cracking down on any other pirates looking to exploit the chaos. He will lead this effort personally. If found, the leaders of the mutineers will be publicly crucified as traitors in Grihem's Point, and the crews returned to thralldom under Grimhall.

Second, the fleet will escort any Kennex Freedmen who accept passage from Stormward March to Grihem's Point, where they will be considered free serfs. They won't be paid much, but they'll have work, shelter, and food for their families. Harald rejects Aleksei's placement of Churchmen aboard his vessels in this relocation.

Third, the fleet will provide escort to any mainland ships bringing aid to Stormward March, to ensure pirates do not prey on idiot mainlanders who announce they are transporting loads of silver and supplies.

Lastly, the Grim Legion is being prepared against the possibility that Stormward March falls into open revolt. Should this happen, Harald is prepared to land his troops together with Thrax to prevent a lengthy civil war and impose an overlord's order on the March. Should this be necessary, the army will bring supplies and silver to encourage cooperation, so that there is a carrot to go with the stick.

Ian will be going along with the grim fleet (hopefully together with Aethan and Porter). He's not just there to lend his blade to the fight, but also his expertise; Ian sailed Kennex waters for years, and if it comes to fighting pirates, it's a fair bet that they'll be pirates who became thralls after a ship Ian was on caught them in the first place. He knows the tactics that pirates in that area use, where they like to hide, etc. More personally, he's spent a lot of time with the grim legion, and also wants to go because he feels a certain obligation to dive into trouble alongside them. As an aside, it may or may not be worthy of remark that the Brothers Kennex, who used to have a reputation as pirate hunters, at least in their own House if not on the Isles as a whole, are together again on a reunion tour of sorts, and together under Grimhall's banner. Given the tension between Ford and Harald, it might set tongues wagging.

Aethan is joining his brothers in sailing with Harald to hunt former thralls turned pirate.

Faelan is going to come along with Harald to fight and hunt down the renegade Kennex freedmen. He is also going to bring Navegant soldiers with to help.

Traveling with the Grimhall Fleet, Edward will go as someone to meet with traditionalists and progressive who are concerned over their loss of thralls and provide financial and economic advice on how to spend the monies they should expect and demand of House Kennex and the Compact to help with the transition, recommending wage prices for thralls who want to stay and how to incentivize them to not leave on the great fleets that come to pick them up to take them away. This will include conversations to confused and lost thralls who do not know what to do, encouraging them to stay and continue their trade and craft - with examples of how wealthy a crafter in the Compact can become. And for those who still desire to escape their Kennex cages an encouragement to resettle inside Thrax instead of without - his focus then on places like Navegant and Whitefrost.

Melinda will be using her skills in Propaganda to help her father keep morale amongst his crew and his ships. She is also getting Artorius to lend more ships to her fathers cause.

Sameera, being more of an organazier, it set on keeping track of the inventory of the Grimhall fleet as well as organzing those on reserve for occupation Kennex, should it come to it. She is heeding any change of orders that Harald might give her or acting on any ill actions done by those following the Grimhall Duke. As a note, if Harald or a Grimhall, especially Harald, is in a situation of risk she will, absolutely disregard the orders Harald gives her to keep them safe. She will also attempt to try getting former thralls to follow her command, using her status as a former thrall, to draw them in and convince them to cease and then swear themselves to Grimhall. She will be nudign Torstein to join her, under her command.

Torstein will be assisting and playing bodyguard (babysitter) to Sameera.

Let's get some pirates! And probably do some other helpful and boring stuff, too. But mostly catching some pirates!

The High Lord is providing Thrax's own marine forces to assist Harald in combating piracy and aid in whatever other military campaigns that the Duke sees fit. By Victus' order, they will be led under Harald's command until order has been restored to Stormward and the mutineers are brought to swift justice.

Piracy? In our waters? Against our people? No. That will not stand. The Lady Regla Navegant, alongside the Marines and Navegant fleet will assist in anti-piracy and escort operations.

Two things go extremely well, from the standpoint of the Isles. First, no revolt happens under the watchful eyes of Isles' military might, which in turn stops the flow of blood due to anarchy and help stabilize the freefall of Kennex's economy. Most of the traditionalists are happy about that, even if they are disinclined to put their own money forward to buy old thrall debts that have now been abrogated by Ford's actions. Secondly, two renegade longships have been run down by their forces and destroyed. They were flying Kennex colors, but the flayed crucified bodies of their former commanders on decks made it not very ambiguous about whether they were legitimate Kennex vessels or not. Those ships were run down, cornered, and slaughtered with the surrendering survivors brought back to Grihem's Point to be presented to the sea. The overwhelming force combined with the vastly more disciplined soldiers made them extraordinarily one sided, with only three Grimhall men dying for 78 former thralls being slain in combat, and one of the deaths was from a man named Rolf trying to leap from a boarding plank, hitting the side of a longboat, and then drowning.

As a result of the show of force, a small amount of refugees choose to settle on Grihem's Point, Escuma, Whitefrost and Maelstrom. They all see a modest boost in their labor forces as a result.

It's not a complete success, but that is largely out of their control and their forces wish for more clarification on how to proceed, since they are crossing into some dangerous waters (a pun which they all argue is not intended). The problem is there are now hundreds of ships of the Compact's houses in Kenenx waters helping with relief efforts. While the morons on the two renegade longships were easily dealt with because they got carried away, more professional pirates and smugglers are much less stupid, and are taking advantage of the chaos by flying false flags. This is a predicament because many of the other ships are ducal houses from the Lyceum, Grayson, and the Oathlands at least. And some suspect that some pirates are flying Thrax colors as well, and this creates issues as asking any other ship to stop to be boarded could provoke some extremely ugly incidents- particularly since most would expect Kennex to be the ones doing this by law, and they aren't here. Grimhall could argue they have the rigths for this, as the liege of Kennex and it being a problem, but some of the craftier pirates might be flying Grimhall flags. It's very hard to tell how many are out there, but there was at least 3 attacks on isolated ships after the two longships of Kennex mutineers were killed, meaning -someone- at least is still in the business of piracy, and those ones are being extremely careful. Most of the large fleets of the Compact are traveling in far to big detachments for pirates to risk, but for smaller groups of refugees fleeing, it's a serious concern.

Action by Victus for Thralldom in the Isles

(Public Action, OOC Date: Nov. 7, 2017, 4:36 p.m.)

As per his proclamation, Victus himself will be taking the helm of the Red Serpent to lead the entire 1st Thrax Fleet in subsequent runs from the Maelstrom to Stormward. On each go-around, they will be picking up freed Thralls that agree to move to the Maelstrom as serfs with paid positions. Along with that, they'll be using their expeditions as patrol runs in order to sink any and all mutineers that may have taken to piracy. Or to summarily pick up escaping Thralls that are newly freed, for escort barring that they are criminals. Any criminal Thrall that finds their way onto a Thrax vessel will be executed upon return to the Maelstrom.

Victus is able to help restore order prety easily, though he's able to make some troubling conclusions. He receives mention of some vessels flying Thrax flags where he knows damned well, due to him being hands on and there, that there should be no Thrax flagged vessels at all. In other words, he quickly is able to determine that if the reports are true, some pirates are flying false flags and trying to take advantage of the chaos to prey on isolated ships and use the huge amount of ships of every house in the Compact to slip around unnoticed.

Action by Victus

(Public Action, OOC Date: Oct. 17, 2017, 7:38 p.m.)

Victus uses the onset of the Darkwater Deeps crisis to spearhead change with a new treatise on Thralldom. This would include recruiting stewards to assist in ensuring the new laws are passed and enforced justly, with care for the traditionalist families. Victus personally will be touting the upcoming changes as a need to adapt grow stronger alongside the other great powers of Arvum, with the Darkwater Deeps as the enemy that must be overcome. With emphasis on being a people that grows strong together, rather than as a people that must oppress their potential with indentured servitude. Standing united and prepared to aid one another for survival and so on.

The following is all the official legality that will be introduced in stages:

The institution of Thralldom will not be abolished at this time, but will be reformed in the following manner:

1. Only a Ruling Peer or Voice ("Lords") of a house of the Thrax may create new thralls.
2. Thralldom may only be imposed as punishment for a criminal act ("criminal thrall") or for waging war against the Thrax or their vassals ("war thrall").
3. Any thrall entering service shall have their fine set by the judgement of a Magistrate appointed by the Lord imposing thralldom. This debt must, unless otherwise authorized by paragraph 4 or 7, be achievable within the natural lifetime of a human.
4. The imposition of criminal thralldom with a debt that cannot be repaid within their lifetime ("thralldom until death") requires the decision of a panel of judges and the approval of the liege of the Lord imposing thralldom.
5. A criminal thrall's debt may not be increased or extended in any way unless the thrall commits further crimes that would result in punishment by thralldom on their own. This increase requires the same process of trial and judgement by a Magistrate that their initial thralldom required.
6. A criminal thrall's debt may be reduced or forgiven as a reward for excellent behavior.
7. In addition to repayment of debt, a shav-born war thrall may be held until they show enough understanding of the culture and religion of the Compact to be sworn as a Prodigal.
8. Thralls must be put to use in a specific field of duty, with an eye to building useful skills for their eventual return to free society.
9. Thralls used as warriors or crew on ships must spend their last year of service ashore apprenticed to a free person who practices a trade or craft.
10. A thrall whose service ends either by order or by repayment of debt is a free person of common status, and must be treated as such.
11. A thrall's whose service ends in their death shall have their debt recorded as having been paid in full. The debt of a thrall is not transferable.
12. A criminal thrall's allegiance as a free person reverts to what it was before their period of thralldom, unless the thrall chooses to swear allegiance to another house.
13. A war thrall must actively swear allegiance to a House of the Compact, the Crown, or the Faith to finalize the end of their thralldom.

In addition to Victus touting the changes, Alarissa makes herself available as a Voice to any who have questions, or concerns. She works side by side with Victus to lay out the plan, to liase between them and other concerened in the compact. That the transition will maek for a stronger mourning isles, saffron chain and in turn make for stronger ties and bonds between them and the compact. Something that is much needed in the times when enemies seem to be gathering and pushing at all corners. That the changes are difficult, that a lot is being asked of them and sacrifices to be made but sacrifices for the better. But that if one is willing, it will go far easier than it they are not and the aid of the compact is likely to be more forthcoming, than if they are not and that Thrax will do all in their power to ease any hardship to the best of their ability during this transitional period.

Overall, it goes better than most would hope. Victus and Alarissa are able to sell it extremely well, and there's no open revolts by traditionlists, and most progressives celebrate it and point to the list of reforms as something that will help prevent the extremely unfortunate Kennex type situations. The wording is vague enough in application to be interpreted based on the biases of those enforcing the laws in their own domains, which is probably one of the less painful compromises currently. ((Thralldom crisis updated as well))

Action by Victus for Silence

(Public Action)

The Thraxians are joining Calyspo's strike against one of the columns of Brand's army. Victus will have command over their forces, with Dagon and Harald as subcommanders for the Grimhall and Tyde forces respectively. This is the same third of the Thrax strength that is waging war here on the Silence theater in defense of the Compact.

Victus is also putting pressure the Thraxian merchant marine that can be reached close to Arx, and with ships capable of ferrying troops, to assist in ferrying Compact men and women upriver to pack in as many extra soldiers as possible for the battle, and trying to set the stage for an ambush situation.

For the battle itself, Victus is actively looking to make the best use of terrain and tactics for the Thraxians. He's wielding the Tyde. Since Calypso has overall battle command, he feels free to let loose and join the thick of the fighting if he sees a chance to make a big impact, rather than sit in the back and roar orders.

Harald will lead the Grimhall longships and warriors under Victus and Calypso’s command (half of House Grimhall's total strength).  Should the battle take place near a river, their archers will fire from the ships, with the rest of the Grimhall warriors forming a shield wall once ashore.  If deeper inland, archers will form up behind the advancing shield wall.

The Grims will anchor one end of the Thrax battle line, keeping pace with the center to ensure their Highlord does not get his gallant ass flanked and surrounded.  Harald will be fighting in the front and center of the shield wall with a diamondplate axe.

The longships will stand by to achieve a swift withdrawal of forces back to Arx, afterward.

Prince Dominic Thrax will sail alongside Victus with a pack of Silence eating, hungry war dogs and cover the highlord's six as they move into battle together.

Hold my ale.

Jasher's going to be using his ships to support the action against the first strike on Brand's army. He can help ferry troops then patrol along the coast and deeper rivers if any, landing soldiers for quick sortees or harassing them from the ship with their archers. He'll also make sure no reinforcements reach them via sea.

This is a logistical challenge the type of which Castiel enjoys; he already had caravels waiting at the docs to be loaded with provisions for the upcoming battles against the Gyre, so he'll go himself with them this time to make sure the time-sensitive upcoming tasks check out; the objective is to carry troops with a skeleton crew so he can fit more soldiers in his fleet, ferry them over to the pre-determined locations then rush them back so they can be funneled into the supply chain.

Prince Remi is lending assistance through reaching out to contacts made during his time where he was believed to be dead to gain more ships for ferrying Compact Forces up river for the battle and through seeking out the less reputable sorts within the Lower Boroughs by way of Pirates and Bucaneers found within some of the establishments. Seeking out the outlaws to fight on land alongside Compact Forces to help divide the forces coming towards the city.
     The man's own ship the Storm Reaper will be used to help ferry forces as well up river. Allowing archers to remain onboard if needed for distant engagement while his own men will serve to back up Victus in the battle.

The logistical assistance by House Thrax is vital to the preparation of the Compact forces striking at the Bringer column advancing from the river, and will continue to be critical in making sure the Compact is not starved out should the city fall under siege.

The battle against the Bringer column was live GM'd, any characters not present factored in from their crisis actions.

Action by Victus for Darkwater Rising

(Public Action)

Victus Thrax is planning an expedition across the Mourning Sea and beyond. His intent is to find the shrines beneath the waves, seen in visions by those blessed by Mangata. He gathers his flagship dromond the Red Serpent, 5 galleys and 10 long ships to accompany him. Along with this he has invited Lady Titania Kennex, Countess Arcelia Navegant, Seraph Ailith and Sameera Coldrain to accompany him on board the Red Serpent. He believes they will be of aid in translating Mangata's will and their combined knowledge of the occult and the divine will assist him in finding what he seeks.

They'll set sail as soon as the ships are prepared and intend to come home in one piece.

Sameera, using her investigative and occult skills to assist her High Lord on his mission to find shrines. She is going to take any books that /might/ have indications on how to find the way to find the shrine or rituals relating to them. While she is not a strong fighter she is definitely going to do everything she can to protect Victus.

Titania will be at High Lord Victus side through the mission, she will be giving him gidance on the goddess and also when the time comes aidding Arcelia in a diplomatic talks with the sea elves once they are found.

Aside from Victus' outline (faith/theology/occult/gods msg), Ailith will provide healer support. Between Aleksei and the Crown Ministry meeting, she's aware of the race of elves who lived in the water, 'The People of the Waves', and will pay attention to these possible signs during the journey.

Khanne is not a fan of ships, but she's having to become accustomed to them. The Spirit of the Sea recently gave her a task, a mission that she was told was imperative for her to focus on - Find and clean the lost shrines of Mangata, find the Lost Children of the Sea... and help Mangata in any way that she could. Surprised by this at first, but, as a shaman, Khanne has long been a person who spoke of the importance of Shamans and Faith working together, so why wouldn't the Spirits want her to work with the Gods?

Khanne goes with Victus and his crew in search of the shrines and "Sea elves" as others call them. She uses her perception and her Spirit Sight (mana and occult), hoping to find clues to these things, maybe even to get a glimpse of the other things being searched for. She comes armed with small items to offer in ritual along the way, much like she used to call to the Spirit of the Sea in the first place, and a shell amulet to help protect her. She would try to reach out to Mangata as well, to offer her help to the Goddess, explaining the Spirits sent her. (Please use 40 extra AP from Khanne towards hopeful success, 10,000 silver from her hand for supplies needed for the trip, 50 social resources for hopefully talking to the Lost Children of the Sea and/or Mangata.)

Meanwhile... back in Whitehold...Khanne has directed the people of Halfshav to erect shrines to Mangata along the rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds; focusing on spreading them out across the Halfshav lands so that there can be one easily accessible to any who wish to go pay their respects to the Goddess of air and water. She does however, ask for the most grand one to be placed, in particular, at the beginning of the Gray River, where runoff from the mountain snows become the waters that eventually feed into the bay of Arx. (Please use 300,000 silver from Halfshav Bank account to pay for materials to be used for the shrines, 100 econ, 50 social for the convincing people to do the thing and 100 military for the soldiers to protect the craftspeaople building them)

Thanks in part to Sameera's books and research, maps are made now - every mention of sea elves, of lost shrines she indexes. She's very dedicated and does an excellent job, even going so far as to color code which locations correspond to which rumors or visions, and so when they begin Sameera has already done an excellent job helping them figure out where to start. And then, well - then the sea elves came into the picture.